Best Drop Down Longboard

Are drop-down longboards different from other longboards?

Yes, these drop-down boards have a lower deck near the surface so that a rider will have a lower center of gravity resulting in high stability. So, for stable yet fun and adventurous cruising and traveling, drop-down longboards are highly recommended.

But, finding the best drop-down longboard for you is a difficult task that needs a proper assessment of various factors.

Moreover, there are multiple brands available in the market that label themselves as the ideal ones. To ease your decision, we have selected top drop-down longboards that you can choose from based on certain factors like stability, durability, and performance. It will help you in selecting the best longboard to have fun cruising.

10 Best Drop Down Longboard

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

best drop down longboard

White wave is an ideal drop down longboard for beginners because of its balanced structure, wide-spread deck, and grip, making it easy to ride. Beginners and advanced-level riders can use this longboard for fun riding styles.

The skateboard’s deck is made with Bamboo and Canadian Maple, making it a long-lasting one. Moreover, the design or the deck’s graphics are also created with the heat press method to give the board an aesthetic look.

With hooligan wheels and hellion bearings, you can skate in various styles like downhill speeds, cruising, freestyle riding, etc. Not just the wheels, its aluminum trucks are designed to allow the riders to have safe turns even at high speed with their top-class rebound bushings.

The overall structure and size of the longboard are made by keeping in mind the mobility of the board. You can carry it around while going on vacations or going to any park. With a wave longboard, you can cruise down a slope without difficulty as it offers less friction with its wheels. However, you may face difficulty while having downhill cruising.

Final words

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard is a perfect package of fun and adventure for all levels of skaters. It gives beginners a smooth ride with less friction, and advanced-level skaters can have fun with it while adopting any style of skating because of the precision Hellion ABEC-9 Bearings and drop-through trucks.

With this longboard, you will have higher benefits at a reasonable cost and an excellent fun time compared to other available boards in the market.

  • The symmetrical shape makes it easier to push
  • Precision Hellion ABEC-9 Bearings are durable
  • Precision gives a smooth skating experience
  • Hooligan wheels allow freestyle skating
  • It is available in fully assembled form
  • Stronger grip due to the wider deck
  • Lightweight and to move around
  • The attractive design of the deck
  • Wheels often make noises while skating
  • Difficulty in turning the wheels fast
  • Not ideal for an unsmooth place

Atom Drop Deck Longboard

drop down longboard

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard is the perfect size to take your riding skills to the next level. This board has a full maple laminate deck and reverse kingpin (RKP) longboard trucks so that you can power through corners easily.

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard also features a high-quality bearing system that ensures smooth travel over any surface.

The deck is made with a fiberglass-reinforced resin, making it strong and lightweight enough for daily street riding but tough enough for a longer session or race day. The only drawback is the board’s paint is of low quality. As a beginner, I used this board, and the paint began to peel off. The best part of this board is it is best for heavy adults. It can have more load than capacity because the deck is sturdy.

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard is a high-performance deck perfect for cruising, carving, and freeriding. The 70mm wheels carry speed through fast cornering and maximize your ride.

With a wide-lip deck to give you extra support at the end of the day, this board is ready to tackle the day’s ride. Explore the city streets and take on new challenges with the Atom Drop Deck Longboard!

  • The components are solid
  • The low canter of gravity
  • Best for downhill riding
  • Grip tape is attractive
  • No wheel bites
  • Wheel spinning can cause a problem
  • The paint may rub off

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard

yocaher drop down longboard

This professional longboard is suitable for experts, and you will have an excellent cruising experience with it as it offers a stable ride even at high speed. Its 9-Ply Maple Deck is ideal for balancing your feet, and you can do any style of cruising with it.

It offers the rider a strong grip and control with its curved drop-down shape close to the center of gravity, and the rider faces less friction. Moreover, the rubber wheels and bearing are designed so that you can cruise it even on pebbles by offering stability.

Its design is unique to other available brands as it has funky color patterns or scenery prints over the deck. With this attractive deck, you can do all sorts of tricks since the deck is long enough for you to get your feet on it with stability.

Moreover, with ABEC 7 chrome bearings ad wheels that absorb shocks easily, you can pick a high speed at once and enjoy the freestyle and dancing cruising. However, it may not be easy to have freestyle rides with it.

Final words 

This longboard has tremendous benefits compared to the White Wave Bamboo Longboard in terms of low cost and performance. With this board, you will get a fantastic cruising experience, especially for downhill cruising. This board is the right solution if you want to cruise at high speed but don’t want to bear wobbles. Its cost is much less than the fun and thrill that you will feel while riding it.

