Best Longboard for Carving

by | May 30, 2023 | Longboards

Do you want an increased speed with smooth turns while maintaining balance simultaneously?

Whatever the reason is, with a smooth ride and the extra stability of a full-size longboard, carving longboards are ideal for quick turns while maintaining speed at the same time.

With many different shapes and sizes, riding the carving longboard is a wonderful and fast way to get around the way. It allows you to carve through tight turns with ease and grace, whether cruising on the street or cutting through parkland.

So, to enjoy a smooth and balanced turn, it is a decent idea that skaters must have the best longboard brand for carving.

If in hurry, we recommend you, to Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard. It is best for cruising, carving, and pumping. It has a deck with 41 a” length and width of 10”- which provides the best value for money.


Best Longboard for carving


carving longboards

We’ve done the legwork for you. Check out this top pick for the best longboards for carving below.

Best Longboard for Carving

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacRetrospec Zed Longboard SkateboardBrand: Retrospec

Material: Wood

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 41 Inches
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backpacWhite Wave Bamboo Longboard SkateboardBrand: White Wave

Material: Bamboo

Load Capacity200 Pounds

Deck Length: 41 Inches
Check Price
backpacVOLADOR Freeride Longboard Complete CruiserBrand: VOLADOR

Material: Maple

Load Capacity200 Pounds

Deck Length: 42 Inches
Check Price
backpacAtom Drop Through – 41 InchBrand: Atom

Material: Maple

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 41 Inches
Check Price
backpacSector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard SkateboardBrand: Sector 9

Material: Bamboo

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 42 Inches
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backpacBlack Longboards Collection Skateboard Complete Brand: BLACK LONGBOARDS

Material: Wood

Load Capacity250 Pounds

Deck Length: 37 Inches
Check Price
backpacPlayshion Drop Through Freestyle LongboardBrand: Playshion

Material: Aluminum, Maple

Load Capacity250 Pounds

Deck Length: 39 Inches
Check Price
backpacHana Longboard Skateboard Collection  Brand: Hana

Material: Bamboo, Maple

Load Capacity275 Pounds

Deck Length: 36 Inches
Check Price
backpacLoaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard SkateboardBrand: Loaded Boards

Material: Wood

Load Capacity275 Pounds

Deck Length: 38 Inches
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backpacPINESKY 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard Brand: PINESKY

Material: Aluminum, Maple

Load Capacity330 Pounds

Deck Length: 40 Inches
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Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard – Best Longboards for Carving

best longboard for carving

The Zed Longboard Skateboard is not your average cruiser. Featuring a classic surfboard shape. It is built for carving, pumping, and cruising- perfect for navigating your local trails or hitting the skate park!

The whole wood deck is made from high-quality Canadian Maple with waxed edges, making this board look and feel amazing. The frame is constructed from lightweight 6061 heat-treated aluminum for durability, strength, and reduced weight. The graphics are applied by hand using vinyl, adding depth to the design.

For added safety, it features anti-bite technology, which is essential when carving your way through rough patches of terrain. Its sturdy 70x51mm PU wheels ensure you can handle any terrain you encounter.

As a beginner rider, my experience with Zed longboard was great. I was satisfied with its durable Canadian Maple wood manufacturing. The 80A grip tape always provided great control while carving through the rough stuff, whether I was riding flat or flexing on moves.

It also comes with a heavy-duty steel truck for better flex, traction, and durability. Light and fast, the Reverse Kingpin Trucks will make your carving or downhill sessions smooth, stable, and fast. The ABEC-7 bearings allow for longer life and less pushing while ensuring smooth rides.

What We Like
  • Best for carving, cruising, and downhill riding
  • Great value for money
  • Ensures extra stability
  • for all experience levels
  • Smooth ride
What We Don’t Like
  • Not good for children below 10 years
  • Limited warranty

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

best carving longboard

The White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard is a high-quality longboard skateboard with a traditional shape perfect for urban commuting.

