Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard

by | May 30, 2023 | Longboards

Do you want the best all-terrain electric skateboard?

Maybe you are a beginner and want equipment with wheels that can build your confidence. If you are a commuter looking for the best all-terrain electric skateboard, long-range and affordable.

Then look no further.

We are here with a versatile range of the best all-terrain skateboards capable of smooth riding on asphalt, Meadow, dirt road, uphill, obstacles, and everywhere in the town, you can think of.
Let’s explore them all in detail.

Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard
SKATEBOLT Tornado II Electric Skateboard
  • Wear resistant polyurethane wheels
  • Tail lights for safety in the dark
  • Great value for power
  • Comfortable, steady ride
All Terrain Electric Skateboard
Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard
  • Roll over small pebbles very well
  • Best customer care service
  • Climbs the hills very fast
  • Remote works great
All-Terrain Electric Skateboard
ECOMOBL ET All Terrain Electric Skateboards
  • Easy to hold remote with matte finish
  • Good in maintaining balance
  • It is so comfortable
  • Excellent speed

Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacSKATEBOLT Tornado II Electric SkateboardBrand: SKATEBOLT
Material: Maple
Load Capacity280 Pounds
Deck Length: 39 Inches
Check Price
backpacTeamgee H5 37″ Electric SkateboardBrand: Teamgee
Material: Wood
Load Capacity200 Pounds
Deck Length: 37 Inches
Check Price
backpacECOMOBL ET All Terrain Electric SkateboardsBrand: LEBISAG
Top speed: 30-35 mph
Load Capacity330 Pounds
Motor power: 2000 watts each
Check Price
backpacTooluck 27.5″ Electric Longboard SkateboardBrand: Tooluck
Material: Maple
Load Capacity175 Pounds
Deck Length: 27.5 Inches
Check Price
backpacMountainBoard All terrain Electric longboardBrand: LOSENKA
Material: Maple
Load Capacity500 Pounds
Deck Length: 38 Inches
Check Price
backpacJKING Electric Skateboard Electric LongboardBrand: JKING
Material: Maple
Load Capacity330 Pounds
Deck Length: 38 Inches
Check Price
backpacMBS All-Terrain LongboardBrand: MBS
Material: Maple
Load Capacity220 Pounds
Deck Length: 39 Inches
Check Price
backpacAtom Longboards Atom All-Terrain LongboardBrand: Atom
Material: Wood
Load Capacity300 Pounds
Deck Length: 39 Inches
Check Price

1-SKATEBOLT Tornado II-Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard Dual Motor

Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Hey big guys, if you are searching for the best value all-terrain electric skateboard, SKATEBOLT is a great fit for you. SKATE BOLT Tornado II with 90 mm durable wheels can take care of up to 280 Pounds. 

These 8-ply maple skateboards with a deck width of 9.4 inches keep you balanced and steady on the track. What more can you do with these best all-terrain electric skateboards? Please have a look with us.

Long Runtime Battery

If you want to explore all types of terrain with an electric skateboard that can accompany you for long periods, then SkATEBOLT Tornado II is an ideal choice. Long distances are no more an issue.

Especially on a pleasant evening when you want to explore the surroundings, enjoy cool breezes, or on a hastening morning if you’re going to reach nearby places in a hurry, with a 7500 mAh battery, this best fast all-terrain electric skateboard is for daily commuting will take care of your routine. 

You can cover 21-24 miles in a medium mode which can not be achieved by other skates like Teamage H5, which has a 9-11 miles range. With these best electric all terrain skateboards, you will never miss your daily commuting routine and ride like a savage.

Sturdy and Strong

Likewise, Tornado II is made with 8-layer MapleMaple that is strong, long-lasting, and resistant to decay wood with an ergonomic outlook. With this strong and sturdy construction, Tornado II is easily used to climb a 25% steep hill.

No Compromise on Safety

Moreover, you can keep yourself on the path by alerting everyone via two warning red tail lights. Passing cars, bikers, and people will be aware of your presence so that you safely travel.

