Best Drop Through Longboard

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Do you want extended stability and control while riding?

The best drop-through longboard is a special longboard that maintains balance and essentially for beginners, on their way to start longboarding.

Drop-through longboards are perfect for gaining agility because they have lowered platform that enables the riders to have firm stability and control at high speed.

If you are new to the world of longboarding, then drop-through longboard has solved your problem of getting a balanced ride. If you are confused at the point as out of huge variety which one to adopt, read below the top drop through longboards.


Best Drop Through Longboard


Drop Through Longboard

Best Drop Through Longboards

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacWhite Wave Bamboo Longboard SkateboardBrand: White Wave

Material: Aluminum, Bamboo, Maple

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 41 Inches
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backpacMINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard SkateboardBrand: MINORITY

Material: Maple

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 40 Inches
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backpacAPOLLO Drop Through LongboardsBrand: APOLLO

Material: Bamboo & Fiberglass

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 36 Inches
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backpacPlayshion Drop Through Freestyle LongboardBrand: Playshion

Material: Aluminum, Maple

Load Capacity250 Pounds

Deck Length: 39 Inches
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backpacBOCIN Freeride Longboard Drop Through SkateboardBrand: BOCIN

Material: Maple

Load Capacity400 Pounds

Deck Length: 41 Inches
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backpacRetrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard SkateboardBrand: Retrospec

Material: Wood

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 41 Inches
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backpacBackfire Drop Through LongboardBrand: Backfire

Material: Aluminum, Bamboo

Load Capacity330 Pounds

Deck Length: 40 Inches
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backpacAmrgot Drop Through Deck Concave Cruise Professional LongboardsBrand: Amrgot

Material: Aluminum, Maple

Load Capacity250 Pounds

Deck Length: 42 Inches
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backpacWindrunner Freeride Longboard SkateboardBrand: Windrunner

Material: Aluminum, Maple

Load Capacity330 Pounds

Deck Length: 41 Inches
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backpacSlendor Longboard SkateboardBrand: Slendor

Material: Aluminum, Maple

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 42 Inches
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White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

best drop through longboard

If you are looking for a fun, sturdy, and lightweight best drop through longboard for cruising, then look no further.

The White Wave Bamboo Longboard is the perfect board to buy because of its durability and responsiveness. This longboard has a bamboo deck with a Canadian Maple core that’s 38″ long x 9.75″ wide, making it great for commuting in city streets and any smooth surface coastline or carving around campus.

 The radical shape, symmetrical center, and mild concave make it a pleasure to ride. The low center of gravity makes this model very easy to control, and maneuver smoothly.

At first, the design of the board may not inspire you. It contains bland graphics as compared to Atom Drop Through. Moreover, many customers complained about the poor quality of wheels and bearings

The Hellion ABEC-9 bearings with spacers, heavy-duty 7″ trucks, and 70*53mm wheels are perfect for the Rider looking to have more control. They are ideal for tight spaces and sharp turns. When it comes to freestyle riding on steep downhill terrain, this is a reliable choice that lasts longer than you would expect.

Final Words

Due to the sturdy construction of the board, best bearings, and wheel quality, this board provides high value for money. It is considered one of the best drop through longboard for beginners.

  • Best for the price and value
  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Pushing is effortless
  • Quality construction
  • Smooth ride
  • The bearings and wheels look poor

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

drop through longboard

The Minority Downhill Maple Longboard is designed to be a stable, fast and exciting ride and is reckoned as the best cheap drop-through longboard. Its low gravity construction enables it to slide quickly down the hill. Well-constructed with beautiful artwork, the longboard allows you to cruise easily at any speed.

The drop-through longboard deck is made lower to the ground which enhances stability. Due to stability, you can enjoy a smooth ride even with the most challenging lines. The reverse kingpin truck design allows you to steer easily and locks you in tight cornering with a grip that maintains stability. The durable 70x51mm 78A PU wheels take you great maneuverability. ABEC-9 bearings ensure that the board stays smooth for years on end.

The board is not best for riders with weights of more than 200lbs. It is the beginners’ board with not-so-good quality construction. The deck, wheels, and bearings quality of White Wave are outstanding as compared to Minority Maple Longboard. However, my experience of using the board was super. The low center of gravity provided a confident ride.

Final Words

Above all, it is a low-quality board but is extremely budget friendly and best to buy for those who are to start their longboarding journey.

