Best Longboard for Cruising

by | May 30, 2023 | Longboards

Some passions run deeper than one thinks such is the case with my passion for longboard cruising. Inspired by my elder siblings this passion lead me to find the best longboards for cruising for myself.

I agree that I had practiced some on my sibling’s cruising board once or twice, which always turned into a disaster because it was for advanced cruise dancing and carvings and when you are low on the budget you have to make use of whatever you have got in hand. Now, for a beginner like me, it was quite difficult.


Best Longboard for Cruising


Longboard for Cruising

This is what lead me to find the best cruising longboard that was budget-friendly as well as pretty decent to ride on. I agree that they may have a couple of flaws here and there but I assure you that are pretty good and fun for beginners.

10 Best Cruising Longboards

I have listed only the 10 best longboards for cruising. You can choose anyone that suit your style and needs.

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacSOLA Bamboo Complete Longboard SkateboardBrand: SOLA

Material: Bambo

Load Capacity200 Pounds

Deck Length: 39 Inches
Check Price
backpacMagneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard SkateboardBrand: Magneto


Load Capacity275 Pounds

Deck Length: 44 Inches
Check Price
backpacRetrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard Complete CruiserBrand: Retrospec

Material: Wood

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 44 Inches
Check Price
backpacAtom Drop Through – 41 InchBrand: Atom

Material: Maple

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 41 Inches
Check Price
backpacVOLADOR Freeride Longboard Complete CruiserBrand: VOLADOR


Load Capacity200 Pounds

Deck Length: 42 Inches
Check Price
backpacQuest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser Brand: Quest

Material: Wood

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 44 Inches
Check Price
backpacPlayshion Drop Through Freestyle LongboardBrand: Playshion

Material: Aluminum, Maple

Load Capacity250 Pounds

Deck Length: 39 Inches
Check Price
backpacJunli Freeride Skateboard Longboard Brand: Junli

Material: Aluminum, Maple
Load Capacity330 Pounds

Deck Length: 41 Inches
Check Price
backpacB BAIJIAWEI Drop Through LongboardBrand: B BAIJIAWEI

Aluminum, Maple

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 41 Inches
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SOLA Bamboo Premium

best cruising longboard

A Budget-friendly option, I must say. It comes with a 38” length and 9.7” width which makes it very comfortable for a beginner like me to manage. It is a medium lengthen longboard which makes it comfortable to ride on for everyone.

I am personally amazed by the design which is the dropdown deck. That is, the deck is installed below the wheel truck of the longboard. This feature comes in use when you need to get instant brakes as well as easy long rides. As the manufacturers have used bamboo and maple for its deck.

Both of them combine to make a sturdy longboard for cruising along the streets and pavements. It is a nice option so far in the range of cheap longboards for cruising. Although there are some cases where the deck has been cracked due to being overweight but I must recommend a maximum of 200lbs at most.

looking for big wheels when it comes to purchasing a cruising longboard because they help maneuver the longboard very easy as well as help avoid the wheel bites. You just need to be careful of the bearings used in the wheels which are of average or below average in some cases quality, you may need to get them changed but apart from that it is a fairly good option if you are on a tight budget.

Final words

In the end, I would like to say that Sola Bamboo 38” longboard is one of the best longboards for cruising at a low price and fairly good performance level. All in all you won’t be disappointed.

I recommend all the beginners as well as the kids to start with this one as it will be easy to maneuver and thrill to ride on. It comes with good quality among the rest of the longboards for cruising as per the price comparison.

What We Like
  • Suitable for long distances
  • Beginner-friendly design
  • Quick and sharp turns
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Suitable for kids
What We Don’t Like
  • Not for dancing or downhill cruising
  • Low-quality bearings

MAGNETO  44 Inch Kick tail Cruiser

best cruiser longboard for beginners

All I can say is that it is a longboard like no other. A beautiful deck made of Maple inner core and Bamboo outer layer gives it strength like no other. It has the flexibility to run down the slopes nonstop, and stiffness for easy commuting and carving along the streets.