Screen Display

In addition, these electric skateboards are equipped with a screen display remote to check the speed, battery capacity, and brake mode. Plus, these best skateboards come with a 66-month warranty and repair service with a support center located in LA.

Final Verdict

Skatebolt Tornado II is the final solution to all your daily commuting problems. Grab this best all-terrain electric skateboard and enjoy the most comfortable, smooth riding without being tensed of any safety issues and hindrances.

Reasons to Buy
  • Approved with EMC, FCC, LVD RHOS
  • Great value for power (Best battery)
  • Wear resistant polyurethane wheels
  • Tail lights for safety in the dark
  • Wireless remote control
  • Comfortable, steady ride
Reasons to Avoid
  • Customer service not up to the mark
  • Rear axel’s quilty needs improvement

 2-Teamgee H5 37″ Electric Skateboard-Perfect For Short Commuting

all terrain skateboard

Suppose you are searching for a skateboard ideal for short commuting and can handle rough surfaces. Then, look at Teengee 5 skateboard. It is an electric skateboard that is the world’s thinnest electric skateboard with the most nuanced performance and best portability.

Ultra Thin Deck

These ultra-thin, lightweight electric skateboards are perfect for your journey if you want to get around effortlessly or less sweaty after a long ride. These .59 inches thick ultra-deck e- skateboards are only 3 inches off the ground, providing perfect stability and control for commuting.

Moreover, the built-in batteries also give the longboard a beautiful and sleek appearance.

Dual Motor

Likewise, the best all-terrain electric skateboards are the dual motor that provides more traction, better speed, adequate hill-climbing power, and precise brake control. 

Specifically, a dual motor is ideal if you reside in a hilly area; a single-motor electric skateboard is better if you are on a budget because dual-motor skateboards are expensive.

Stable and Smooth Ride

Teamgee H5 provides a stable and smooth ride with plenty of power and shock absorbance. The concave board is easy to maneuver, quickly turns, and facilitates a comfortable and confident ride.

Built-In Batteries

In addition, the built-in batteries are hidden inside to give an elegant look and make the skateboard easy to carry.

Replaceable Wheels

Moreover, the 90 mm PU wheels are highly elastic and durable. The Teenage H5 has replaceable wheels that you can replace if the original ones are damaged.

Strong Construction

Furthermore, small size and lightweight provide maximum control and helps gently on the slope hills and make climbing smooth at steep as max 20 degrees.

10-ply Canadian Maple and 1-ply fiberglass combo make this H5 e-skateboard solid and flexible.

Remote Control

Furthermore, it also comes with a wireless remote control that can help you ride smoothly and focus better on your riding without pushing. The RC option provides better learning and riding opportunities while using your e- skateboard and facilitates a fun ride compared to other ordinary skateboards.

Final Verdict

Teemgee is the best choice if you want a powerful high-speed electric skateboard for smooth and comfortable rides. You can have plenty of joyful riding by cruising around your apartment, exploring your favorite paths, along river banks, or any challenging terrain.

Reasons to Buy
  • It goes over bumpy, cracked pavement
  • Roll over small pebbles very well
  • Best customer care service
  • Climbs the hills very fast
  • Remote works great
  • Easy to control
Reasons to Avoid
  • Back wheels need improvement

3-ECOMOBL ET All-Terrain Electric Skateboards

best value all terrain electric skateboard

Best value all terrain automatic skateboard like the Ecomobl ET is not for the faint of heart, and users seeking a little excitement will love it because of its powerful speed and agile trucks.


The ET promotes a broad and cozy normal position because of its drop-down deck’s mild concavity. It holds you down to the floor, which lowers your center of gravity and aids in maintaining stability.


Considering it’s composed of 9 layers, it’s incredibly rigid. However, the deck’s extra-long aluminium casing is primarily responsible for this best electric skateboard deck’s stiffness.


The trucks are solid CNC aluminum and 15″ broad, designed to give you balance at fast speeds, and are crazily wide. Moreover, these CNC aluminum trucks are stronger than Atom longboards or any other brand because they are not only strong but also an ideal choice due to corrosion resistance and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Airless Wheels:

The 6″ airless rubber wheels have excellent handling, absorb road disturbances, and have excellent cornering traction. Due to the hexagonal honeycomb structure of the tires, it has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Plus, no worries about getting a flat tire.