  • Wide wheels for increased traction
  • Good bearing quality
  • Eye-catching design
  • Shock-absorb deck
  • Budget-friendly
  • The grip tape has air bubbles
  • Not good for advanced riders

BOCIN Freeride Drop Through Longboard

bocing freeride drop through longboard

The BOCIN 41-inch Freeride Longboard Drop Through is a super versatile and long-lasting skateboard with the ability to ride, cruise, and do tricks. With the best drop-through longboard deck, the Rider enjoys the unforgettable experience of freeriding and downhill riding.

The board contains 7-inch all-terrain wheels and can hold the heaviest weight of around 400 lbs through its beefy construction. Built with an ultra-high elastic PU support pad, this typical longboard features adjustable 50-degree or 45-degree angle trucks for comfortable street or downhill riding.

It is perfect for cruising down the streets or driving through deep powder; this truck and deck design provides more control on rough surfaces, while abrasion resistance makes it easy to control on dry snow or ice.

If you are a passionate longboarder, it is for you. It comes fully assembled and ready to ride. You can just ride as it arrives.

The graphics and design are good, like the Minority downhill maple longboard. I endorse the board because of the company’s 60-day full refund policy.

Final Words

Nevertheless, with quality construction material and 400 load capacity within a minimalist price range, this board is perfect to buy for heavy individuals who are new to exploring the longboarding world.

  • The company provides a full refund
  • Wheels provide traction
  • Rolls smoothly
  • Shock-absorb deck
  • Flexible Board
  • The art isn’t put ideally

PlayShion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard

playshion drop through

PlayStation Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser deck is made of 8-ply hardwood maple, with only 4 inches of ground clearance due to drop-through installation. The board is ideal for getting stability and control while riding. Drop-through deck design is lightweight and durable. You can customize and enhance your longboarding ride with this long deck.

It is one of the best drop through longboards out there. Its drop-through design allows you to do various tricks and turns, making it easier to grip and turn for greater control. The board ensures an awesome ride and handles jumps great.

The board has 250 load capacity, which is less as compared to BOCIN 41 inch, which can bear a load up to 400 lbs, and is ideal for heavy guys with low prices.

The board is designed with a longer wheelbase and big railed trucks. With high-quality components, the board can serve you for many years to come.

Comfortable camber helps to keep your feet locked in for the long haul. The reverse kingpin 7-inch aluminum alloy trucks provide extended stability. All these features make it the best drop-through longboard for beginners.

Final Words

The board is best for people who are looking for stylish design. It is not best for technical skill performing. Rather thumbs up for beginners, intermediate riders, or those looking to commute around town.

  • Quality bearings-no further investment
  • Ideal for people above 10
  • Easily portable
  • Lightweight
  • durable
  • Loose bearings create sound

Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard

restrospec rift drop through longboard

The Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard is a classic retro-surf-style longboard for commuting, cruising, carving, and downhill riding.

It features an ultra-durable triple drop deck with concave to improve your turning radius and allow you more time on the board. It is the perfect size for all ages and skill levels. Rift is lightweight enough to carry around all day without weighing you down.

With its flip-free drop through style, you get a zero-wheel bite or bottom out on flat landings – plus extra stability on rougher grade sidewalks. With a precision ball bearing in the ABEC-7 tolerance grade, drop through longboard allows you to ride comfortably and easily. (don’t make it capital inside the sentence)

Retrospec longboard’s deck is 41 inches long and 10 inches wide, while Playshion Drop Through, with a slight price difference, is 39 inches long and 9.1 inches wide. So Retrospec Rift Drop Through Longboard is the longest drop-through skateboard.

Final Words

The longboard is perfectly constructed and is best for commuting, school-going, or any other nearby area. I highly recommend this board to beginners or those who haven’t used the board for years.

  • Cracks and bumps exceedingly well
  • Bearings provide less exertion
  • Trucks are long-lasting
  • Fewer wheel bites
  • Budget price
  • It needs to lose wheels to avoid noise
  • The grip tape is not fastened nicely

Slendor Longboard Skateboard

drop through longboard

This is the best drop-through longboard skateboard on the market. With a drop-through design and 42×9 inch deck, you will have an extreme riding experience. It’s super flex from its camber board, shock absorber, and dampening system that lets you cruise along without losing energy.

This skateboard is rip-roaringly fast and stable yet responsive enough to hold its own in the park. This board has everything you need if you want to move at speed without worrying about wobbling.