The beautiful sand gritted wood finish without grip tape makes it a delight for the eyes. The pintail that is used for down hilling and dancing is also an added feature. What else, it has wheels that are made of semi-soft material that make them smooth to glide yet their transparency again adds to the beauty of the board.

The length of the board gives you the free space of easy footwork that is required for dancing longboards. The reverse kingpins and the gravity-centered aluminum trucks facilitate ease in movements, quick turns around the corner, and less energy required for pushing.

This longboard is the best amongst its peers given the price and quality. It is an advanced-level longboard and not suitable for kids, although it is versatile and can perform multifunction still it is too big for a young kid to use as a learner board.

Final words

Just go for it, that is all I have to say about this board in the end because no matter which angle I like to see it from it comes to perfect. Its’ all up to you, how you want to ride your board. Like, if you want to go for the campus on the daily basis then all you need to do is tighten up your wheel trucks a little bit and you are good to go.

Then if you want to go for hillside riding, MAGNETO  44 Inch Kick tail Cruiser is your perfect partner to be with as its drop-through deck, and polyurethane wheels ensure speedy and swift steep gliding.

And again if you are a dancer, this longboard provides you with the perfect opportunity of showing off free techniques and skills to your friends. It would not be wrong for me to say that MAGNETO is the best longboard for freestyle cruising.

What We Like
  • Gravity centered trucks
  • Good for commuting
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Strong and durable
  • Advance level
  • Super quality
What We Don’t Like
  • A little costly
  • Not for kids

Retrospec Zed Longboards (Aqua Fishtail)

best cruising longboard

Now here comes the dude that has been in my company for some time. When I received the package I was thrilled and excited. I got myself an upgrade in a sense. As the first look at the longboard suggests that it is 44” which is pretty long for any longboard used for cruising or free riding in the town.

But then this type of 44” length of the deck is actually suitable for the cruising and carving longboards. Made with 8-ply Canadian Maple and Bamboo, it forms a great combo of strength and durability. Now this beautiful deck is also furnished with abrasive grip tape for solid grip that is helpful for long, speedy downhill cruising and carving on your longboards.

This is longboard is equipped with reverse kingpins which ensure a high speed, downhill tracking and easy gliding along the rough terrain with less force used to push the longboard.

Final words

In the end, I would like to say that it is the best longboard for downhill tracking and carving among the rest. As it is easy on the pocket and sturdy enough to bear 220lbs and enjoy yourselves.

You have a good riding and cruising longboard experience on it but one thing that is really important to mention here is that it is not well suited for kids to ride as mentioned on the manual by the manufacturer. Other than that it is a great option for longboards for downhill cruising and carving.

What We Like
  • Downhill cruising and carving
  • Fun and adventure
  • Suitable for Adults
  • Reverse kingpins
  • Long and wide
  • High speed
What We Don’t Like
  • Wheel truck needs to be tightened
  • Not for cruising

Atom Drop Through – 41 inches

best style longboard for cruising

WOW! Here comes another beauty worth knowing. It is the famous Atom Drop is the best style longboard for cruising . It comes with quite a good length for the longboard for cruising and carving along the streets. It is furnished with customized grip tape that makes it even more attractive.

Along with providing a solid grip to the rider and ease of balance through the ride, the deck of this beautiful longboard is made up of complete Maple which makes it sturdy and durable. It also can tolerate a lot of weight, like more than 200lbs without a single crack or breakdown.

If you are a professional at downhill cruising and carving then this Atom Drop Through is just made for you. It facilitates its experienced riders with the speed and sharp twists and turns, its reverse kingpins with the high-quality wheels are also an additional boost to the speed while Downhill track.

I would highly advise here that you should not allow small children with this board because it is pretty expensive for a young learner who is still learning how to mount, maintain and ride. They should learn to ride a cheaper one first which would allow them much better control and speed management.

Whereas, Atom Drop Through 41” longboard offers dangerously high speed downhill and a reasonable one on the flat surface also. With that being said, this longboard is not meant for long distances on the regular basis.