Final Words:

The Ecomobl ET all terrain electric skateboard is a robust electric skateboard that can navigate almost any surface. It is sturdy because of the drop-down deck and broad trucks, comfy because of the airless rubber tires, and secure to ride at any moment of day thanks to the lights.

For a lazy person like myself, not having to worry about road conditions, puddles, belt upkeep, or charging the headlights even when going on the road is a dream come true.

Reasons to Buy
  • Easy to hold remote with a matte finish
  • It helps in maintaining balance
  • Best customer care service
  • It is so highly comfortable
  • Offers excellent speed
Reasons to Avoid
  • A bit expensive

4-Tooluck 27.5″ Electric Longboard Skateboard with Remote

electric skateboard on all terrain

My favorite feature of the Tooluck is the cheapest all terrain electric skateboard on all terrain is its endurance. Unlike several hubs and belt motors, this best all-terrain electric skateboard product brand doesn’t generate any noise during any ride.

Maple and Wheels:

Seven pieces of maple hardwood and polyurethane wheels with excellent traction make up this item. Maple boards can withstand daily use thanks to these components. The remote control on this longboard has been thoughtfully crafted with ease of use in mind.

LED indicators:

LED indicators and easily distinguishable toggle buttons make it convenient to use. You may even use it while standing 14 meters away from your skateboard. That suggests this brand has strong signals and can constantly interact with customers.

Brushless hub motors:

The brushless hub motors on this skateboard are great. They have sufficient power to travel at a maximum speed of 12 mph and quiet motors.

Final Words:

This skateboard for traveling has seamless connectivity, and I believe it is the best all-terrain electric skateboard for the money. This product’s price is fair to me.

The design of this brand is simple. Thus there are no instructions or additional work required. You may expect an excellent ride if you ride it like those top electric skateboards.

Reasons to Buy
  • It’s simple to use and doesn’t require any instructions
  • High-quality signal even at a distance of 14 meters
  • The remote control is ergonomic and convenient
  • It is so highly comfortable
  • Powerful and quiet
Reasons to Avoid
  • Remote control case feels cheap and flimsy

5-LOSENKA All Terrain Longboard Kite Board

MountainBoard All Terrain Skateboard

LOSENKA All Terrain Longboards Kite Board is the best all terrain longboard on the market for kids and adults. You can use a skateboard for cruising the road, kiteboarding, downhill competitions, and other recreational activities.


A natural core 9-ply Maple deck is stronger than 8 ply boards like Happybuy Mountain boards and a 200*50 explosion-proof pneumatic tire wheel provides a sturdy platform. When it comes to all-terrain traction, nothing beats inflatable tires for strength and durability.


The maximum weight that a mountain board can support is 500 pounds, despite its 38×7.85-inch dimensions.

It features a 10-inch off-road truck and custom-built off-road bearings. It is a perfect mountain board for all kinds of conditions.

Perfect Configuration For All Terrains

Moreover, it is perfectly configured for road and off-road adventures. Strong nine-ply of A-grade Canadian maple, High quality customized bearings, and inflatable tires are all the perfect combo to handle kiteboarding, downhill, cruising, etc., with better traction and great confidence.

Final Words:

Whether you’re a youngster or an adult, this is the best-value all-terrain electric skateboard available. This skateboard is perfect for cruising and has numerous valuable features that a user can use. The rider will have a comfortable ride, thanks to its length. 

The trucks and bearings used are of high quality, thus increasing the wheels’ efficiency. The price is fair. So, overall it is a pretty good electric skateboard. 