You’ll be shredding in your new drop-through longboard! ABEC-11 high-speed chrome steel bearings and 7-inch 180 genuine aluminum trucks make them great for maneuvering tight spaces. The durable PU wheels with rock finish provide impressive stability. While the 70x51mm 85A PU shock absorbs, the ring provides adequate cushioning, adding more comfort to your skateboarding experience.

Final Words

This board is best for cruising, traveling, and downhill racing. No matter where you are the drop through design ensures confident ride. It makes you feel like you are riding in the air.

  • The company provides a full refund
  • Best for all sport enthusiast groups
  • Lightweight- 3 pounds only
  • Riser pads absorb shock
  • Long lasting
  • The wheels do not light up
  • Not best for extra bumpy paths

Backfire Drop Through Longboard

backfire drop through longboard

The Backfire Drop Through Longboard Deck is the perfect board for cruising, carving, or making a tough transition from skating flat ground to carving.

Made of 100% bamboo, this wooden longboard deck provides strength and stability while also being flexible. The deck is highly durable and can also be flexed for incredible tricks and slides. This product is perfect for every level of Rider.

It is a unique board with drop-through trucks that provide a steeper downward angle, more stability, and grip. It also has a lower center of gravity, so it’s more responsive when carving than traditional longboards. This board will skate fast on smooth or rough surfaces, made from a 7″ heavyweight aluminum truck and 70mm x 53mm High Rebound Polyurethane 78A wheels with ABEC 9 bearings.

The board has enchanting Panda graphics that may attract some customers, and to some, they might not be attractive. The Panda image may be boring to some. Instead, Backfire’s Panda image Playshion has beautiful graphics.

Final Words

The deck quality is sturdy and offers an increased flex for versatile riding styles. The PU wheels roll over the ground nicely. The hardness of the wheels smashes the pebbles on the ground.

  • Load capacity 275 pounds
  • Great customer service
  • Smooth at sharp turns
  • Easy to ride and learn
  • Matchless packing
  • The wheels may be loose on arrival
  • The graphics destroy early

APOLLO Longboard Skateboards

apollow longboard

The APOLLO Longboard Skateboards are sure to turn heads and keep you moving with their unique trench-cut shape, massive flex, and easy speed. The best drop deck longboard brand manufactures it. This board is strong enough to power over any terrain you want to ride, but it’s light enough to carve on hills effortlessly. With an ultra-responsive pop and responsive carving, this board has covered all.

The board features lightweight yet sturdy 7-inch aircraft aluminum alloy trucks with durable, grippy, and easy-to-control 69mm x 55mm HR78A soft-medium wheels for quick acceleration. The low center of gravity and smooth ride make it easy to push around town or cruise down the boardwalk.

Final Words

The board comes fully assembled. You only need to be ready to ride. The company offers a free T- a tool to adjust the stiffness, and this free offer distinguishes Apollo from the rest on this list.

  • Surfskate adapters for swooping and carving
  • The deck provides great flex
  • Best for tricks and stunts
  • Wheels light up at night
  • durable
  • At high speed, it starts wobbling
  • The board is slow

WiiSHAM Professional Speed Downhill Drop Through

wiisham longboard

The long-lasting, high performance of drop-through complete longboards is something you don’t want to miss. WiiSHAM Professional Speed Downhill Drop Through Complete Longboards Skateboard features a classic shape with modern styling and is built for speed, bringing new life to your favorite activities in the park, street, mountain, or any other place you like. It is the best drop-through longboard for beginners.

The drop-through longboard is made of wood with a durable and durable aluminum alloy stent, which can stand long-term wear and tear in urban areas. The wheels are 83A hard, so you can take them to the street without sliding. This Board is ABEC 9 bearings with a high-speed inverter and high lubricant flow, which is extremely user-friendly.

Final Words

The company sends the board in marvelous packing. The packing keeps the board safe from breaking during shipping. In this outstanding packing, the customer gets a free T-too like Apollo drop through longboard has.

  • Handles the cracks well
  • Best beginners board
  • Free T-tool
  • Affordable price
  • Good brand
  • Poor deck construction quality
  • The trucks are made of plastic

Atom Drop Deck Longboard

atom drop deck longboard

When I was new to longboarding, I was delighted to know the 80S grip tape that made me stand firm on the boards. The absolute grip kept me away from falling off. It is a longboard that makes riding easier, more fun, and more enjoyable. It’s made from a full maple laminate deck, which makes it much lighter than other longboards on the market. Due to its lightweight, the board is easier to ride and is portable, so you can take it anywhere and easily conquer any terrain.