This board has been designed with ease of use, with the team has explicitly chosen its essential components at White Wave to make this exceptionally lightweight and very durable board as efficient as it is comfortable.

The deck will suit any skill level as it includes a substantial wheelbase, smooth carving, and cruising options and provides great control that is why it is considered the best longboard for cruising and carving.

Th unisex longboard is an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate riders and expert bowlers. The all-terrain deck provides maximum stability. The W concave creates incredible traction on your feet and allows you to elegantly carve across pavement or use your longboard for cruising around town.

With its bamboo deck construction, the board is full of natural texture and texture, making it an aesthetically pleasing addition to any riding wardrobe.

If we compare White Wave Longboard with Zed Longboard, The price of the white wave board is high price White Wave is a weighty item that is not perfect for children almost under 10. On the other hand, Retrospec Zed Longboard at a low price is an ideal choice for even an 8-year-old child.

The ultra-high rebound urethane, combined with a super thick elevated drop-off, makes for an incredibly smooth ride. The ABEC 9 bearings combine with built-in spacers for maximum speed! Aluminum trucks and top-of-the-line hooligan wheels all come together to ensure a long, smooth ride.

What We Like
  • The drop-through trucks are better for shorter riders
  • The design soothes the aesthetics
  • Option to carve a little bit harder
  • Best for downhill or long rides
  • Comes fully assembled
What We Don’t Like
  • Takes 7-8 delivery days
  • Weighty item

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard

Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

The Volador 42″ Freeride Longboard is an affordable alternative to a more expensive longboard, perfect for beginners unsure about their commitment to longboarding. At a beginner’s price point, this board meets the standards of experienced riders and provides long-lasting performance.

The VOLADOR Freeride Longboard is a high-quality longboard deck made from hard rock maple. Designed for cruising and carving needs, it is built for speed and durability, with a full aluminum 8-ply stern rock maple deck that makes it smooth and grippy.

Moreover, as a lightweight item, it is best for beginners compared to Zed and White wave longboard. It is ideal for a novice who is uncertain about the commute.

The company manufactured it with top-grade trucks – ABEC-9 precision bearings and kingpin mounted 70mm PU wheels. It has the best longboard wheels for carving with the ability to turn quickly at 45° and carving/freeriding at 50°; this longboard will get you going fast wherever you go.

This longboard features a drop-through deck for easy maneuvering and smooth riding. The sidecut is designed with an aggressive camber profile, providing unparalleled stability and edge grip.

It is the perfect combination of style, performance, and speed. The board model is built with a solid maple core; you can feel that it has the heart to ride hard. It features Volador definition high-definition graphics on the deck, providing creative visual feedback to make the board more appealing.

What We Like
  • Extra wheels and speed bearings
  • Provide maximum traction
  • Sturdy construction
  • Provides stability
  • Smooth at turns
What We Don’t Like
  • The graphics are not eye-catching

Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch

good carving longboard

Atom Drop Through is the good carving longboard . It is designed to suit the needs of any trickster who wants to get the most out of their time on the hillside. Upright, ultra-low-riding stance ensures maximum stability and easy pushing while still being able to carve like a pro. The 41-inch deck length gives you a versatile longboard for riding at home or in the park and street sessions at night.

It is a multi-purpose longboard that lets you ride in comfort without feeling like you’re sacrificing speed or balance. Just push off, extend your arms, and easily glide through turns. This lightweight frame offers 9.6-inches of leverage into every turn while eliminating wheel bite.

Additionally, it features a 41″ x 9″ wide, 5/8″ hard Maple laminated deck with reversed King Pin (RKP) longboard trucks with 245-millimeter axles. The RKP longboard truck provides speed and control by giving you a wide range of wheelbase options to get you where you need to go.

The full maple laminate deck gives this board a solid, smooth ride while keeping your wheels on track with concave areas under them.”