Final words

My final verdict about Atom Drop Through 41” longboard is that if you are good with spending $100 on a longboard then it is an excellent downhill carving and cruising longboard option among the rest out there. It comes with all the best quality parts and an unforgettable riding experience that would last you for a long time.  That is why it is one of the best cruiser longboard brand.

What We Like
  • Suitable for adults and beginners
  • Downhill tracking and carving
  • Strong and durable deck
  • Good quality material
  • Good flex and speed
  • Good length
What We Don’t Like
  • Above-average cost
  • Not for young kids

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboards

best drop through longboard for cruising

Here comes a very versatile and the best drop through longboard for cruising that you could find in the market. Where could you find such a Diva that would help you to start your longboarding journey with it as well as get your kids in the groove as well?

Here is how. Let me tell you. This longboard comes with 8-ply Maple wood that gives it extra strength and added flexibility to the deck. Then, the deck comes with a symmetrical shape with outer wheel cutouts.

This is the best shape for freestyling and free riding. It is the drop-through deck with reverse kingpins that will ensure good twisting and turning of the board along with the swift glide of the board due to its low to the ground deck.

Then again we have big soft durometer wheels that consist of high-quality bearings that ensure good slide as well as bump absorber which is an added benefit to the beginners as well as kids.

Final Words

This is one of the best longboards for freestyling, cruising and carving. The drop-through deck with its symmetrical deck is a great combo which would allow the rider to have great control over the speed, slip and slide off the longboard along the flat as well as a bit sloppy surface.

The cut-out deck also provides the opportunity of performing different kinds of tricks that the freestyle longboarding requires from the riders. The wheels and the reverse kingpin trucks give it an additional edge to be used by the beginners as well as the kids also. All in all, it is a cheap longboard with quality components and offer versatile features for riding.

What We Like
  • High-quality bearings
  • Quick to twist & turn
  • Durable and flexible
  • Beginners friendly
  • Speed control
  • For 8+ Kids
What We Don’t Like
  • Not for commuting
  • Low-quality wheels

VOLADOR 42 inch Freeride

best cheap longboard for cruising

As the name suggests it is the best cheap longboard for cruising on the market for free riding. If you want to try something new in longboarding or you have some skills up your sleeves then this is the board for you.


Let’s see: It comes with a long and wide deck that s is made up of Maplewood that is sturdy and flexible for free riding. Then this is also a drop-through deck with reverse kingpins that allows the board to be extra flexible, and stable.

The durometer soft wheels are bump and shock absorbent that give you a smooth and easy glide. Then this cute and bright pattern is not just an ordinary print, it is a heat absorbent coat that will cool down the board of friction produced during the riding

 It is also designed with wheel cutouts in its deck for the space for its big wheels so that it avoids wheel bites during the cruising and free riding with the longboard.  

Final words

My final verdict is that this is the best longboards for carving and cruising on the shelf with the lowest possible prices and maximum benefit. All I need to say regarding this board is that it is a 10/10. It is the best longboard for beginners and fresher to learn regardless of what their age I.

If you adjust the wheel trucks you can enjoy all kinds of riding experiences with it. Be it cruising and carving or free styling or free riding. This is for one and all. You need to gather some of your money and get this beautiful longboard.

What We Like
  • For commuting to the campus
  • Free riding and freestyling
  • Affordability with quality
  • Heat absorbent pattern
  • For kids and adults
  • Good stability
What We Don’t Like
  • Trucks need to loosen
  • Low-quality wheels

QUEST  QT- NSC44C The Super Cruiser

best longboard for cruising and tricks

Such a beautiful board to come into view. This board is technically made for beginners as well as experienced riders. The top-mount deck made of Maple wood which is said to be pretty strong and flexible but is not much.

The mount deck gives a high level of the board from the ground which makes the stability of the board a little wobbly. But this jerky and bumpy feature is balanced out by its quality wheels that are soft and smooth to glide through the streets and sidewalks.

The length of the longboard is pretty 44” which is pretty long for a young rider. A kid or a newbie. This board also comes with a feature kick tail that is best for free ride and carving and freestyle longboard cruising. You can also adjust the trucks of your longboard according to your style of riding.