  • Design & structure are suitable for medium to expert-level
  • It offers a smooth, stable, and safe cursing experience
  • The wider deck can bear heavy weights easily
  • Wheels allow riders to have small flip tricks
  • Its drop-down design offers less friction
  • Available in multiple attractive designs
  • Top mounted trucks allow safe turns
  • It is ideal for smooth downhill riding
  • Not an ideal option for dancing or freestyle rides
  • Stock bearing is not suitable for high speed

Paradise Longboard Drop Down Cruiser Skateboard

best drop down longboard for beginners

This is another top drop-down longboard ideal for a learner to have a safe and smooth cruising experience, even at the beginning. Its deck is designed in a drop-down and concave shape, allowing the rider to be near the center of gravity for a smooth and balanced ride.

Not just the performance, it has a great design. With Mermaid Goddess and die-cut logo, it has a strong aesthetic look that attracts the riders and has a fine quality appearance. It is made with ample deck to have a long-lasting and durable experience as maple is good against decay and allows fine-quality polishing and finishing.

It has a grit grip tape on the deck that is the best for having a strong grip on the board. It lets the rider maintain balance and have a comfortable grip. Moreover, it has high rebound bigfoot wheels, and the Abec-7 Speed bearing allows you to turn and flip with great speed and without having wobbles.

Furthermore, its trucks are higher than the deck to have greater stability so that you can have high-speed rides without wobbles with hard wheels. However, hard wheels absorb fewer shocks while riding.

Final words

This longboard is perfect for those looking for a longboard for freestyles and cursing purposes. Compared to the Paradise Longboard, It is also available at a lower cost. Moreover, you can slide in any direction easily with its high rebound wheels. Compared to other available longboards, this is an ideal package for experts, making cruising fun and entertaining.

  • Riders will have silk riding with strong earing and wheels
  • It offers a smooth and well-balanced cruising experience
  • The longboard has a versatile design and aesthetic look
  • The final product comes in fully assembled form
  • It is made of a durable deck with fine material
  • Rounded wheels allow sliding smoothly
  • Its bearing does not support high-speed cruising
  • The board is more costly than other brands

WiiSHAM Longboards Complete Drop Down

drop down longboard

This 42-inch longboard has a maple deck and aluminum alloy stent, offering a lower center of gravity that results in less friction and a smooth ride. So, a rider can have a safe ride because it’s more down to the ground, long, and easy to carve turns.

With ABEC 9 bearings that also come with high-speed lubricant, you will feel a better cruising experience and smooth rides with maximum speed. So, if you are looking for a high-speed longboard, this is the right product.

The wheels are a bit softer than most intro longboards, but they are hard enough to bear any shock. Thus, wheels with 83A hardness provide a nice and smooth ride that is also durable.

Moreover, the deck is made of maple, which is durable and has a fine look compared to the low cost of this type of material. Furthermore, the long length of the deck will allow the rider to put the feet comfortably with a strong grip, and you have more space to balance yourself.

However, you may have difficulty riding at high speed with it.

This longboard comes in an attractive design, and the upper side of the deck is painted with fine colors and patterns. It gives an eye-catching look to the deck, thus making it a suitable option for gifting to someone.

Final words

This is the best drop-down longboard for various cruising styles, as its bearing, trucks, and wheels are made so that this board gives a smooth ride with frequent turns. 

The flexibility of wheels allows one to turn quickly, and the length of the deck makes it a better option for learners also.

Compared to the Paradise Longboard, it has a longer deck size that offers more stability. 

With a high rating, this product is better in terms of performance and quality of parts than other available brands in the market, and this is also designed for beginners to have a quick start.

  • It assists in cruising at high speed with ABEC 9 bearings
  • You will get high mobility with a lightweight structure
  • The longboard has a versatile design and aesthetic look
  • The deck has an attractive design and shape
  • The material of the board is long-lasting
  • Riders will experience a smooth ride
  • Its hard wheels can lift heavy weight
  • Fully assembled form is delivered
  • Bearing does not allow high-speed riding
  • It is more costly than other brands

Xtreme Professional Speed Downhill Drop Down Complete

wiisham drop down longboard

This product is the best dropdown longboard which can be used during carving, drafting, longboard dancing, and drifting while maintaining stability and flexibility.

When I was a beginner at learning to skate, it took months for me to select a top drop-down longboard. With over 40 different models of skateboards, snowboards, and longboards under my belt, all of my likes and hearts go to this product for providing professional speed and long-lasting durability.

This is perfect if you are a beginner and have a fear of falling during a ride. This longboard reduces your chances of being swept by keeping your feet close to the ground and is easier to push. 