What We Like
  • Provides quiet and smooth riding
  • It is a good cruising board
  • Smooth at tight corners
  • Good value for money
  • Pretty flexible
What We Don’t Like
  • Limited warranty

Sector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard Skateboard

best longboard trucks for carving

This is the one for you if you’re looking for a longboard that meets all your needs. The Sector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard Skateboard comes with a great riding feel, plenty of smooth concave, a lightweight body, and it’s equipped with Sector 9’s famous durability. Commuter, cruiser, or carving up the mountain, this board looks sharp and goes fast equipped with carving longboard decks.

Featuring 10″ Gullwing chargers and 74mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels with PDP Abec 5 bearings, this carving skateboard is made to handle any terrain that gets in your way.

And at 42 inches long, it’s an ideal board for downhill cruise sessions or downhill freeriding adventures. The durable double-thick deck material has a smooth ride and resists dents, cracks, warping, and splitting. You’ll love riding day and night on this sleek companion!

As a beginner, I used this board, which has been great fun. It was lightweight, easy to handle, and smooth at turns. As a novice person, I was a slow skater. But for high speed, I recommend switching out the bearings.

This spectacular board is ideal for beginners and experienced riders looking for a fast and smooth ride. A 5-ply bamboo deck with a drop-through truck setup allows you to slide out of the way when needed while maintaining control.

The perfect Hawaii wave artwork is made of gorgeous 5-ply vertically laminated Taco Mold Bamboo and comes with drop-through trucks, so you can carve at a comfortable speed while riding.

What We Like
  • Additional spacers and a speed ring for maximum speed
  • Long, thick and sturdy board
  • It is a great beginner board
  • Cruising and carving board
  • Impressive graphics
What We Don’t Like
  • For sliding, you have to change wheels
  • Not good for jumping

PlayShion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

longboard for cruising

The Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser has the best longboard deck for carving. With deck 39″ x 9.1“and a drop-through feature it is the perfect skateboard for any age and skill level.

The board’s size and shape allow it to be ridden by young children, with large wheels allowing them to cope with obstacles easily and provide stability. The board also comes with a grip tape that’s easy to apply and maintain, ensuring your ride will stay comfortable and safe!

It is a fully surfable freestyle longboard. The 70mm PU wheels, soft PU deck, and ABEC-9 bearings make this skateboard a smooth ride that can hold up to 250 pounds.

This longboard will make commuting easy and help you build speed quickly while allowing you to glide over rough terrain and easily hit jumps at high speeds. Whether you are cruising the streets looking for serious air or shredding your local park, this skateboard has your back.

With its solid 7″ aluminum trucks and composite deck, the Playshion Longboard is a true performer for any skill level or type of riding. This longboard has super soft bushings for comfortable cruising and easy turning. Whether you’re looking to cruise around town or rip down a single track, you’ll love riding the board.

Both share the same features if we compare Playshion Drop Through with Atom DropThrough with a little price difference. Both are made of aluminum and Maple. The weight difference is the only element where Atom Drop through has 8.9 pounds whereas Playshion Drop Through has 7 pounds.

The drop-through freestyle longboard is an easy and safe way for kids to learn how to cruise the streets. With this longboard, you will experience great power and speed, so it takes no effort for your child to unwind. This longboard is designed for adults and children of any age since it has a low to ground mounting technology.

What We Like
  • Best for all experience levels
  • Made with quality material
  • Comfortable for cruising
  • No wheel bite issue
What We Don’t Like
  • Not suitable for downhill boarding
  • The weight limit is 250lbs

Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

carving longboard

The Loaded Icarus is one of the best cruising carving longboards. It was created for snowboard-style carving, pumping, freeride, freestyle, and urban commuting. The Icarus provides a skateboard ride with the stability of a longer board.

This model is the perfect ride to get you headed in the right direction. A lightweight bamboo construction will allow you to safely and quickly glide over bumps and obstacles safely and quickly, while a low center of gravity keeps you upright even at high speeds.

The Icarus (named after the Greek mythological figure that flew across the sky) is loaded with more tech than your average board. It boasts cutting-edge graphics. A cambered profile and variable edge concave deliver a lively ride experience every time.