If you want a regular longboarding experience then you need to tighten your trucks when you unwrap the longboard. Then again, if you want to show some freestyle riding and some skills and tricks to your friends you needed loses up the trucks for more flexibility, and agility while twisting turning and carving.

Final words

After all the review of the components of the QUEST longboard, I am pretty happy to conclude that it is a best longboard for cruising and tricks. It is a very good to deal in the amount of money that you have to pay. Apart from the less flexible deck that they are offering, everything else comes with the best quality.

The deck is a top mount which is best for experienced riders. Maplewood deck with sand gritted for good balance and foot grips. But one thing is of concern that this board has a top-mounted deck that is less stable and a little high above the ground level which also makes this longboard a little tricky to ride for beginners.

But if you enjoy riding the bumpy and are a little trick master then this board is for you. Many people rating it one of the best longboard for long distance cruising.

What We Like
  • Good quality components
  • Soft smooth glide
  • 1-year warranty
  • Quality deck
  • Low price
  • Pintail
What We Don’t Like
  • Low-quality wheels
  • Less flexible deck

B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through 41 inches

best longboard for cruising around

This is the best longboard for sliding and cruising around. All the features that are a possible requirement for any board to become the best for crusing longboarding are present in this board.

It has a drop through deck with good length that is ideal for down-hilling and managing high speeds on steep slopes. It is a pretty solid deck made up of 7-ply Maplewood that is solid bur flexible that can bear up to 250lbs of weight. The drop-through deck makes it easier for the board to push through the steep slopes and makes the high speed management easier for the rider.

The B BAIJIAWEI longboard comes with the reverse kingpin that gives agility to the longboard for free riding and sharp turning. It is installed with aluminum-coated trucks that have a medium-quality bearings. Although everything in this board is just up to the mark the low quality of the bearings may hinder in the swift and fast rolling of the wheels.

Therefore, you need to replace the bearings as soon as you get the chance. All in all this board can be used for a little cruising but it is definitely not meant for young kids. 

Final words

Here is my final verdict: you should have certain things in mind when you buy this board that it is a cost friendly board that comes with low price and some seriously good quality parts , not mention the low quality of the wheel bearings used.

You can replace of course but still the board is a good choice among the others for downhill longboarding and some freestyle longboarding. This is suitable for basic expert level riders not for newbies or young kids because it has high speed.

What We Like
  • Heat absorbent print
  • Big smooth wheels
  • Double deck control
  • High speed wheels
  • Down hilling
  • Free riding
  • Good grip
What We Don’t Like
  • Poor wheel bearing
  • Low finish

JUNLI 41 inch Freeride

cruiser longboard

Up till now, all have become well aware of some basic features of all the longboards for cruising and carving. Here I present you with another beauty that I have well researched. Which has some pretty awesome features and quality materials that give it an extra edge above all the other longboards out there.

As the name and shape suggest that this is a solid Maplewood drop-down deck that is the most fancied position for the footwork and balance of free riding, freestyling and carving along the town. All this comes at a low price , Which is pretty cheap as compared to the quality the board has to offer.

It is manufactured with the thought of giving soft and durable wheels giving the rider the most fun by free riding and cruising and high speed. The wheels of this longboard are also made with polyurethane that is soft, smooth as well as durable.

The pattern on the longboard is equally as unique and beautiful but at the same time, it is made up of heat resistant coat. That will help in the friction reduction of the wheels. The kick tail shape of the longboard makes it easier for the rider to do tricks and dance on the longboard. With a wide deck and sanded high-quality grip tape, this board is the best for adults, experts etc.

Final words

If you need a longboard for a showing of some tricks to your friends, or either you want to cruise along the busy and congested roads, this is the board for you. It has all the features of the best longboard for freestyling and dancing as well as cruising with minimum investment.

All your money is worth the purchase. The drop-down deck with raised nose and tail also give the long border an extra edge for swift turning in the Sharp corners as well as greater control on the speed.

