Can You Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard

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Do you want to have an extended speed while keeping momentum simultaneously on your skateboard?

The idea can you put longboard wheels on a skateboard has obsessed you. Because you might be thinking longboard wheels can make you go smoothly over the steep and bumpy pavements.

So, don’t get panic if you need a short answer; I have summarized it here to keep you reading the entire guide.

So, yes, you can put longboard wheels on a skateboard. You only need to consider that the diameter of longboard wheels should not cross 70mm; ideally, it should be between 60mm-66mm.

A higher diameter than 70mm will cause a wheel bite on a skateboard. It would help if you had 1/2″ riser pads and 1 1/2″ bolts. Tighten the trucks and consider bushings medium to hard.

Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard

The tools you need to change wheels are:

  • Four longboard wheels not more than a diameter of 70mm
  • Two riser pads half an inch (12mm)
  • 1.5″ skateboard hardware
  • A skate tool

Once you have all these tools, you are ready to install skateboard wheels.

Putting Longboard Wheels on Skateboard

You can easily fit longboard wheels on a skateboard!

Longboard wheels are bigger than skateboard wheels, and you can use them to replace your skateboard’s wheels. If you want to go fast, you’ll need bigger wheels. You can use smaller ones if you’re cruising around town with friends or enjoying some sun.

The biggest difference between longboard and skateboard wheels is the distance between the wheel centerline and the axle centerline—in other words, the wheel’s width. Longboard wheels are wider than skateboards’ because they have more bearing surface per unit of width (meaning that they roll faster).

So if you’re looking for an upgrade in speed, it’s worth considering buying a set of longboard wheels instead of carrying around your old ones. Consider buying wheels with no diameter of more than 70mm and installing half-inch riser pads to avoid wheel biting.

Along with riser pads, you need 1 ½” bolts to create half inch extra space between wheels and deck to remain smooth at turns.

Not installing riser pads means you will not get smooth turns because the wheels will touch the deck, stopping your board while riding.

Step 1: Remove Trucks from Skateboards

You can put longboard wheels on a skateboard, but you should know a few things.
First, you can remove the trucks from your skateboard and replace them with longer ones. If the longboard trucks fit the skateboard, they have more clearance for longboard wheels.

This will make breaking in the new longboard wheels easier and ensure they’re centered properly.
You’ll need to put a longer front hub on the skateboard to have enough clearance for the new longboard wheels. You may also want to change out some of your bushings or bearings if they are worn out or damaged.

Ensure that the axle nut is tightened down well enough so it won’t loosen over time and cause problems with your ride.

Step 2: Replacement of Hardware

If you’re looking to put longboard wheels on your skateboard, you can do so: it’s super easy!
You’ll need to purchase a set of replacement hardware. But before you do, ensure that you know exactly what kind of hardware is compatible with your skateboard.

The first step is to look at the manufacturer’s website or contact them directly to determine whether your board can use 1 1/2″ hardware. Ideally, 1 1/2 remains best to replace with the previous one.

Then, match up the size of the old hardware with new ones. You may have some extra material around the edges where the wheels are attached, so make sure you get replacements for those as well (you don’t want to risk damaging your deck). If all goes well, you’ll be able to put those longboard wheels on your skateboard and start enjoying the benefits of having more traction!

Step 3: Place Riser Pads

Adding the riser pads to the bottom of your longboard wheels can help you get a more stable ride. This will help you push your board faster and make it easier for you to turn, which is essential when skating down hills or over rough terrain.

When you have a longboard with wheels too big for your skateboard deck, the wheels will bang against each other as you ride. This can be annoying and even damaging to the skateboard deck if it happens frequently.

The best way to fix this problem is with riser pads on the bottom of your longboard wheels. These pads prevent your longboard wheels from banging into each other when you ride them on your skateboard deck.

Step 4: Installing Trucks over Riser Pads

Install trucks over the riser pads using a wrench or Allen key. Tighten bolts nicely to remain safe from jolts while riding fast at high speed.
The improper fitting can cause you to fall from the board.

Step 5: Install Bearings inside Longboard Wheels

After installing the riser pads and trucks, it is time to fix bearings into longboard wheels. Make sure bearings are correctly installed.

Step 6: Mount your Wheels on the Truck

Now set your wheels on the axel and tighten them. Make sure they are fixed and not causing you to fall from the board. The proper tightening will enable you to have balance while riding.

Step 7: Testing your Set Up

After putting your longboard wheels on a skateboard, you should take a moment to check their placement of them before you do anything else. This is important because if the wheels are not in the correct position, they will not be able to roll correctly.

The first step is to ensure that the front and back wheels are aligned correctly. This means that they must be at an equal distance from one another.

To do this, you need to place your hands on the front and back wheels and see if they are positioned perfectly perpendicular to each other’s centerline. If they are not appropriately aligned, you may need to adjust them by moving them closer together or further apart until they are parallel.

The other best way to checkup is by placing one wheel at a time on the board and trying to roll it along. If it doesn’t roll quickly and smoothly, you know that one of your wheels needs to go back on, or another one needs to be added so that there is enough space for all four wheels to fit together properly.

Another thing that you can do is check if any of your bearings are loose or missing by running your fingers around the inside edge of each wheel and feeling for any gaps or irregularities where there shouldn’t be any. If there are any cracks or holes, those bearings need replacing as soon as possible!

Pros and Cons of Putting longboard Wheels to Skateboard

There are multiple advantages and disadvantages of putting longboard wheels to skateboard.


  • Longboard wheels are soft and larger. They ensure a smooth and fast ride.
  • They make the skateboard roll faster to ensure maximum speed.
  • They remain smooth, keeping the rider balanced at even sharp turns.
  • They make you’re cruising around the town experience exceptional. You enjoy the ride wherever you are going.


  • The only disadvantage is that if the wheels are not correctly fitted, they can make your riding experience worse. The loose bearings are trucks that can make you fall, disbalancing you. The faulty fittings can make your board stop at the turn.
  • The wheel replacement can make your skateboard noise irritating you while riding. The loud can make you stop riding.


Putting longboard wheels on the skateboard is easy as you can do the job yourself. You only need a few tools ½” riser pads, 1 ½” bolts, skate tools, and 1.5″ skateboard hardware.

After replacing the longboard wheels, ensure everything is set properly to enjoy a safe ride. If the wheels are loose, they can make the board stop at sharp turns.


Can you put cruising wheels on a skateboard?

Cruiser wheels are soft and significant as compared to a standard skateboard. They are extremely good at the smooth, balanced, and comfortable ride. So, if you put cruiser wheels on a skateboard, you can enjoy the perfect ride.

Are skateboard and longboard wheels the same?

No, they are not. Longboard wheels are softer and larger, enabling you to enjoy a comfortable ride.

Do any wheels fit a skateboard?

The ideal range for skateboard wheels is between 50mm- 75mm. The lower the number is, the smaller the wheel is. The wheel size affects the smoothness of the ride.

How tight to set skateboard wheels?

The wheels must be tight enough that they can move quickly; they can keep you balanced while riding the board. If the wheels are not tightened properly, they will create noise as you ride the board.

Can you put longboard trucks on a skateboard?

You can put longboard trucks on a skateboard, but they should not be more than 700mm. You must install riser pads of ½” and bolts of 1 ½”.

Can you put skateboard wheels on the longboard?

Skateboard wheels are small and take limited space beneath the deck. The skateboard wheels keep the longboard deck close to the ground.

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