Longboard vs Skateboard – Difference Between Longboard and Skateboard

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Do you want to have an idea about longboard vs skateboard?

Both of them are used for longboarding experiences but have distinct purposes.

The main difference between longboards and skateboard is that longboards are designed for cruising on flat ground, whereas skateboards are designed for speed and agility to show tricks as an expert with one foot on the ground.

Longboards are usually longer than a skateboard but shorter than a surfboard. A longboard is generally used for transportation and recreational activities such as walking or jogging.

A skateboard has wheels at each end of the board, while longboards have wheels without bearings. Both longboards and skateboards can be used to do tricks, like ollies or grinds. A longboard has a larger wheelbase as compared to a skateboard that has a shorter wheelbase.

However, the risk of injury is higher when you’re doing tricks on a skateboard than when riding a longboard because of its increased speed and manoeuvrability.

Above all, there are considerable differences in deck construction, wheels, bearings, length, and width.

Longboard vs Skateboard

WheelsLarger and softerSmaller and harder
TrucksMore flexibleLess flexible
Nose and tailFlatCurved
UsesCruising, downhill, carvingTricks, street skating
Skill levelBeginner-friendlyIntermediate-advanced

The below guide, “longboard vs. skateboard,” will help you have a short idea about their differences.

Differences Between Skateboard and Longboard

There are many differences between longboards and skateboards such as wheels and trucks ,

Longboard Wheels vs Skateboard Wheels

Longboard wheels are big and soft, making them ideal for longboarding. The longboard wheels are made with urethane and come in various sizes.

Longboard wheels are big and softer wheels for riding on rough roads. Longboard wheels are 2.6 inches to 4.2 inches made with urethane. They have a 5-ply construction, which means that they have five layers of urethane added to them. These layers give the wheel its stiffness and grip but also add weight, which makes longboard wheels heavier than skateboard wheels.

Skateboard wheels are smaller and more complex than longboard wheels. They’re about 1.89″ – 3.35″ in and come in various sizes depending on the types of the skateboard.

The smaller size makes them easier to ride without getting tired as fast as nonboarders would get tired if they rode for an extended period (like all day).

Longboard Trucks vs Skateboard Trucks

Longboard trucks are smooth and flexible as compared to a skateboard. Skateboard trucks are tough to perform stunts.

Longboard trucks have smaller recessed areas and a longer axle shaft than skateboard trucks.

This means that when riding on a longboard, you feel more like you’re skating than rolling or bombing down the street!

Longboard trucks also have larger holes to help prevent wheel bite and provide more grip.

The kingpin placement in the longboard is around 38 to 50 degrees, enabling the deck to turn more. This greater degree of turn makes the riding smooth and flexible.

In skateboarding, the kingpin is fixed at 90 degrees. The result is that when you go on a turn, your board will make a sharp curve to its left or right. This means that it is not very smooth and flexible in doing so.

The longboard has a wider stance than the skateboard, making it easier for you to get off the ground and move around on it. The longboard also has a higher centre of gravity, which makes it harder for you to fall off.

Longboards are great for beginners just learning how to ride a skateboard or for people who want something more comfortable than a regular skateboard.

You can also use longboards as transportation devices; they’re much lighter than regular skateboards.

Deck Size 

  • Longboard length: 34″ – 46″
  • Longboard width: 8″- 10″
  • Skateboard length: 31″- 33″
  • Skateboard width: 7.25″- 8.5″

The longboard is a long, thin board with a flat top, usually used for transportation on land. The deck shape of the longboard is ideal for maintaining balance and grip because it is longer and broader than the skateboard. The tail of the longboard is narrow, perfect for cruising.

Longboards have a broader wheelbase than skateboards, which makes them ideal for cruising. They’re also much longer than skateboards so they can get around more easily in crowded areas with limited space. Longboards are usually made from wood or bamboo, but some people like to go with a composite deck made from wood or carbon fiber instead.

Skateboards are typically shorter and narrower than longboards, with a smaller wheelbase (the distance between the wheels’ contact surface and their trucks).

They have an aggressive nose to do tricks. The short wheelbase makes it easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces like parking lots or busy streets—but they also tend to be less stable when riding downhill because of their smaller widths.

The Difference in Use

The longboard is designed to be ridden with both feet on the same side. This results in a more stable ride, as well as better balance.

Longboards are generally used for cruising around town or going to school, but they can also be used for tricks and racing.

Longboards are perfect for people looking for a more comfortable and stable ride than a skateboard but still want something that allows them to get in on their favorite type of extreme sports.

Skateboards are smaller than longboards, but they still require plenty of coordination and balance as you ride over obstacles like cracks in the sidewalk.

They are great for intermediate and advanced skaters, who can use them to practice tricks or jump higher than they could on a longboard.

Besides, skateboards are also great for fitness. They can help you build your core muscles and get strong enough to do tricks. The downside is that they don’t have much grip or stability compared with longboards.

Is Longboarding Easier Than Skateboarding

Long and skateboards are great for cruising and rolling, but which one is easier to ride?

While cruising or rolling, you have a smooth and flexible ride due to the large deck. In addition, longboard riders can quickly accelerate their board, which makes it easier for them to manoeuvre on the road.

On the other hand, skateboards are designed to show expertise. The skateboard wheels are smaller than longboards and provide a smoother ride because they offer less traction.

However, both boards are popular among those who like to travel around town because they are lightweight and easy to carry.

As a beginner, you may wonder about the difference between a longboard and a skateboard. Both boards are used for riding on, but they have some differences.