It’s also equipped with severe hardware, including drop-through truck mounting – an essential aspect in keeping this board stable while you carve through tight turns, plus flared wheel wells so you can do those deep carves without getting hung up on curbs or other obstacles.

It is unique in speed and stability, with minimal noise and tail kicks for easy freestyle trickery; there’s no better way to commute around town. It is built durably for better speed than Sector 9 Lookout with a fair price difference.

It is a versatile, carbon fiber-infused longboard deck equipped with high-end components to stand up to any challenge thrown at you!

With its vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass construction, the board is lightweight and lively for commuting or cruising to your favorite spot. Its exceptional stiffness in between the two materials (fiberglass and bamboo) makes the board more resilient to wear and tear over time.

This longboard is equipped with Orangatang Kegel wheels and brings a smooth ride while keeping your board in control. Orangatang 75mm Durians are an excellent choice for those looking for a little bit less grip than Kegels but still want to maintain excellent roll speed for high-paced riding.

What We Like
  • Best for carving, pumping, freeride, and freestyle
  • Option of selecting flex according to your weight
  • Provides maximum speed
  • Lighter and smaller
What We Don’t Like
  • Not recommended for dancing
  • Pricey

PINSKY 41 Inch Longboard Skateboard

Pinsky Longboard skateboards

Pinsky Longboard skateboards are the perfect size for cruising around town. With an aluminum truck, this longboard has wide, heavy-duty wheels. The Pinsky 41 Inch – ideal carving longboard deck which is ideal for beginners and advanced riders alike!

With increased leverage and superior grip, this longboard has a stiffer deck and bushing/bearing combo for better shifting, rolling, and braking.

The PU shock absorbs ring provides adequate cushioning, adding more comfort to your skateboarding experience. Premium 70x51mm high elastic PU wheels with 80a hardness provide smooth gliding while super tough and durable.

It has been specially designed for new nonboarders and seasoned riders alike. Easy to ride, this deck is low to the ground and easy to learn for beginners, perfect for commuting, long-distance riding, or cruising down the boardwalk.

On a broader level, with this price option, this longboard can be used as a cruiser when learning how to carve, downhill when you’re ready to get speedier or freeride slide like a pro.

What We Like
  • Best for roads, parks, and campus
  • Lightweight, best for beginners
  • Steel bearings remain rust-free
  • Extremely affordable
  • Best for gifts
What We Don’t Like
  • The Wheels are cheap

Black Longboards- Best Carving Longboard

carving longboard

The Black is a fantastic, stylish, and highly efficient longboard. It is made of exotic Ebony Wood and Canadian Maple Core, with a custom pinstripe design that complements any personality.

You will love the sleek custom pinstripe design, which is finished with a beautiful sparkle finish. These boards are ideal for Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced riders who love to skate.

Want to do everything that a cruiser/carver board can do with the addition of smooth landings? It is your board- it accommodates all needs. The micro-drop and mild W concave will allow you to carve through corners easily while your twin drop trucks make cruising on the open road a breeze.

The Hellion 2 Bearings with Built-in Spacers are ideal for smooth riding and will give you the confidence that your board can do what you need. The ABEC-9 bearings are precision CNC manufactured from only the best materials, giving you one of the smoothest rides possible when set up correctly on your board.

Compared to Atom Drop Through, with almost the same price, Atom has gained much customer attention. The quality item and excellent customer service set them apart. Additionally, Atom has a 9″ deck width and 41″ length – ideal for beginners. While Black longboards present 37.5″ Length x 7″ Width.

Moreover, it is rugged, lightweight, and durable. It boasts super clean looks and grip tape-friendly grooves that allow you to customize your ride with any of our great designs.

The cranks are pre-lubricated, so no more greasy grips! This board has 70mm x 53mm hooligan wheels, a special core for exceptional grip, and lightweight 180mm Aluminum Alloy Trucks for increased strength and stiffness. The deck’s design allows it to slip through even the tightest gaps in your neighborhood or around town.

