Best Skateboard for Girls

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Do you want to give the best girl skateboard as a gift?

For getting one of the best skateboards for girls, you need to consider many factors, including deck size, board style, weight capacity, and wheels according to the young girls’ riding style, level, age, and weight.

Researching all these factors can consume a lot of your time. Thus, here I have prepared a list carrying girl skateboard’s complete guidelines.

These recommendations from the top skateboard brands for girls will help you choose the most comfortable fit for her. 


Best Skateboard for Girls


Skateboard for Girls

Best Skateboard for Girls

Punisher Girls Skateboard

best skateboard for girls

The product comes with a unique deck of concave shape, which ranks it at the top among all the best skateboards for girls.

The 31.5 into the 7.75-inch size of the board gives optimum space for high-quality riding. Colourful cheery blossom graphics on highly durable 7-Ply Canadian maple can be your daughter’s superior gift of pleasure. To equally neutralize the deck, the featured 5-inch publisher truck is painted red with a black truck base.

For the new girls, safety is the utmost demand of all parents. The choice of this product solves this problem with heavy-duty 80AB grip tape. This type of grip tape offers secure footing and gives the extra happiness of performing tricks and stunts.

Another feature necessary to talk about is the exceptional assembly of wheels. The ABEC-7 high-speed bearing fits 54 into 36-millimetre PU White Ivory wheels that are the perfect size for the deck. The combination of PE riser pads and PU cushions makes the wheel assembly more responsive and easy to slide. 

It maintains a sufficient distance between the truck and the bottom of the deck and allows the wheels to circulate freely upon turning. Its double kickboard design is perhaps the most appealing feature that allows riders to lean into the turn.

It has been noticed that wheels and bearings are less able to roll over small street pebbles.

Final Words

I can unequivocally say that this is the best skateboard for beginner girls. The stiff deck and the generic trucks are good and sturdy enough for a kid of age 12+. It can carry a load of up to 200+ pounds. The strictest quality control uses heavy-duty grip tape to make it more user-friendly. 

  • The deck shape offers better foot position and control
  • Double kick tails give smooth tricks
  • Carry a 200-pound weight
  • No assembly is required
  • It is easy to carry
  • Some products get flat spots on their wheels
  • The bolt holes are loose

Believe Skateboards for Beginners

skateboard for girls

It is the best skateboard for teenage girls because of its fascinating deck designed with a heat-transfer printing method. Creative, long-lasting graphics are good enough to stand out its rider among her friends.

However, the deck alone is not the only reason to get this skateboard. The composition of the board, wheel quality, construction of the truck, and the non-slippery grip tape are the qualities that give the product a five-star rating.

The board of 10 mm thick is designed with seven layers of Canadian maple wood, making the product highly durable and long-lasting. A 31-inch long and 8-inch wide board can support a load of 220 lbs. while providing ample space for foot stability.

Another feature of the product is that its trucks are made of aluminium alloy, which means they will not rust easily. The trucks, moreover, have high-rebound bushings featured with 55mm 95A PU wheels to absorb any possible shock while cruising. As compared to the publisher skateboard, it can easily roll through pebbles. Therefore, it can be used in rough streets as well. The rider could not fully control their riding due to the double kicktail. 

The safely balanced ride is promoted by its concave shape. When it comes to braking, the board’s overall shape encourages the rider to handle obstacles. The riser pads create space between the deck and the truck to avoid any possible collision. The nut of the wheels is too tight for fast spinning wheels; you need to loosen them.

Final words

This is one of the instructors’ approved boards. This is one of the best boards to enjoy smooth riding because of its bushings. The overall size and weight of the board, about 4.7 lbs., is fair enough to be carried by an inner teenage girl. 

  • Waterproof and non-slippery grip sheet
  • Overall, the board is light in weight
  • It’s very sturdy and easy to learn
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Shock absorber bushes
  • Poor packaging with plastic stuck to the wheels
  • They come with some missing tools

ANDRIMAX Complete Skateboards

skateboards for beginners

The giver of free-fly feelings, the ANDRIMAX 8.0 Skateboard, is easy to operate for all kinds of movements. Besides this, safety is the other main feature to recommend the product.

The durable deck is a double-wrapped design that is easiest to operate during sharp turns, slides, and street skating. The deck is stiff and strong, with seven layers of Canadian maple to boost stability and safety.

In addition, more surplus safety is provided with a high rebound PU pumping system and a no-slip, waterproof emery sand paperwork mounted on the board’s deck.

One of the unique constructions of the product to make it outstanding is having high resilience thread wheels. With an ultra-long voyage, these wheels give turns without whipping the board. The high speed of the wheels is maintained by professional ABEC-11 bearings rather than ABEC-7 bearings in publisher and ABEC-9

bearings in amrgot skateboard. These ABEC-11 bearings work with high efficiency than others. 