It has features you won’t find on other boards, such as kicktails, drop-through trucks, wheels, and axles. The low center of gravity allows you to get into tricks without worrying about falling off—you can ride!

With ABEC 9 bearings, urethane wheels, and non-slip grip pads, you get a phenomenal ride in an affordable longboard

Final Words

The wheels’ quality of the 41-inch drop-through longboard can be improved. However, the current version offers the best if we compare the price point with its features.

  • Best for beginners and experts simultaneously
  • Perfectly balanced and long-lasting
  • It comes ready to ride
  • Fantastic for cruising
  • The color combination may be disgusting
  • The bearings can create noise

Buying Guide

When long boarder wants to buy the drop-through longboard, most beginners don’t know where to start and what to check on a board before buying. We have compiled this buying guide for the best drop deck longboard to make things easy. Considering these variables will make you buy the best.

Quality Construction

The construction material of the board matters a lot. If the board is made of poor-quality material, the deck will start wobbling at an extended speed; it may break. The wheels and bearings will cause noise. Above all, it will be a heavy load on your pocket in case of repairing.

You must select a board that is made of good material. The wheel, bearings, and deck quality must be exceptional. Quality longboards are made of 8 ply Maple. Moreover, the brand also matters a lot.


When you intend to buy a drop-through longboard, the wheel quality needs to be considered essential. The wheels that have the added benefit of being able to roll over the cracks in the streets and sidewalks allow you to get around on all types of terrain. They should be light, so they can easily move around when you want to change direction quickly.

They also must have a large contact patch to accelerate quickly, especially if you’re going downhill or climbing a steep incline. The brand of the board determines the wheel quality. PU urethane wide and soft wheels are reckoned the best.

Deck Height

The height of the deck is important to focus on; it is the distance between the earth and the deck surface. The higher decks are difficult to push, and they are not stable. They wobble at high speed.

On the other hand, the decks low to the ground are easy to push and stable. So decks near ground level are best to buy.


Selecting the size of the longboard is too essential. Most riders find the deck with 38-inch length and 1o inch width. This length and width are ideal for 5 feet 6 and taller than this.

But if you are short-stated, you must buy the board according to length. You must check the versatile board to suit you the best.

Drop Through Longboard with Kicktail

If you are new to drop-through longboarding, this board is ideal. It has a slight kicktail that extends smoothly and locks into position, so you can start turning immediately. The kicktail also aids in quick transitions when getting up to speed on the board.


Best drop-through longboards provide extra stability and agility while riding. They come with a deck made from maple wood, which makes them durable and strong. The deck also has rounded edges to make it comfortable to ride on.

Besides, the brand and quality material make a great difference. The quality board can spend many years with you if kept with great care.

Choose any of the above lists and let us know through the comments below about your choice.


What is the best drop-through longboard?

Atom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch) is the best longboard. It has a low center of gravity, making it best for beginners.

Is a drop-through longboard better?

Yes, it is. Longboarding is all about styles. People like some change. Drop-through longboards are better because they are lower to the ground for better stability and control at high speed.

Can you dance on a drop-through longboard?

They are not special for dancing; they are best for cruising and carving.

Are drop-through longboards weaker?

They are not strong because foot placement makes them flexier. The weight is on the eight bolts that grip the truck with the board.

Are drop-through longboards good for beginners?

The drop-through longboard, while simple to use, is still a good choice for beginners because they are versatile and offer a skill level that’s easy to adjust. They also have a low center of gravity, which helps riders maintain control regardless of the road conditions they might be riding in.

In addition, these boards come in different shapes with different styles of notches and grinds that suit riders of all ages and backgrounds

what are drop through longboards good for

Drop through longboards are good for a smooth, stable ride and easy pushing. They are often used for cruising, commuting, and carving. The drop through trucks (the metal T-shaped parts that connect the wheels to the deck) lower the center of gravity of the board, making it easier to balance and more stable at high speeds. They also allow for easier pushing because the rider’s weight is closer to the ground.

Are drop deck longboards good for cruising?

Yes, drop deck longboards are often good for cruising. The drop deck design (where the deck is lowered between the trucks) lowers the rider’s center of gravity, which can make the board more stable and easier to ride.

This can be especially beneficial for cruising, as it can help the rider feel more confident and comfortable on the board. Drop deck longboards can also be more comfortable to ride because the rider’s feet are closer to the ground, which can reduce fatigue on longer rides.

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