What We Like
  • Exceptional craftsmanship
  • Smooth and fast ride
  • Extremely affordable
  • Best for gifts
  • Quiet longboard
  • No wheel bites
What We Don’t Like
  • Extra load affects smooth turning
  • The wheelbase can’t be changed

Hana Longboard Skateboard

professional longboard for carving

It is designed for professional freestyle skaters, the Hana Skateboard as good carving longboard provides a stable platform that allows you to push your tricks further and go faster. With added comfort, the pintail design provides extra grip on flat ground and lets you easily transition into carver drop through – gaining extra confidence at each trick!

With its soft-flexing Pintail shape and thick Bamboo top, the Hana Longboard Skateboard is a dream to cruise with. Forget rollerblading. This is the real deal. The super stable longboard features laser etched graphics and 8-layer laminate construction built to cruise, freestyle, and beat up those steep hills, right? This product is built to last with a hard maple core and striped bamboo top and bottom.

This board has a w-concave for a more robust edge hold when pressing and sliding. Its no-bite wheels provide an easy push, even on low grip surfaces. But that’s not all! The deck flares out well at the front and back, giving you a calmer ride on bumpy roads or sidewalks.

What We Like
  • The pintail is stiffer and smoother
  • The bearings are replaceable
  • Durable construction
  • It is ok for dance
  • Smooth ride
What We Don’t Like
  • Simple design
  • Only one color

Buying Guide

In the market crowded with the best longboards for carving, it has become hard to decide what factors to check before purchase.

In this buying guide, we have covered some factors that you essentially keep in mind for making the best purchase.

Deck Size

You need a mid-sized deck if you want to carve longboard and get some speedy fun. It provides good speed and acceleration and better maneuverability around obstacles but may be harder for beginners. If you want to rock out with carves, a small board may not give you enough stability or push in turns.

So, if you want to spend money, a 32-inch or 40-inch wheelbase will work best. The longboard with 40” deck length is the best longboard decks for carving.


To determine what flex to choose in a longboard, you need to know your weight and the type of riding you do.

The higher the flex, the more comfortable your ride will be. A flex rating below 20 gives the board a stiffer feel, while a higher rating will yield a steeper nose and setup.

Before getting your right partner, determine the flex of the board.


The truck manufacturing material needs your attention. Trucks are the central part of a longboard, and they have many choices with many different features. Many people think that Matt Black trucks are the best for carving, but several other options are available.

Chrome rims are better for speed and grip, which is essential when carving downhill. Higher-end rims also tend to last longer than lower-end ones.

However, aluminum is an excellent truck material; its quality can vary.


The wheel is a big deal when you’re choosing your board. With the right wheel, you can push yourself faster and carve harder without worrying about sliding. Wide wheels are great for carving and pushing, but they’ll be hard to wheel. Narrower wheels are better for speed riding but are too hard to lean over and maneuver accordingly. Soft wheels roll over rough terrain better than hard ones, but they wear down faster and require special care.


What type of longboard is better for carving?

Retrospec Zed, VOLADOR 42inch, and Atom Drop Through 41″ are the ideal carvingchoices for carving.

Are pintail longboards good for carving?

Pintail longboards are versatile. They become the best option for carving and cruising when setup with performance components.

What are the best skateboards for carving?

There are many skateboards for caring in the market, but we only choose the best one for you such as ,
Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard
White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard
Sector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard Skateboard
PlayShion Drop Through Skateboard

Can you carve with a longboard?

A longboard is an exceptional setup for carving. Make sure the longboard should be in use to condition.

Are carving longboards suitable for beginners?

Yes, 40″*8″ deck length and width are ideal for beginners with a drop-through deck.

What is the carving style longboard?

It has a pronounced concave and small wheelbase. They are unique to quick back-and-forth turns for high speed.


We hope our list of the best longboards for carving has covered your desired intention. All the longboards mentioned above are probably hot in today’s market with high ratings.

You can select any of them, keeping your budget in mind. Anyhow if you are a beginner, I will recommend Atom Drop Through. For an intermediate user, Sector 9 Lookout is ideal. For an advanced level, Loaded Boards Icarus will remain best.

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