Its length is 31 inches, and its width is 8 inches. The durometer hardness is about 95A. These all allow the deck to carry a load of up to 200 lbs.

The product comes with high-strength nails to hold the components tightly together. The truck, wheels, and bearings are all perfectly matched and assembled per beginners’ skating requirements.

This is one of the best skateboards for girls, but it lacks a tool kit; the user needs to buy the tools for any adjustment.

Final Words

Easy to operate The ANDRIMAX 8.0 Skateboard is designed to release the natural nature of beginners by offering them a variety of rides. This is a good choice for all girls above four years of age.

The board is received with the completed assembly. It is a pleasant gift for your daughters who are starting to skate.

  • Tricks, slides, and pivots are performed easily
  • The wheels are soft and fit any road
  • Well assembled nuts and bearings
  • Bump system to control balance
  • Top-quality graphics
  • During shipment, the print becomes scratched
  • Some of these are received with weaker trucks

Margot Skateboards

girl skateboard

It is made with seven layers of maple, and the board is 10mm thick to support the maximum load of up to 225lbs safely. This level of weight-carrying capacity is unmatched by any of these skateboards. The deck design is kept mediated concave for being well founded for both beginners and skilled.

The eye-catching graphics on the board didn’t fade for a long time because of the thermal technology used to make it glossy and bright. The 5.5-inch aluminium truck with the kingpin and high-quality PU bushing welcomes beginners to begin their skating journey with a safe and smooth ride.

The wheels are constructed with 95A polyurethane and are suitable for commuting, skate parks, ramps, and smooth and rough surfaces. An ABEC-9 precision bearing extends Freeride on smooth and rough surfaces. The multi-tool included with the board is designed specifically for beginner girls to adjust the tension and replace brackets.

To maintain strong friction, the board is covered with 80AB grip tape by the brand. The brand gives a complete package that doesn’t require any assembly.

The brand is more focused on maintaining the no-slip feature of the product to make it an ideal choice for beginners. The double-kick standard board is no doubt splendid to enjoy tricks on. Bearings of this product need to be lubricated timely to protect them from rust. 

Final Words

The brand designed this board to make it the best skateboard for beginner teenage girl by keeping them easy to control. The board will not only be perfect for a teenage girl but can also be used by anyone, from beginners to seasoned ones.

  • Can cover a long distance on smooth and rough surfaces
  • Light in weight, with wheels that spin smoothly
  • The material is durable and sturdy
  • It offers a 3-month guarantee
  • A stiff and strong deck
  • It rolls very easily and becomes slippery sometimes

METROLLER Skateboards

best skateboard for teenage girl

It is one of the best for girls because of its excellent reliability. Whether a teenage girl uses the board for the first time or is a well-trained rider, this brand promises to keep the ride interesting for everyone.

The board size is 31 inches by 8 inches with a weight of 4.6 pounds. The wooden 7-layered maple deck, when matched with the 5-inch reinforced aluminium truck, makes the METROLLER skateboard safe, comfortable, and strong enough to enjoy various riding styles.

Its ability to absorb shock is ideal for riders of all skill levels. For this property, 95A rebound PU carline wheels are adjusted.

One more thing I love about the brand is the use of perfectly matched bearings with these types of wheels. High-speed muted ABEC-9 bearings make an admirable combo with PU bushings that offer easy-going without tweaking and shaking.

It has a classic double-kick concave deck. The deck’s tail is curved at 22°, which is not available in weskate skateboard and amrgot skateboard 8. This type of tail gives the board enough space from the ground to reduce air friction. It comes with five different graphics. All of them are selected by the board based on their fascinating appearance.

Waterproof sandpaper is mounted on the skateboard’s deck to minimize friction and maximize learning opportunities for children. The board is purely comfortable for Freeriding, but it does not operate well on performing tricks.

Final Words

The best choice to add confidence to your ride is for your beginner-level kids who love to ride smooth riding. It is easy to make any adjustments when needed. It is easy to carry the board and ride around the streets comfortably.

  • Portable because of its lightweight
  • Excellent capacity for balancing
  • It comes with repair tools
  • It helps to try new tricks
  • Power black grip tape
  • The washer hardware for truck bushings becomes warped

Pink Skateboards for Girls

female skateboards

The Czyminrout Skateboard is constructed so that all levels of kids from age 6-12 years can use it. Double kick deck boards provide better control during turns and brakes. The concave design of the deck gives the capacity for foot stability on the board.

