Longboard vs Cruiser -Difference between Longboard & Cruise

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Do you want to step into the world of longboarding and are confused about which one to opt for?

Our comparison of longboard vs cruiser will enable you to buy one that relates to your needs and is best for you to use.

Though there are several resemblances between a longboard and a cruiser, like four wheels, deck and shape to some extent, they are still highly different.

You are perplexed by variety when you go for online shopping and local longboard shops. Form a large variety; you only need to haunt the one that suits your riding style and brings comfort for your travel.

So, in this guide, “Longboard vs cruiser”, I have compared the one with the other based on shape, riding style, and deck size- which will remain best as your travel partner.

Based on the below differences, it will be easy to select any of both for your commuting needs.

Table comparing longboards and cruisers

SizeLonger and widerShorter and narrower
WheelsLarger and softerSmaller and harder
TrucksWider and more stableNarrower and more maneuverable
DeckMore comfortable and stableLess comfortable and less stable
UseDownhill, carving, and commutingCommuting and short distances
PriceMore expensiveLess expensive

Longboard vs Cruiser

So let’s get started to check the differences.

Anyways in a hurry?

Read the quick comparison to do shopping.

Cruisers are portable, light weight and best for short distances, while longboards mean long travel. They assure safe and smooth travel with soft wheels. They are significant as compared to cruisers.

What is a longboard?

Before starting a detailed comparison, it seems better if we describe the term longboard in detail.

A Longboard is a skateboard with a length of at least 34″- 46″, making it longer than the standard skateboard. It’s commonly used by those who want to get around on a longboard without worrying about their feet touching the ground or who need to overcome obstacles such as curbs and stairs.

Longboards are generally made of wood and fibreglass. They have an extended, narrow deck and wide trucks. The trucks are what allow you to turn and move your feet while riding on the board. Longboards are also more comprehensive than other skateboards, making them easier to ride and more stable on uneven surfaces.

The best thing about longboarding is that you can use it anywhere—in parks, on roads, or in your driveway! It’s also great for travelling because you don’t have to worry about packing everything into your car before setting off-set your travel with your longboard.

What is Cruiser?

A cruiser board is a board that has been designed to be ridden in a specific way. It has normally 28″- 34″ length and 8″- 10″ width. Cruisers are typically shorter boards with wider tails, and they are designed to be ridden on flat terrain and have a slower speed than other types of boards.

Cruisers are very stable and easy to handle when you’re learning to ride, which makes them an excellent option for beginners. They also tend to have a smaller radius than other skateboards, which gives them more excellent stability when riding on loose surfaces or uneven terrain.

Types of Riding

There are considerable differences in the riding style of a longboard and cruiser.

Street Riding

If we compare a longboard with a cruiser which one of the best to buy?

This query is the most common in the world of urban exploration. It’s really up to you for a good reason, but both have pros and cons.

The cruiser is a longer board designed with cruising in mind. The wheels are more comprehensive and stable, making it easier to manoeuvre while keeping speed up close to the ground. You can also ride them on any surface—street, grass, or sidewalk—and they’re still capable of giving you plenty of control over your speed and balance.

On the other hand, longboards offer a longer ride that’s easier to control because of the soft wheels and comfortable rides. They’re stable enough when pushed harder or turned faster than you might be used to on a cruiser or something similar.

If you go too fast or make sudden turns, there is hardly any chance you could fall off the edge of a curb or lose traction on uneven surfaces (like uneven pavement).

Ultimately, it depends on what kind of riding experience you’re looking for. If you wish to go to college, your friend, park or street riding exploration, or extended travel, I recommend you buy a longboard due to the ride’s comfort, good speed, and ease of manoeuvring.

Short Distance vs Long Distance

If we compare short distance vs long distance, which is better for which type of distance cruiser or longboard?

After all, longboard and cruiser are so similar that it’s hard to know who to start with. But there is a difference, which comes down to how you use your board.

The short answer is that a longboard will serve you better than a cruiser if you want to go around town at high speed with a smooth ride. Because of their size, weight and turning radius, they offer an efficient and effortless ride.

If you intend to enjoy the downhill ride with your friends and family, then a longboard is the thing to go with. They are better at high speed due to soft wheels, more enormous deck and larger turning radius.

On the other hand, cruisers are lightweight and smaller than their rival. They are straightforward to carry around anywhere concerning short distances. They best suit travel if you plan to go to the park, to your friend, to the restaurant, or the market.

So, it can rightly be said that to cover longer distances and enjoy maximum speed longboard is the right thing to adopt and for shorter distances, you can set out with a cruiser.

