Types Of Skateboards

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A skateboard is a form of transportation that has been around for many years. Skateboards are a great way to get around and explore your local area.

They’re also a great way to keep fit, and skateboarding uses the feet, hands, and knees to propel the person on the board forward. In today’s market, there are many different types of skateboards.

The characteristics of each type of board make it different from the other types. Several boards are designed for beginners, while others are designed for professionals who have more experience than others.
As a beginner, intermediate and expert rider, you need to know about the types of skateboards because they are more than just a way to get around- riding them is an art!

So, let’s check out our list of different types of skateboards.

Different kinds Of Skateboards

Throughout my riding experience, I tried versatile skateboards, and below is the description of all these types of skateboards and their uses based on my knowledge.

Street Skateboards

A street skateboard deck has been designed primarily for use on the road, often with trucks, wheels, and bearings designed to make street riding easier.

They are often used by people who want to ride without dealing with the maintenance required for other types of skateboards. Most street boards have kicktails and noses that are flat and long, which helps them manoeuvre through tight spots.

The smaller wheels allow for better manoeuvrability, while larger wheels provide more stability. Street skateboards are also typically lighter than regular skateboards, which increases speed and reduces fatigue while riding.

Double Kick Skateboards

Double kick skateboards are the perfect choice for a beginner, as they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to learn. They’re also lighter than most other skateboards, making them ideal for older kids and adults who need a more leisurely ride.

They have the perfect deck for skating parks or street spots. The deck has a low profile and a medium concave for excellent edge control, but it’s also designed to absorb shocks and vibrations from the pavement.

The Double Kick Skateboards are usually 32″ long and standard trucks and wheels up to 50- 55 mm. “. This type of skateboard deck comes with a set of trucks with a kicktail so you can ride them in any direction.

Moreover, they have small but harder wheels for better traction and performing skateboard tricks. Small wheels reduce wheel bite- so, best in any way.

Old School Skateboards

Old-school skateboards are the best for beginners because they are a great way to start skateboarding. Equipped with a flat and wide nose, they have a single kicktail perfect for performing basic stunts. They are best for carving and riding fast instead of ollies and flip tricks. They’re not quite as advanced as modern boards, but they still have the same basic features.

Most old-school skateboards are made from wood and have square edges, but some have rounded edges for smoother turns. Mostly they have trucks that turn in only one direction, but some newer models can turn in both directions. They may also have bearings or bushings that allow them to roll smoothly on flat surfaces, which is helpful when you’re learning how to ride a board.

Old-school skateboards are durable but might not be as long-lasting as modern ones. With larger wheelbase and wider trucks, they were designed for pool skating.

They have graphics that make you feel like a kid again and have a classic, old-school feel. You can’t go wrong with an old school board!

Cruiser Skateboards

Whether you’re looking for something with a smooth ride or one with some pop, cruiser skateboards are your best bet. They are typically made of wood or bamboo, so they’ll feel nice on your feet and help you glide over bumps without getting stuck in cracks or holes.

Cruisers are usually shorter than longboards and have a traditional shape, making them ideal for cruising around town or through a park. They’re great for cruising around town or at the mall and are also perfect for beginners who want something stable and easy to ride.

The best cruisers have a thick deck of about 2 inches (5 centimetres) that will give you plenty of support when standing up on them. The best ones also have rounded edges that make it easier to turn and stop without hitting obstacles. The rounded edge is significant when riding in crowded areas where there may not be any sidewalks available.

Shaped Deck Skateboard

Shaped Deck Skateboards are perfect for beginners looking to get into skateboarding. They are ideal for anyone who wants to carve up the city streets.

They have more expansive decks, so they’re easier to get your feet in and out of, so you can feel more comfortable while riding. They also have squared tails and noses, making them easier to balance.

You can customize your shape with wheels, bearings, and grip tape. It also means that it’s easy if you want to upgrade your wheels or bearings in the future! You’ll be able to choose between various materials for building your skateboard, including 7-ply maple wood, bamboo, bamboo core and fibreglass.

Usually, they’re made of 7-ply maple for strength and trick-performing ability. So, if you’re looking for a way to start skateboarding without breaking the bank, this is the perfect option!

Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Mini cruisers are an excellent choice for kids ages 5 to 10. They are small enough to fit in a backpack and easy enough for a child to handle, but they can also be used by adults who want something small and easy to transport. Mini cruisers have no grip tape and are made of polyurethane and wooden decks, which provide excellent traction.

They’re lightweight, portable, have a compact shape that makes them easy to carry around with you wherever you go and are perfect for short trips around town or long bike rides on the weekend. You can also choose from various colours for your child’s new board!

Longboard skateboard

Longboard skateboards are a type of skateboard for transportation that is usually longer than a standard skateboard and usually has two or more wheels in the front and one in the back. They are longer than most skateboards, which makes them easier to ride and manoeuvre. They usually are 34″ long with big soft wheels for less wheel bite and a smooth ride.

Longboard skateboards have been used by surfers/skateboarders to ride over long distances. They are also used in competitions, hung over courses at high speeds. They are an exceptional choice for cruising, downhill riding, or transportation.

Longboards are a great choice for people who want to get from point A to point B without walking or running. Because they are more comprehensive than standard skateboards, they provide more stability when riding on uneven surfaces such as hills or mountains. Many people use longboards as their primary mode of transportation.

