Types of Longboards

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Do you need a longboard to get around the town, enjoy commutes, and boost stunts?

There are different types of longboards that satisfy carving, cruising, and downhill riding needs according to the type of longboarders.

Different boards have different shapes, styles, decks, wheels, and bearings according to the specific riding styles and features.

There are many types of longboards, but they all have one thing in common: they’re all long! The regular board is the most basic and common type of longboard. This type of board has no kick-tail or nose and is usually made from wood.

Except for regular boards, there is a tremendous variety of longboards that you can select from, specifying your riding style and experience.

In the article, I cover versatile longboards and defined why the specific type of longboard satisfies the specific riding style.

So, be with me, and let’s take a start.

Types of Longboards

There are different types of longboards in the market. I have mentioned each in detail with example.

Downhill Longboard- Made for Maximum Speed

A Downhill longboard is the best type of longboard that is designed for downhill riding and to get maximum speed.

It has multiple features. The concave is usually on the middle part of the deck. It has great impact on your riding speed and time to cover a distance.

The footsteps for stability will help you stay on top of your board, going up or downhill.

The wheels are also larger than standard skateboards, offering more stability and traction when riding on uneven surfaces.

The length of downhill longboard wheels is in between 70mm-75mm and width is around 55mm. The wheels are designed with a narrower profile and more maneuverability in mind.

They typically have a minor contact patch with the ground, so they can be run at lower pressures and provide more grip while still being able to roll smoothly over rough terrain.

Cruiser Longboards

The Cruiser Longboard is a longboard designed for cruising and carving. It’s an excellent option for beginners and intermediate cruisers who want to get out on the water and have fun without worrying about their riding skill level.

A cruiser longboard is neither too stiff nor too soft or just plain- boring, durable, and lightweight. It’s designed to be easy to ride and maneuver, with an expansive deck and comfortable handlebars that make it an ideal choice for cruising around town or hitting the streets on your way to work.

The Cruiser Longboard features 7-ply maple construction with a drop-down nose and tail, which makes it easy to throw over your shoulder and carry along with you as you go about your day.

The cruisers boast a smooth surface for riding without getting caught up in rough edges or cracks. Its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver even in crowded areas without feeling like you’re struggling to keep up with traffic!

Big Smooth wheels are best for sliding. These wide wheels have impeccable contact for stability and this strong contact lets the wheels to roll effortlessly. They have a good grip, so you can slide around the track without worrying about losing traction and crashing.

So, the wheels tend to be soft and anti-shock due to 75A and 80A  They have a high resistance to wear, so you can use them for years without having to replace them!

Carving Longboards- Good for Carving and Cruising

Longboards are the best type of longboard for carving down a hill, across an open field, or through any other obstacle that gets in your way.

They’re also great for cruising with friends, practicing tricks, and getting a little competitive with each other.

Sometimes longboards tend to contact your wheels with deck, which can lead to wheel bite.

Carving longboards has no wheel bite because the deck does not touch the wheels. They have perfectly organized wheels or cutouts to reduce wheel bite while simultaneously letting you perform deeper carves.

Spacers are small pieces of plastic or metal inserted between your wheels and your deck to help prevent them from touching each other during a ride- means a lot to reduce wheel bites. Spacers are also known as “spikes,” “tacks,” or “thruster spacers.”

Cruising longboards are the easiest type of longboards to ride at a casual pace on smooth surfaces. Cruisers are generally slower and more comfortable, with a smoother ride than carving boards.

On the other hand, carving boards have sharper edges and are designed for carving—that is, to ride at high speeds on rough terrain while doing tricks. It is the more technical (and therefore more advanced) style of longboarding. It involves carving down hills or through curves, and it’s usually done on a smaller-wheeled board.

They both have super soft wheels to roll at 75A- 80A duro.

Dancer Longboards

Longboard dancing requires a lot of mastery and skill. It is an art and consumes time to learn to get perfect. It is done while maintaining fluency and rhythm following maximum technical abilities.

Dancing longboards are the longboard types for grabbing, spinning, and other awesome longboarding tricks. The nose and kicktail on the board, let you perform, manuals, and other tricks. The deck is big enough to provide ample room for boardwalk moves and cross-footed spins!

Dancing longboards have hard wheels with a duro of 80A- 86A- best for a dancing longboard.

In fact, the harder you ride, the better. It’s like a snowboard: the harder you push yourself, the faster you go. Dancing longboards are meant to be pushed into action—they’re not for sitting around and relaxing. So if you want to get your dancing groove on, we recommend taking it as hard as possible!

Commuter Longboards

Commuter Longboards are perfect for college students and professionals who need the convenience of a longboard but don’t want to sacrifice style, performance, or comfort. The low-profile design makes maneuverability easy in crowded areas, and the wide stance gives you extra stability.

Commuter Longboards come with narrower trucks and mid-size wheels, which makes them easier to push than standard longboards- less strain on your body when you’re using them. Due to lightweight in size they are highly portable than full-sized boards.

Drop Through Longboard

Drop-through longboards are the newest and most innovative way to ride a longboard. They have decks that are designed to fit into a drop-in truck, which is a truck that has a lower profile. You can use your regular skateboard trucks on these boards, and they’re usually fitted with shorter wheels to make them easier to ride.