The 356-T6 aluminum base plate and hanger after processing, cleaning, and painting make it a flexible and light-weighted longboard. Its 9-inch wide and 107-centimeter long deck creates a large pocket for your feet, which, when combined with the 70mm thick polyurethane wheel supported by an ABEC-9 bearing of high-speed lubricant, adds mesmerizing fun to my love of gliding down the boardwalk, path, and gentle hills.

Having a drop-down longboard deck is not enough to be a professional sportsman. There still lack one of the most important things, which is only available with this product. Yeah, it is the most important safety instruction guide for you to flexibly enjoy your ride over hills and flat roads.

When comparing Xtreme Free Professional Speed Downhill Drop-down longboard with other drop-through longboards, I was surprised to get more technical riding on it than others. It also remains stable at high speed. This longboard in comparison with different drop-down and drop-through boards distributes the weight amazingly thus giving his rider sturdy travel.   

Final Thought

With my expertise, I would recommend choosing a strong board on which you can build enjoyable skills for riding and rolling at high speed. No doubt, the Xtreme Free Professional Speed Downhill Drop Down longboard is the best choice for the cause.

  • Exerts less pressure on the knees and backbone
  • It works excellently for dog-running in parks
  • It provides a high-speed run with stability
  • It’s easy to grip, push, and carve
  • It has a low centre of gravity
  • Sometimes it makes turning difficult
  • During kick out, it slides much more

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Buyer Guide

There are certain factors that one must keep in mind before making a final decision regarding the purchase of a drop-down longboard. If you are a newbie and have no idea about the perfect product for yourself, go through the below-mentioned points to help you buy the best drop-down longboard.

Speed and Style

Some drop-down longboards are perfect for downhill cruising, while others are good for free rides or dancing. So, choose the longboard according to your required style. This will decide whether you should invest in a particular board or not.

Moreover, the speed of the longboards varies from one product to another. The deck’s shape and the bearings’ quality determine the board’s speed of any board so if you are looking for high-speed longboards, go for cutting-edge decks with fine-quality boardings.

Size of the Deck

Longboards come in different sizes, and you have to choose the right size for your performance. Longer decks are convenient by providing enormous space for our feet but are also heavy. Heavyweight leads to more stability while cruising or sliding. However, you may find it difficult to carry along with you.

Similarly, smaller decks may be easier to move around because of their lightweight. However, they can be clingy while carving or curing because of the chances of getting upside down while moving.

Weight Capacity

You should check the weight-bearing capacity of the longboard before purchasing the best longboard for yourself. The hardness of the wheels, deck material, or truck quality varies from one product t to another.

High-quality decks or hard wheels can bear heavy weight, while lighter or small decks cannot hold above-average body weight. So, choose the longboard according to your body weight.

Material and Design

The durability of the longboard matters a lot which depends upon the deck’s material. If the deck is made with high-quality material like bamboo or maple, it will be durable. So, check the material used in deck manufacturing, especially when you really want to use it regularly.

Moreover, the deck’s design also matters in appearance and look. It does not affect performance, but a good design is always better than a dull longboard. So, choose the deck with high-quality printing or graphics that does not fade away with time.


The selected board must be within your budget. So, choosing the right type of drop-down board in your range is critical. If you are too tight on your budget, then don’t worry. Many brands are offering great-performing longboards at reasonable prices.

So check for the speed and features of each product against its cost to make a wise decision. A low cost does mean poor quality. Many brands have longboards with excellent performance at reasonable prices.


Above mentioned facts and evaluation, help choose the best drop-down longboard. After evaluating different longboards along with their pros and cons., the White wave bamboo longboard skateboard is the most suitable option recommended for beginners who want to learn and crave smooth surfaces only. It provides wide space for feet to have a strong grip and offers high stability while traveling.

Furthermore, for medium and expert-level riders, the Yocaher professional speed drop-down complete is the ideal option as it offers great speed and is suitable for various cruising styles.


What is the best drop down longboard?

Certain qualities make a drop-down longboard best for any user. Here are some of the prominent features of the best drop-down longboard:
Socks absorption
Smooth rides and turns
Aesthetic look
Low cost in return for benefits etc.

Is a drop-down longboard better?

Yes, a drop-down longboard is better than other longboards as they offer less friction, makings them ideal for downhill sliding or cruising. This structure is most recommended for high-speed carving and cruising as they offer smooth and fast rides.

Is a drop-down longboard good for beginners?

Yes, drop-down longboards are good for beginners as they offer high stability with a lower center of gravity, making them a suitable option for beginners to have smooth rides. It also offers a firm grip on the feet with its long-length deck and allows the riders to travel or cruise without wobbles.

I enjoy testing the different longboards and skateboards for a long time, exploring the world, and making friends with boarding.

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