They are also great for cruising around town or getting exercise by riding through parks and other areas with lots of trees and grass. Some people use them as workout equipment at home by riding outside on their driveway or sidewalk instead of going into an actual gym where they might have to pay membership fees. They are best in looks due to graphics but not best for performing technical stunts due to their construction.

Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards are skateboards that use an electric motor to power the vehicle. They are typically used for transportation, but they can also be used in competitions and recreational activities. Electric skateboards can be ridden on paved and unpaved surfaces, depending on the model.

Electric skateboards have four wheels and a motor that powers two motors located at each wheel’s axle. The engines enable the board to reach speeds up to 18 miles per hour, depending on the model. Most electric skateboards are equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack that provides sufficient riding time before recharging; some models have additional features like lights or other accessories.

Electric skateboards are also known as e-skates because they’re powered by electric motors instead of an internal combustion engine like a motorcycle or bicycle.

Electric skateboards come in several shapes and sizes, from small folding models suitable for use in small areas like home or office spaces to larger models designed for public roads or highways.

Most models have built-in headlights that allow riders to see where they’re going without having to look down at the ground; however, some have integrated rear lights so riders can see behind them and ahead of them when riding at night.

Slalom skateboards

Slalom skateboards are one of the most popular types of the skateboard. They are designed to be used in slalom skating, which is a skating style where you go fast and do banked turns. Slalom skateboards can be made from wood or metal. They have wheels that can turn in different directions, and the riders can use this feature to make turns.

Slalom skateboards have a shorter wheelbase than regular skateboards, so they can turn faster and help you avoid obstacles more quickly. They also have more expansive decks with larger wheels, so you can ride them for longer distances before your feet start hurting.

They have a shallow centre of gravity, making them easy to control while you’re learning to skateboard on your own. They also have a narrow width, allowing you to manoeuvre quickly through tight spaces without getting stuck or falling over.

Fishtail skateboards

Fishtail skateboards are one of the most popular types of skateboards out there. They’re designed to be used on both flat ground and ramps and can be customized to meet your needs.

The board’s tail starts as a straight line but bends at a right angle and becomes a fishtail. This bend creates more stability for the rider and makes pushing off surfaces such as stairs or curbs easier. Fishtail boards come in various sizes and shapes, as well as varying degrees of flex and rigidity.

Some think fishtail boards are better than regular skateboards because they’re more stable and easier to control while riding. They also tend to be more durable than other skateboard decks since they have a broader base and don’t need as much support from the wheels underneath them.

Carver Skateboards

Carve skateboards are a type of skateboard that is designed to be used on roads and other hard surfaces. They are the best beginners’ skateboards because they are easier to control but offer more stability than different types of skateboards.

They’re designed with an aggressive shape, making them great for cruising and carving and performing tricks. The soft top layer of this board makes it very forgiving of mistakes while still offering great performance when you want to do more than cruise around town.

Anatomy of Skateboards

Skateboarding is a popular sport, but it’s also a popular hobby. If you’re looking for a new way to stay active, try skateboarding! Skateboarding is made up of these main parts: the deck, the trucks and wheels, and the grip tape.


The deck is what you ride on. A good-quality skateboard will have a hardwood core with a laminate on top. It’s typically wood and has different shapes depending on the manufacturer.

A majority of decks are longboards that have a concave shape to them. This allows them to roll faster over cracks in the pavement and more efficiently handle obstacles like stairs or curbs without getting stuck.

The deck’s surface for foot placement should be smooth and not slippery so your feet won’t slip off when turning. If you want to go faster, choose a skateboard with high-quality graphics and colour schemes so that people will notice you on the street!


Trucks allow you to move your board from point A to point B. They are attached to the rear part of the board. Usually, They have two wheels connected by an axle so that you can push yourself with the help of gravity rather than relying on your strength or energy to go faster than another person can ride a skateboard at any given moment in tme (which would be impossible anyway).


Different types of skateboard wheels are what make skating possible for the rider! They spin underneath your deck and propel you forward when moving through space at high speeds. They must be broad enough so they don’t wobble too much while cruising down hills or through cracks in sidewalks.

Grip Tape

Some skateboards have sandpaper on the top of the deck to provide extra traction to the rider. Some of the skateboards don’t have this. Ultimately, your selection of the type of skateboard and riding style confirm the grip tape on the deck.


What are the three types of skateboards?

Cruisers, mini cruisers and standard-sized cruisers are the three main types of skateboards. Mini cruisers are best for children under eight years, cruisers are best for children above nine, and standard-sized cruisers are best for flat roads and street skating.

What are four types of skateboards?

The famous type of skateboard is:
The Mini Cruiser Skateboards
The Double-Kick Skateboard
The carve Skateboard
The Classic Skateboard Longboard

How many types of skateboards are there?

Usually, there are two main types of skateboards: longboards and shortboards. Further, these two types have been divided into different cool kinds of skateboards.

What is the best popular type of skateboard?

Standard skateboards with popsicle stick-shaped decks are reckoned best for ollies, flip tricks and street skating. They have smaller wheels and smaller decks.

What are the different kinds of longboards?

Carving, cruising, commuting, freestyle, freeride, and downhill are different types of longboards.


Skateboards are a fun and exciting way to get around. There’s nothing better than skating down the street or across a parking lot, feeling the wind in your face and the wheels underneath you as you glide through life.

If you’re new to skateboarding, you might find it hard to decide on which type of skateboard is right for you. So, to fix you, we have presented the above-detailed guideline, “Types of Skateboards”.

What type of skateboard did you select for your next ride?

Please share your experience in the comments below.

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