Deck Size

The deck size of the longboard and cruiser is essential to see before making a purchase. It has a more significant impact on the smooth and efficient ride.

The deck length of a cruiser is almost 28″-32″. While longboards have a deck length between 36″ – 42″. The deck length has a lot of impact on the boards’ turning ability.

Longboards have larger decks than cruisers do so longboards can accommodate a wider variety of riders. The average longboard deck measures 9 inches wide, while the average cruiser deck measures 7 and 8 inches wide. The board with more considerable length and width is best at high speed because it resists wobbling.

This means longboards are easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces, like parking lots or sidewalks. They also tend to be more stable than cruiser boards because they have a larger base area under their wheels; this makes them less likely to tip over.

Longboards also tend to be built for speed, whereas cruisers are often designed for cruising rather than racing—so if you want to get from point A to point B quickly, a cruiser may not be your best bet.


The wheels of longboard and cruiser are generally soft and wider- best at rough terrain and uneven paths. The soft wheels are best at absorbing shocks and vibrations from rolling over a rock.

A cruiser has wheel flares to limit the risks of wheel rub. The trucks of cruisers are not built for gaining high speed. They are loose for getting maximum speed. So it is better to get them suitable for tight carving.

On the other hand, longboard wheels are more prominent and soft, with a broader wheelbase designed especially for a smooth ride. Longboard wheel clearance differs from aboard to board according to the riders’ travel purpose.

Some longboards specifically meant for distance pushing need less wheel clearance. They mainly focus on speed. Some longboards mean carving and pushing have large wheels. They have large wheels with cutouts and deep flares, reducing wheel bite.


Trucks have a lot of impacts on the riding style. The cruisers generally have Traditional Kingpin Trucks. TKP (Traditional Kingpin Trucks) are shorter as compared to RKP. As soon as the rider leans on the board to turn, the board turns more slowly as you intend to turn.

On the other hand, Reverse Kingpin Trucks are more significant, making the ride more smooth and easy. RKP Trucks respond fast and more profound. You need to lean harder if you want to have a turn on them. They ensure a smooth and jolt-free ride compared to TKP, which is shakier and shivery.


what’s the difference between a longboard and a cruise?

A longboard provides a smooth, stable and jolt-free ride. The trucks and deck are larger. The wheels are softer, and a low centre of gravity ensures a comfortable ride.
On the other side, cruisers are short; with a small deck and short wheelbase, they are not meant for speed. Wheels are not meant for speed. It is not meant for more considerable distances- best for carving through streets and going to nearby shops, offices or colleges.

A cruiser or a longboard is the best to buy?

A cruiser is best for short distances. It has small wheels and a small deck. A longboard is meant for covering long distances. They are best because the rider enjoys a comfortable ride that is smooth at sharp turns. So, longboards are better than a cruiser.

Is there any difference between cruiser and pintail longboards?

Pintail longboards are best at cruising and carving with a flexy deck and larger wheelbase. At the same time, the cruiser is best at street riding. It has a stiffer and shorter deck.

Drop through longboard vs cruiser- which is better?

The purpose behind the drop-through longboard is for the rider to get closer to the pavement. They have a low centre of gravity which adds comfort to the ride.
At the same time, cruisers don’t have dropped deck, which is ideal for beginners. So, drop through longboard is ideal for beginners and best at covering long distances with high speed.


FeaturesLongboardCruiser Board
Deck SizeLongboards are typically longer.Cruiser boards often have a distinct shape.
Deck ShapeLongboards are designed for speed.Longboards have various shapes.
SpeedLongboards provide more stability.Cruiser boards are not as fast.
StabilityCruiser boards may be less stable.Cruiser boards are more maneuverable.
ManeuverabilityLongboards have their pros and cons.Cruiser boards have their pros and cons.
Pros and ConsLongboards are suitable for various riding styles.Longboards may be less maneuverable.
SuitabilityLongboards are suitable for various riding styles .Cruiser boards are often used for cruising and commuting.

The cruiser has a smaller deck with a smaller wheelbase. It is perfect for street riding and covering short distances.

While a longboard is ideal for high speed, the rider enjoys a smooth ride at turns. With an enormous deck, larger wheelbase and soft wheels with wheel bite technology, it can fit your needs if you want maximum speed.

We hope our post “longboard vs cruiser” has presented a clear-cut comparison that helps you to select one of two according to your riding style and need.

However, it is up to you, and you can go with both to have a riding experience.

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