Reasons to Buy
  • Nine layers of MapleMaple make it stronger
  • Among the affordable skateboards
  • Tires have maximum durability
  • It supports up to 500 pounds
  • durable and steardy
Reasons to Avoid
  • Not suitable for professionals

6-JKING Electric Skateboard Electric Longboard

JKING electric skateboard for adults

JKING is the best budget all terrain electric skateboard . It is a perfect board for adults with a maximum speed of 26 mph. This stylish board accompanies you to work or for any other commuting.JKING 8-ply skateboard is durable enough to carry about 330 LBS riders and has a light for a safe ride on dark terrains. Moreover, its best shock-absorbing wheels can handle uneven paths.

Powerful Motor

The fascinating feature that makes it a favorite of skaters is its powerful dual brushless hub motor which is 450W facilitates more efficient travel. And the best thing is that if the motor wheels of this best all-terrain electric skateboard dual motor are worn out, you can use the skate without it.

Stylish Outlook

Moreover, the stylish black outlook, the lightning wheels, and the sturdy construction with a 7500mAh and 270Wh lithium-ion battery will soothe your aesthetics with a pleasant feeling of comfort and joy. Two seven colors of light bars are here to enhance its beauty and separate you from the whole crowd.

Shock-Absorbing Wheels

Furthermore, the durable polyurethane wheels are best for dealing with any terrain and provide a smooth and stable ride without shaking your confidence.

A non-slip, waterproof surface keeps you steady and firm on the ground and makes your wandering feel like a breeze.

Durable and Safe

JKING skateboards are the best-motorized skateboards that are durable enough. The motor skateboard is solid and sturdy and made up of an 8 -ply maple deck with more strength than other 7-plyboards like WIN.MAX. It supports up to330 lbs and gives 19.5-21.8 miles once you charge it fully.

Likewise, the colorful light bars keep your surroundings brighter and save you from potential accidents.

Remote Access

Another great benefit you get from this best all-terrain longboard is a multifunctional remote. The portable electric skateboard can be used with a remote to switch between different modes. Whether you want to accelerate, brake, move forward, or backward, this reliable tool is here to take care of anything.

Final Verdict

The JKING board is the best value all-terrain electric skateboard you can take for shopping errands, street wandering, daily commuting, etc. A durable high-speed brushless motor, high-quality wheels, multifunctional remote, and 8-ply solid maple deck gives you a happy, fun time and the best cruising experience.

Reasons to Buy
  • Smooth and stable skateboarding
  • Non-slip and waterproof surface
  • Good battery backup
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Easy to use
Reasons to Avoid
  • Vendor problem

7-MBS All-Terrain Longboard

best budget all terrain longboard

The MBS is the all terrain skateboard non electric. It open new avenues of adventure and thrills to skateboarding enthusiasts. Whether you are going off-road or exploring asphalt, this all-terrain skateboard is the best to ensure comfort and style.


MBS all-terrain longboards with higher rebounds provide the perfect balance for your cruising on rough roads. Their pro wheels have enough grip on handling uneven paths, tree roots, obstacles, pebbles, gravel,s or any off-road riding.

Sturdy Construction

Moreover, they have a perfect deck for high speeds and off-road riding. They are made from laminated Maple with a black coating and green color, giving a superb outlook.

Shielded Bearings

Likewise, the ABEC 9 bearings are shielded with rubber to protect them from dust and dirt.


In addition, they have  190mm navigator drone trucks that are ideal for freeride, cruising,g, and carving. But unlike other competitor boards, they lack bindings or brakes, and they generate clinking sounds on rough roads. 

Final Verdict

Suppose you are thinking of riding downhills, cruising around the neighborhood, and executing some sweet sites with enough speed. In that case, the only thing that comes to mind is the MBS all-terrain board designed with simple laminated Maple. 

Moreover, ABEC 9 bearings are protected with rubber that prevents them from ruining. And the large size of the wheels is best for better traction and coping with different surfaces.

Reasons to Buy
  • Good on rough terrain
  • Best foot positioning
  • Ideal for beginner
  • Good for small hills
  • Worth the price
Reasons to Avoid
  • Sometimes loses control
  • Not good on grass

8-Atom Longboards All-Terrain Longboard

Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain

Woody is the choice of all skateboarders who want to be worth their money. This versatile pick from our list will amaze you with its grip, durability, and all-terrain wheels. It is one of the cheap all terrain electric skateboard.