With its soft and durable wheels, you always have a greater flex in the quick movements of the board. The company also offers a 30 days refundable policy to the customers which serve as the jewel on the crown.

What We Like
  • Heat absorbent print
  • Down hilling
  • Good quality
  • Freestyle cruising
  • Refundable
  • Low price
What We Don’t Like
  • Not for beginners
  • loose truck

Buyer’s Guide | Best Longboard for Cruiser

All you need to keep in mind while buying a longboard is how much you are into longboarding.

Are you a beginner?

Yes, if you are a beginner then you need to get yourself or your kids a pretty basic longboard. That will be budget-friendly as well as it also comes with fairly decent parts that will help you and your kids to learn longboarding easily.

After you get a hold of the riding experience only then can you think of investing in a new and advanced longboard? Here again, the basic question arises that you should have ample knowledge of the longboards and its different parts and styles.

Length of the DECK

It should be broad enough for good footing and balance. It should also have a nice grip to ensure good balance and stability when you step on the board. Apart from that, you should also see that if you need to move around the city in a crowded area. Then you need to have a longboard that is of medium length such as 32” to 38” deck.

If you want to ride along the parks and commute to the college or your campus then you need to have a shorter board for yourself so that it is easy to carry and less weight. If you are interested in going long distances, down hilling with friends, and doing some freestyling then you can definitely go for a longer board like 38” to 44” length.


Most of the longboards for cruising and carving come with pretty strong decks made up of Maple in 7-ply which then are laminated. There are others offering a strong combo of Canadian Maple and Bamboo that also results in a sturdy and durable longboard that is able to tolerate a lot of weight almost up to 200lbs and above in some cases.


Now grip tape is a kind of sand paper that is attached to the top of the deck of a longboard. It ensures the grip and foot balance of the rider while riding the longboard. Most of the grip tapes are made of Aluminum oxide, which is a cheaper material and tends to worn out and lose its grip after some time of use. There are good quality grip tapes also that are made up of a very hard material, silicon carbide, and are more durable and long-lasting than the aluminum ones.


There are numerous kinds of longboards in the market out there. When you need to buy a longboard for yourself you don’t need to go through all the hectic and time-consuming research on which is the best longboard trucks for cruising .

All you need to do is just go through this article of mine for merely 10 minutes and I hope you are well equipped with the basics of the longboard that you are interested in buying. In the end, it all depends on the type of rider you are or the type of riding skills you have for the longboards.

Different Types of Longboards

There are different types of longboards in the market. Some of the best type of longboard for cruising mentioned below.

Top Mount deck longboards

Top is the type of longboard in which the trucks are attached underneath the deck. This helps in the good management of speed, quick and tight turns. It gives you an edge on good foot space on the deck but it also causes the rise in the deck from the ground level.

Drop Through deck longboards

This is the kind of deck in which the trucks are attached through the deck by cutting a hole in the deck. This type of truck mount helps in the good stabilization of the board and fewer wobbles with less energy used to push the board. Such boards are considered the best longboard cruisers. They are also good for long-distance commuting to the campus.

Drop Down deck longboards

This is the type of longboard in which the trucks are located similar to the top mount but right after the truck attachments underneath the board, the deck drops down. The nose and tail of the deck remain elevated. This gives a good sliding experience with good steep control to the rider.

Double Drop deck longboards

This is the combo of Drop-Through and Drop-Down longboards. That is it is a drop deck that is situated on the drop-through structure.

Kick tail longboards

This is the type of longboard that has a curved end. This style helps in learning and doing basic longboard tricks.

Fishtail longboards

This is a more advanced type of pin tail. In this style, the tail of the longboard is pointed with a cut or slit in the middle of the tip. This shape offers the best longboard trucks for cruising and carving, hilling and free riding. Hence these are versatile longboards preferred for all kinds of riding experiences.

Pintail longboards

These longboards have pointed tails on a top-mounted deck due to which they are called pintails. They are considered the best longboards for cruising and carving due to their benefit of easy turning and twisting ability.