The 7-layer Canadian maple deck is highly durable and strong enough to have a maximum load of 220 pounds. The maple wood is selected to have a non-wearable quality on a board. The moderate size of the deck, 31 by 8 inches, keeps the balance between toughness and weight.

For beginner girls, keeping balance while skating is one of the most important concerns for almost all parents. This Czyminrout Skateboard cares for girls’ safety by adjusting pink emery sandpaper to give the feet locking feelings.

The 5-inch aluminium alloy truck, known as the “baking varnish truck,” has a high non-rusting capacity and strong impact resistance, which means it will run for a longer period as compared to ordinary trucks. The brand expects its customers to love advanced skating, which makes this product advantageous over the weskate product. 

Another appealing advantage customers find with this product is having a tool kit that you can use to adjust the wheels and trucks in combination with the skating style and skating level of young girls. 

Perfect wheel diameter and width, carrying carbon steel bearings, give smooth riding with excellent endurance. If the user liked traditional rocking turns, she would have to tighten the truck.

Final Words

This is a top-notch product with quality materials. It is easy to carry and user-friendly. No doubt this skateboard is worth hanging on the wall of the girl’s room.

  • It is suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • The high-quality, big, and wear-resistant wheels
  • The cute pattern on the deck is more durable
  • It gives a simple and comfortable ride
  • Corrosive resistance trucks
  • Sensitive Turns

WeSkate Beginner Skateboards for Teens

Young girl skateboard

It is ideal for beginner girls and kids for its adaptability and all-rounding capability.

The deck, which measures 80 cm in length and 20 cm in width, is softly concave to the centre and can move a maximum load of 220 lbs. with ease.

The WeSkate Beginner Skateboard truck is made of aluminium and magnesium metal. The addition of magnesium metal made this truck lighter and secured a safe ride at all levels. The big wheels of 85A PU metal have no competitor in giving fast, fun-filled cruising.

Lubricated sliding bearings with PU bushings allow the wheel to roll quickly and comfortably over a longer distance. To support the overall fast ride, the HR-95A shock absorber is fitted with the wheels to face any hurdle in smooth running.

An 8-layer maple wood board is used to give stiffness to the board. This solid-strength skateboard never gives the feel of wear and tear. 85 grip tape keeps the position of the feet in the best form to have a tireless ride.

Besides all its technical features, one of the most lovable qualities is its appearance. The brand has multiple looks with attractive designs and colours. All the available products have a neat look and last longer. The five samples of the same brand come with a range of durometer hardness. You can choose according to your skills and weight. It is good for beginner young girls but doesn’t support pro-riding and learning tricks.

Final Words

I found this product to be one of the most confidence-raising skateboards. For teenage girls, its size and weight are suitable enough to run by them. The overall assembly is fully packaged in a well-disciplined manner, making the product a worthy item to be gifted.

  • The quality of the artwork on the board is quite good
  • Plenty of room is available on board
  • It is positioned 20° off the ground
  • It is affordable at such a price
  • No slippery surface
  • Less suitable for street skating
  • The casing has a stain on it

Margot Skateboards Pro

pink skateboard for girls

The skateboard board comes with three different types of light and bright graphics. The graphics on this board is unique from the graphics of all other products in the list as their light colors glow brightly in a dark room. The board is constructed with eight maples of solid wood. Its flexible but strong deck ensures a safe ride.

The truck, wheel, and board accommodations are designed with beginners’ basic turning and leaning ability in mind. Amarghot skateboard Pro has a non-slippery texture. The user can handle it easily in terms of transportation and performing tricks.

The primary material used in truck construction is to prioritize rider safety. The 54mm PU wheels turn 360° freely in ample space without being hurt by the board. Because of the combination of these wheels, the product is ideal for uneven terrain.

When first used by a girl, she found it super reliable and easy to use. You will love the ride. It is smooth and is more of a cruising board than a speed board. A well-built board with a quality design is meant to be carried easily by everyone. Girls can handle this light-weighted board without pinches during freeriding, cruising, and running to the street.

The colors and art on the board are purely feminine, of which any young girl will feel proud. The super bright skateboard is pretty well at a great price, except for the wheels that had more traction.

Final Words

It’s seriously worth the money. This skateboard is great for beginners. It shipped fast and will surely surprise you with its quality. However, it is a little thinner than other boards yet maintains the durability and quality of the board. You will find the product the same as the brand promises.

  • The deck of maple wood has super flexibility
  • Steel truck bolts for better durability
  • Lubricated bearing for smooth riding
  • Shock absorber pads on trucks
  • Pleasing graphics
  • Packaging plastic is wrapped under bolts
  • The axle needs to be tightened

Margot Skateboards for Beginners

girls kids skateboard

The skateboard can run under a maximum weight of 225 lbs. This proves that the product is designed using all the best materials and arranging them in the fittest positions.