Drop-through longboards have several benefits over other types of longboards. For starters, they have a lower center of gravity than regular longboards, which makes them easier to balance and maneuver. They also have more stability when surfing because they’re less likely to tip over than regular longboards.

Drop-through longboards are best suited for riding in small spaces or on smooth flat surfaces like parking lots, sidewalks, or streets with low traffic volume. They’re not ideal for downhill mountain biking or skating around town as they don’t have enough clearance between the deck and truck bed to straddle curbs or other obstacles designed for larger wheels and trucks.

Drop-through longboards have holes in the middle and have different types of decks; they’re unsuitable for freeride skating or downhill riding. But if you want something safe and easy-to-use, then this is your best bet! The drop-through longboards can be some from cruisers, freestyle, or freeride.

Pintail Longboards

A Pintail longboard is the ideal choice for downhill speed and stability on the snow. The pintail design allows you to turn faster and easier than any other longboard shape.

They are the go-to shape for anyone looking to carve, cruise and rip out of control. They’re stable and aggressive to go through demanding conditions.

Pintails love to be ridden with speed and power. They’re great for carving and cruising but still offer a lot of stability at high speeds.

Pintail boards are not as long as a regular longboard, so they are more stable than other extended models. Pintail boards can be ridden by any rider up to 6 feet tall (152 cm), although most riders usually ride them between 38 inches and 46 inches (96cm-117cm).

The width of a pintail board depends on what kind of riding you do – wide pintails are often used for cruising or carving, while narrower ones work better for freeride or downhill.

They are also more comfortable than traditional longboards because they have a softer flex and a broader contact point with the ground. This makes them more comfortable when riding in challenging conditions.

Fishtail Longboard

A fishtail longboard is a longboard with the tail cut off, leaving just enough to make the board rideable and maneuverable. It has great resemblance with tail of fish, so the term has been derived from this resemblance of fish shape.

This design makes it possible to turn the board on narrow curves and uneven terrain, making it ideal for urban environments. A fishtail longboard has a tapered tail, which means it has more kick and maneuverability than a pintail longboard because there are more curves in the tail area.

It is also easier to turn because of its wider surface area than other boards. A fishtail is excellent for intermediate riders who want something that feels fast and responsive without sacrificing stability or control over their bodies when turning corners at high speed. So, it can be called the fastest type of longboard for intermediate riders.

Electric Longboards

Electric longboards are a new trend in the world of transportation. They have been around for a few years but have only recently gained popularity.

Electric longboards are becoming increasingly popular because they are environmentally friendly, fun to ride, and quiet. These are popular with people who want to ride around in style but don’t have the time or energy to ride their regular boards.

Electric longboards come in many shapes and sizes. They can range from small to large and can be used for everything from commuting to cruising around town.

There are many different styles of electric longboards, including cruisers, freeride, and downhill models. Electric longboards can be ridden on sidewalks or streets, but they should never be used on any concrete surface because they will quickly get stuck in the cracks!

Electric longboards generally weigh between 20 and 40 pounds, depending on how powerful they are and what kind of battery they use inside their frame. The rider must also take care of the battery level before starting riding.

Most e- boards have Bluetooth features that let you enjoy music while longboarding.

Short Longboards

Short longboards are the perfect board for street riders who want to be able to turn and accelerate quickly. These boards are also great for people who love carving corners and can’t wait to get down the road. Short longboards are usually around 28 inches long, but they can be longer or shorter depending on your preferences.

Short longboards are generally less expensive than other types of longboards and come in various colors and designs that suit any rider’s needs and style.

Short Hybrid Longboard

Short hybrid longboards are unique all types of longboards that combines the best of both worlds. They’re short enough to be convenient but long enough to reach the top speeds you expect from a standard longboard.

This is perfect for people who want to get around town but don’t want to sacrifice their fun. You can use them just like any other longboard without worrying about whether it will be able to handle all your sweeping turns and jumps.

On top of that, they’re usually built with an extra kick-tail for better control at higher speeds. This means you can enjoy the benefits of both woods and composites for a more stable ride every time!


How many types of longboards are there?

Seven types of the longboard are further divided according to their shape type, deck, and riding style.

What is the best type of longboard?

The cruiser longboard is good after cruiser; freestyle is another option. Avoid downhill longboarding as it demands your expertise.

What is the best type of longboard for cruising?

Atom Drop Through is the best longboard for cruising. A highly affordable price is the best for all experience levels.

What is the best longboard style for beginners?

As a beginner, the drop- the through longboard is excellent. They have a low center of gravity with the best flow and smooth ride. It lets the novice rider have maximum balance.

What is the most common type of longboard?

Traditional longboards are the most common type of longboards. They are mainly used for cruising around the streets. They have an expansive deck to provide stability.


A versatile variety of every type of longboards is available in the market with considerable differences in shapes, sizes, wheels, and decks.

The experience level and style of the rider specify the type of longboard for the rider. Before making a purchase decision, a wise customer needs to determine their interest and rising style before mentioning the budget.

In this post,” Types of Longboards,” I believe I’ve covered various longboards to answer your query.

Please let me know if you find it useful through the comments below.

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