Atom 39 woody is a top-notch skateboard and best if you are a big guy. Strong and sturdy enough to handle even approx 300 pounds weight easily.

High-Quality Bearings

Moreover, they have long-lasting bearings with almost no maintenance because a rubber shield protects them.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks

Likewise, the drop deck distributes your weight throughout the board and provides a stable ride. Plus, the reverse kingpin further aids a stable ride and is ideal for transportation, downhill, and carving.


In addition, 64-grit grip tape provides ideal traction and safety for outdoor commuting. These beat all-terrain skateboards are exceptionally adhesive, long-lasting, and grippy and can survive extreme conditions.


The most important part of atom longboards that gives them prominence among all brands like JKING,Happybuy  is their wheels. Woody 39-atom longboards are 100mm×65m with 78a urethane that can happily roll over rough surfaces with excellent shock absorption. The super grippy wheels are your exclusive partner for any rough terrain you want to conquer.

Final Verdict

Atom longboard 39 woody is an urban beast that can handle both asphalt and rough roads.5 of 5-star rating is proof of its best features in all aspects. The magnificent wheels, smooth bearings, deck that facilitates the ride, and 46 grit off-road grip make it ideal for novice and professionals alike. It is the best electric skateboard for $300.

Reasons to Buy
  • Best on all terrains
  • Reasonable price
  • Classic outlook
  • Good grip
  • Well built
Reasons to Avoid
  • Bit hard to push

Factors to Consider For Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

What is an all-terrain electric skateboard?

An electric skateboard with bigger, softer, and grippy wheels to facilitate shock absorption from rough streets and retain a grip on loose paths is known as an all-terrain electric skateboard. 

Important Reasons to Choose the best all-terrain electric skateboards?

If you want to conquer various landscapes, go for an all-terrain electric skateboard. It offers you the following benefits.

  • It can be used on any terrain
  • Comfortable 
  • Safer to ride
  • Great for beginners

Some Cons

  • Hard to store due to bulkiness
  • Heavy, gives less mileage
  • Low performance 

Worth Considering Factors when Buying the Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

Usage and Experience

The first and the most important factor that you must keep in your mind is your longboarding experience and the uses which you are going to use. As we all know, skateboarding has different styles like cruising, carving downhill, freeride freestyle, etc., so you should choose your board shape and style.

 Moreover, your expertise level also counts; suppose if you are a beginner, you should start with a cruiser board at least 30-inch inches and 8.5-inch inches wide that will be easier for you to balance and build up your confidence.

 The wheels should be almost 62-80 mm, 77a /-83a, so they can roll over bumpy and crack paths easily without any hassle.

In addition, your physique and confidence level also matters. You can get a personalized skateboard that suits you better in all aspects.


If you are not budget-minded and are happy to invest more in skateboards, you can spend anything from 700$ to $2000.

But it is not always the situation; some best-budget all-terrain electric skateboards can be a good choice and provide the features that any expensive skateboard can have.

Criteria of Performance

Another feature you should keep in mind before buying the all-terrain e skateboard is the speed and range.


The speed of a skateboard may vary and depend on various factors like the model of the board, the rider’s weight, and the terrain. Generally, an average electric skateboard speed Mein varies from 18 to 28 mph. Some of the models on the market can speed up to 40 mph is 65 km per hour.


Another factor of consideration is the long range of electric skateboards; how far electric skateboards can go is the common question that arises in our mind when we look at this equipment; the answer is very clear it depends on the model of the electric skateboard. Some of them are capable of 12 to 20 miles on average without charging. Higher models can go up to 50 miles. However, it may differ according to the equipment brand and model.

Hill Climbing

If you are a keen skateboarder, you cannot neglect the heights of the hills. So this is another important point of consideration to look at the electric skateboard’s ability to climb up the hill. The speed or Hill steep grade of the skateboard is shown in percentage. Most of the time, it ranges between 20 to 30%, and the steepest hill in the world has a grade of 35% at its steepest.

To go uphill, the motor of the boards should be powerful enough.