What is Better Skateboard or Longboard

The longboard is longer than the skateboard, with wheels that are wider and taller than those on a skateboard. The longboard also has long handles, making pushing easier, especially when travelling at high speeds over uneven terrain. That is why it is more suitable for all terrain.

The longboard is ideal for beginners because it provides balance while they learn how to ride. Skateboards are often dangerous for beginners because they don’t provide stability or balance.

Skateboard is ideal for advanced users to show stunts. But as a beginner, you can take the plunge with the longboard. It will provide you with a comfortable ride.

Longboards are long and have four wheels connected with axles, while skateboards have two wheels attached to a board, enabling them to move quickly on surfaces like concrete or cemented pavement.

Longboards generally have more weight than skateboards while they are still light enough to carry around comfortably with ease by one person.

Skateboards tend to weigh less than longboards because they don’t have metal parts such as axles, bearings or rims, which means they are lighter overall than their counterparts!

Longboard vs Skateboard Price

So, when it comes to longboard vs skateboard prices, some factors can make one more expensive than the other:

Longboards are more expensive than their skateboard counterparts because they cost more to make and require more labor-intensive manufacturing processes. They are also heavier and harder to transport since they’re made from heavier materials like wood or metal.

Skateboards are cheaper than longboards because they don’t need as much material or labor when making them. They have smaller decks and wheels to ride on them.

The price of a longboard starts from $100 compared to a skateboard that initiates below even$50.

Which is more Popular Longboard or Skateboard?

SizeLongboards are typically longer and wider than skateboards.Skateboards are shorter and narrower compared to longboards.
WheelsLongboards usually have large, soft wheels.Skateboards typically have small, hard wheels.
FlexibilityLongboards tend to be more flexible.Skateboards are generally stiffer.
Beginner-FriendlyLongboards are often considered easier for beginners to ride.Skateboards may require more skill and balance for beginners.
Riding ExperienceLongboards are suitable for cruising, downhill rides, and stability.Skateboards are designed for flip tricks and technical maneuvers.
PriceSkateboards are generally cheaper than longboards.Longboards can be more expensive, especially high-end models.
Overall AssessmentLongboards offer a smooth and stable ride, suitable for cruising and downhill riding, while skateboards are more versatile for tricks and technical maneuvers.N/A

If you’re looking for a way to take your commute from boring to cool, you should consider getting yourself a longboard! Longboards are fun to ride.

Longboards are also environmentally friendly because they don’t use any gas when they’re being ridden.

A longboard is getting more popular. College students are buying longboards because they are easier to ride than skateboards. Longboards also have better grip and stability than skateboards. Skateboards are also becoming less popular among novice riders because they are harder to ride and don’t grip well on dirt or grass.

Longboarding has become a popular hobby for many people all over the world. It is an excellent way to exercise and keep in shape while having fun with friends or family members simultaneously!

Is a Longboard Safer than a Skateboard?

Longboarding helps improve balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. It also improves cardiovascular health by increasing blood flow to the muscles used during longboarding. It can help prevent injury or illness caused by poor circulation!

Skateboarding improves balance, coordination, and flexibility too. But it also gets you moving faster than you expect. You could have many chances of injury due to improper balance.

Which one is Sturdy skateboard vs longboard?

Longboards are sturdier because they have a more extensive surface area, which means more weight on each wheel, and, therefore, more traction. Longboards also have an enormous deck, meaning more material to hold up your weight while reducing the chance of falling off. Plus, the wheels wear out more slowly on longboards than on skateboards.

Skateboard decks need to be changed every couple of weeks because of all the imperfect tricks you perform—and if you’re doing something like grinding or popping, you might break your board early. In contrast, longboards can serve you for years to come.


Is longboarding easier than skateboarding?

Longboarding is generally easier than skateboarding because it doesn’t require a lot of balance, so it’s easier to learn. It’s also easier to handle because you don’t have to worry about falling over or getting hit by cars while learning how to ride it.
Skateboarding, on the other hand, is more complicated than longboarding because you have to balance yourself as you ride down the street. While this might seem easy at first, it can be challenging if you’ve never done it before.

 Is a longboard better than a skateboard?

Longboards are best than a skateboard. They are special to balance due to their lower wheelbase and speed. They have a low centre of gravity.

How is longboard different from a skateboard?

The difference between a longboard and a skateboard is that the longboard is designed for cruising and transportation, while the skateboard is designed for tricks and sliding. Longboards have a large deck and larger wheelbase as compared to a skateboard.

Which one is safer- longboard or skateboard?

The shape and size of the deck make the board safer than others. A longboard has a wider and longer deck which remains best for foot placement. If the rider has enough place for standing, it assures balance.
On the other hand, skateboard decks are not enough wider and longer than longboards. So, it is right to say that longboards are safer than a skateboard.

Which is better for beginners- longboard or skateboard?

If we see a longboard vs skateboard for beginners, it is right to say the longboard is ideal due to the extended deck for foot placement and low centre of gravity.
On the other hand, skateboards have a short deck- uncomfortable for beginners.


The comparison of longboard vs skateboard shows that both provide a fun ride. Riding them, the rider is sure to have pleasure.

This post has clearly described all the differences between the two. You can select any of them according to your needs and abilities.

However, as a beginner, I recommend buying a longboard because of its low centre of gravity and large deck. The expansive deck provides stability and balance and protects you from injury while longboarding.

The skateboard is best for performing tricks, and as an expert rider, maintaining balance on the skateboard is not a big problem.

Above all, please select any of the above and let us know about your purchase through the comments below.

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