Why is My Skateboard so Loud -Tips to Fix it

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Are you worried because at some point, your skateboard started making steaky noise?

In this situation, you might wonder and ask yourself why is my skateboard so loud.

If yes- don’t worry, as multiple riders face the same situation.

The beat point is to check out regularly to avoid this problem. Several effects make the board happen so. Some can turn in one way or the other, while others do not.

The regular checkup of all bolts, wheels, axel nuts, bearings, broken or loosened pads, and bushings can keep you away from sudden loudness.

The below guide, “why is my skateboard so loud”, will tell you all the technical issues that can make your skateboard loud. Checking these reasons out, you can easily find where the problem persists with your skateboard.

Why is My Skateboard So Loud?

The loud voice of the skateboard may divert your attention from the goal irritating you. So, to come up with this problem, you need to check the following factors.

Faulty Bearings

You may have noticed that your skateboard is louder than usual. And you may have wondered why. Your skateboard is noisy because of faulty bearings.

Bearings are the small, round objects that your skateboard uses to turn. The longer and more smoothly they roll, the faster your skateboard will go.

When you have faulty bearings, your skateboard doesn’t get enough friction on the wheels, so they don’t turn as well or as quickly as they should. This causes a lot of noise when you’re skating!

The best way to fix this problem is to replace your bearings with new ones or take a pair of pliers and adjust the bearing.

Loose Axel Nut

Loose axels are a common problem for skaters. They can make your board sound loud, and a loose axle will cause you to lose control of your board.

They’re what make your board move, and they’re also what keeps you from falling off when you’re doing tricks. If you’ve ever had a loose axle nut, then you know how loud they can be!

But why does this happen? It’s not just because the nut is loose; it’s because there’s tension in the axle nut itself. The more pressure put on it, the tighter the nut gets—which is why it sounds so loud. It’s like a tiny little earthquake is happening under your feet at all times!

The loose axel nut causes the skateboard to wobble and noise when going over bumps or cracks in the pavement. The noise is usually caused by friction between the skateboard wheels and the ground and between the reels themselves.

The good news is that this issue can be fixed by tightening up your wheel nuts—but only if you do it correctly! This means ensuring that every time you tighten one of these nuts down, you’re loosening up another one at precisely the same time.

Hardness of Wheels

The hardness of the wheels on your skateboard can make it sound loud.

The more complex the wheels, the more surface area is to rub against each other when you ride. This means that you won’t be able to hear much of what’s happening around you when you’re skating because these harder wheels absorb the sounds.

The softer the wheels, on the other hand, have fewer features causing them to move and absorb sounds differently. As a result, they are less likely to make noise as you skate—and even if they do make noise, it will be quieter than other types of skateboards because they don’t create as much friction between themselves and their surroundings as hard ones do.

Old Bearings

Old bearings can make your skateboard sound loud.

The bearings are the small balls that allow your wheels to spin and wear out over time. When this happens, the bearings make much more noise than they used to. This is because the balls are rubbing against each other and making noise as they move around. The problem isn’t just that the noise is louder and more aggressive and irritating.

If you have an old skateboard with worn-out bearings, it might be worth replacing them with new ones. You can do this yourself or pay a shop to do it if you don’t want to take care of it yourself.

Cracked Deck

Cracked Deck can make your skateboard sound loud. A cracked deck is a skateboard that doesn’t have enough flex or pop for the rider to feel comfortable riding it. This can happen for a number of reasons:

-The Deck is too stiff, so it doesn’t flex properly when you land on it

-The Deck is too wide, so you don’t have enough support on your feet and ankles to absorb the force of each impact with the ground.

-The trucks are too loose (and therefore don’t absorb the force of each impact with the ground), or they’re not aligned correctly.

When these problems occur, your board will sound like a machine gun when you ride it.

How To Fix Loud Skateboard

If your skateboard is making too much noise, you can do a few things about it. You can try to fix the problem yourself.

If your board is making too much noise, here’s what to do:

1. Clean off the bottom of your board and ensure there aren’t any loose screws or bolts on the bottom.

2. Take off all of the wheels and make sure that they are good quality and in good condition because if they aren’t, then they will probably keep making noise even after we have fixed them up!

3. Check under each wheel to ensure no dirt or debris is getting into the bearings! If there is, you can wipe them out with some rubbing alcohol before putting new ones back on!

4. Turn the skateboard over and check for any cracks or breaks in the material. A cracked skateboard deck can make your board louder than ever, so check for any signs of damage before you start working on the issue.

5. Once you’ve found any cracks or breaks, apply some glue to them.

6. You can lubricate the bearings with oil, vaseline or wax.


If your skateboard is too loud, you need to properly examine the nuts, bearings, Deck, and wheels because they can get clogged up with dirt or dust, which will cause them to stop working correctly. Loud grinding noises can be painful if you’re trying to listen to music while riding down a busy road!

The best way to fix this problem is by replacing them with new ones. You can do this yourself at home or find a local shop specializing in replacing them.

We hope our post ” why skateboard is too loud” has helped you fix your skateboard’s loudness.

If you find it fruitful, share it with your friends.


How to make skateboarding quieter?

The loose axel nut, too old, muddy or faulty bearings, rugged wheels, and cracked Deck are some main problems. A proper checkup of these issues helps you to fix a loud skateboard.

Are skateboards usually loud?

Usually, the skateboards are loud. This is mainly because of the high speed and various bumps on your pavement. The larger and heavier your board is, the more noise it will make because of its weight and size.

Why is my skateboard so squeaky?

The sharp and heavy turnings can make you put extra pressure on the baseplates. It causes friction at that spot. So, the skateboard gets squeaky.

Are skateparks noisy?

The noise level of concrete skateparks can range from 64 to 78 decibels, of wooden parks from 75- 85 decibels, and the noise level for steel-framed can go from 75-96 decibels.

Why are my skateboard wheels so loud?

The wheels are stiff, and on hard ground, they get friction, which makes them sound loud.

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