Anatomy of Skate

To better understand your equipment, you should know the exact anatomy of your skateboard. Electric skateboards are very similar to normal skateboards the only difference that makes them superior to the normal board is that they have an electric motor that drives them forward, following the basic parts of an electric skateboard.


The main component of skateboards is their decks; they are the standing platform for the riders where they stand and keep their balance. Normally it is made of wood that is laminated together and pressed into a concave shape. Some of them have a ply or a layer of fiberglass or Carbon for strength and rigidity.


Trucks are the most crucial part of an electric skateboard. These are made out of metal and are very important while making turns.


The wheels of an all-terrain electric board are important, and they transfer weight from trucks to pavements. Generally, they are made up of polyurethane and come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. The larger diameters of 50 to 90 mm are better for rolling fast, accelerating slowly, and over rough pavement. The wheels with a smaller diameter of 40-54 mm keep the board closer to the ground and require minimum force to accelerate and produce a lower center of gravity.


The electric skateboard’s battery is an important part of an electric skateboard. Larger batteries have a longer range. In other words, they can cover more distance. If you leave the Li-ion battery unused, the battery will discharge.

There are three main varieties of batteries for electric skateboards.

  • Li-ion: They have an optimum life span of up to 3 years, are affordable and easy to finish,d and are replaceable.
  • LiPo: They have a short lifespan, i.e., one year, and store less energy.
  • LiFePo: They have a long life span of 5-7 y are years, rarely used, and are the most expensive type of battery.


Motors are another important part of an electric skateboard. There are two main types of motors.

  •  Hub motor
  •  Belt motor

Hub motors are durable and quiet. This motor resides inside the wheel and directly spins the wheel. These motors are designed to reduce vibrations, make your ride smooth, and provide a comfortable ride on rough terrain.

Belt motors reside outside the wheel. They have better acceleration but are not as quiet as hub motors. 

ECS(Electronic speed controller)

ECS is the master of the control system on your skateboard, and they are programmable, efficient, and effective. It controls the pushing and braking of the skateboard.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know the difference between Off-road and all-terrain electric skateboards?

An off-road electric skateboard is specially designed and considered the best electric skateboard for rough roads but also can be used for regular terrains. On the other hand, the all-terrain electric skateboards can ride on both types of landscapes, rough or smooth.

How much is an all terrain electric skateboard?

The price of an all-terrain electric skateboard may vary according to brand and mode. The quality and features differ from brand to brand, so the prices are also variable. They may cost you from $700 to $5000.But normally it ranges between $1000-$2000.

Can you ride electric skateboards on gravel?

All electric skateboards are good at the gravel, especially big wheel boards like MBS all-terrain and Woody 39 atom longboards are 100mm×65m and are made to handle all kinds of rough roads, including gravels.

What is an off-road electric skateboard?

An off-road electric skateboard is a skateboard that is powered by an electric motor and is designed to be ridden on rough or unpaved surfaces. These skateboards typically have larger wheels and stronger decks than traditional skateboards, and they may also have additional features such as suspension systems and more powerful motors to help them navigate difficult terrain.

Some off-road electric skateboards are also designed to be used for activities such as mountain boarding or sandboarding.

Why use all-terrain electric skateboards?

All-terrain electric skateboards are a good choice for people who want to ride on a variety of surfaces, including off-road terrain such as dirt, grass, and gravel. They are also generally more powerful than traditional skateboards, with stronger motors and longer battery life, which makes them well-suited for tackling hills and other challenging terrain. Overall, all-terrain electric skateboards offer a fun and convenient way to enjoy off-road riding.

Wrap Up

Hey skateboarding enthusiasts, if you are searching for the best all-terrain electric skateboards with wide decks, powerful motors, and huge, durable wheels that can handle any terrain, you should try our picks.

Because here, we have reviewed the most demanding equipment you can take while cruising the city, downhills, urban environments, uneven pavements, forests, beaches, and mountains. These outrageous skateboards are suitable in everything like price, performance, and quality.

Now you can make your decision more worthy and save time by going through our reviews and guide to save money and unleash the adventure on different terrains.

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