These materials include a maple wood board with seven layers to make the board. The aluminium alloy is used to form trucks and polyurethane to make wheels.

The Canadian maple wooden deck is concave shaped to maintain the grip of feet on the board. The deck length is 79 centimetres, and the width is 8 inches. This average measurement is good for young girls to handle while riding.

The 5.5-inch aluminium alloy truck lashes the wheels to the board. This truck is anti-resistance and allows the skateboard to run for a long time.

Big wheels respond quickly to all surfaces. Its highly rebounded PU bushing makes the quality of the wheels super-efficient. ABEC-9 precision bearings achieve the flawless movement of wheels. The grip waterproof sheet on the board never allows water to remain on it.

This thus protects the board from being damaged and prevents slipping.

Attractive art of various designs holds the capability to draw everyone’s attention towards itself among many other mini skateboards

On the downside, we can’t ignore the difficulty riders face in maintaining the balance on both sides of the board.

Final Words

Every specification of the board plays a vital role in the learning of beginner skaters. The brand secures the needs of girls from young to adults, from beginner level to skilled riders.

  • It’s easy to operate for all riding styles
  • Withhold its design for a long time
  • It helps in learning basic skills
  • It works well on all surfaces
  • It has an adorable design
  • The black stuff on the board is weak and usually tears off
  • The turning axle is loose

Things to Remember Before Selecting the Best Skateboard for Girls Beginner

Before you spend money on the best girls skateboard, you should keep the following factors in mind:

Riding Style

Skating includes riding with tricks, stunts, and rolling. All these suitable demand postures and proper foot grip for comfort and a peaceful ride. All the above-listed skateboards are good if your girl wants to go with tricks and stunts. But for cruising, a more stable footing is needed than is usually achieved by longboards.

Board Dimensions

When selecting the best skateboard for girls, never think of having the biggest or smallest one. Then what size skateboard for beginner girls is best?

You should choose the deck size according to the weight and expertise of your daughter. The size of a rider’s shoes also matters in this regard. For a teenage girl, the supreme board is one with a length of 28 to 32 inches and a width of 7 to 8.5 inches.

The shape of the Board

The contrasting feature of the skateboard is its availability in different shapes. This is almost impossible on longboards and other cruiser boards. Different shapes of skateboards offer a range of fellow feelings during different riding styles. These deck shapes go well for younger and teenage girls.

The concave shape gives room for controlled riding. Convex shape for down chilling. Flat shape for tricks. Asymmetric for smooth turns.

Wheel Material and Size

Soft wheels give smooth turns when starting a skating journey. Wheels, along with their accessories, are the most important component in adding value to enjoying riding. The material used in manufacturing wheels must be polyurethane with a durometer of a hardness of 78 to 90A.

These fit a variety of boards and give fast running on all kinds of roads. They are called “filmer wheels” because of their smooth rolling and steady shots.

Grip Tape

Grip tape gives necessary traction during riding. When selecting a worthy skateboard, you must consider the grip tape’s adhesive quality, grip ability, and grittiness. The gritty and sandy grip tape is mostly used by beginner skaters so that their shoes are stickily held with the paper and have zero chances of injury while curving and downhill riding. The listed skateboards come with this type of grip tape.


Aluminium or magnesium alloy trucks are perfectly suited for the most durable skateboards. All the parts of the truck’s baseplate, hanger, axle, pivot, pivot cup, kingpin, kingpin nuts, and bushing must be adjusted correctly to make the truck versatile.


I hope these good skateboards for girls will remove the circulating worries about whether girls’ skateboards are good and help choose the fittest for your young girl.

Rather than thinking about age, gender, height, and weight admit your daughters to the art of skateboarding with the best skateboard for girls and have no worries about their safety.


What size of the skateboard is good for a girl?

The standard deck size that is regarded as the best match with the girl’s weight and height is 7.5 to 8.5 inches.

Are girl skateboards good?

Of course, many brands in the market are designing super-quality skateboards, especially for girls.

How do you choose a skateboard for a girl?

When choosing the best skateboard for a girl, you should consider the age, design, weight, deck quality, wheels quality, and most importantly, the type of ride she wants.

Which skateboard is best for girls?

There is no one “best” skateboard that is specifically designed for girls. Skateboards are for everyone, regardless of gender. The best skateboard for a person, including a girl, will depend on their individual needs, preferences, and skill level.

Some things to consider when choosing a skateboard include the size and shape of the deck, the hardness of the wheels, and the quality of the trucks and bearings.

What skateboard should a girl beginner get?

If you are a girl beginner looking for a skateboard, it is important to choose a board that is well-suited to your needs and abilities.
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