 Cruiser longboards

These are the most basic types of longboards used for riding along the streets and in the parks. They have big wheels that help in a smooth gliding experience. They are the best longboards for beginners.

Carving longboards

These are a little fine-tuned version of cruiser longboards made for speeding and twisting and turning. These are top-mounted longboards with spacers installed between their trucks and the deck to increase the space between the deck and the ground because of their concave shape. These longboards have ultra-soft wheels.

Downhill longboards

Longboards for down hilling come in all shapes and sizes with smaller wheels which allow the rider to slip, slide and control the speed with ease.  They have the stiffest and hard decks. They have hard urethane wheels. These longboards are usually top mount decks for easy sliding, speed, and sharp turns.

Dancing longboards

These are huge longboards for dancing considering their size. As the rider has a foot of space in front and at the back of its feet on the board. These long and wide longboards are best for dancing, changing footsteps, and walking on the deck. They are quite feasible for showing different dancing techniques.

Free styling longboards

These longboards come with durometer wheels with the drop though-deck for assisting in riding along the slopes as well as on the flat surfaces. Free styling longboards also come with kick tails in order to help perform different tricks.

Free riding longboards

These boards are a lot similar to the freestyling ones but the difference mainly lies in the stiff decks and hard wheels that facilitate high speed along sliding slopes and hills.

Commuting longboards

These longboards are known by different names such as push longboards, distance longboards, etc. They have double drop-through decks and medium-sized wheels to make pushing footwork easier for long distances.

Reverse kingpins

These longboards have trucks with the kingpin installed right through the hanger. They are used for downhill cruising and carving, freeride, and freestyle riders. Reverse kingpin trucks sit lower and offer a lot more stability.

Regular kingpins

Standard kingpin or regular kingpin is the position of the truck hangers higher. These are good for cruising, carving, etc. they are mostly set in the top mount decks. These trucks provide low stability. These make good longboards for cruising.

Best Longboard Brands for Cruising

  1. Deck shape: Look for a longboard with a deck shape that is comfortable and easy to ride. Cruiser longboards often have a wide, flat shape that is easy to balance and provides a stable platform for cruising.
  2. Deck material: The material of the longboard’s deck can affect its stiffness, weight, and durability. Popular materials include bamboo, maple, and fiberglass.
  3. Trucks: The trucks (the metal T-shaped parts that connect the wheels to the deck) should be sturdy and responsive. Look for trucks with a good balance of stability and agility to ensure a smooth ride.
  4. Wheels: Choose wheels that are soft and have a good grip to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride. Harder wheels may be faster, but they can be less comfortable to ride on rough surfaces.
  5. Bearings: Good bearings can help the longboard roll smoothly and efficiently. Look for bearings with high ABEC ratings, which indicate the precision and smoothness of the bearings.
  6. Price: Consider your budget when choosing a longboard. Higher-priced longboards may come with better-quality components, but you can also find good options at more affordable price points.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1. What Causes wheel bite?

Ans: The wheel bite is caused by the following reasons.

If your wheels are too big: you need to change your wheels.
If your trucks are too loose: you need to tighten them up.
You don’t have wheel wells: sand in some wheel wells yourself

Q2. Top mount vs drop-through, what’s the difference?

Ans:  The difference lies in their truck attachment to the deck. In Top Mount, the trucks are attached underneath the deck. Whereas, in the Drop Through, the trucks are attached through the deck by cutting a hole in the deck.

Q3. How can I make my Longboard faster?  

Ans:  It all depends on how you ride your longboard but still to increase the speed of your longboard you need to mount bigger, medium-hard wheels with small to medium-size cores.

Q4. What kind of wheels should I use for bumpy roads?

Ans: Wheels with a bigger diameter, specifically within 54mm and 60mm, and rank softer, 78a-88a, on the durometer scale would be best for irregular terrain.

Q5. How to ride my longboard straight?

Ans: It could be solved by tightening the truck bushings.

Q6. What longboard should I buy?

Ans: It all depends on the type of rider you are. You need to determine a riding style for yourself.
Cruising and Carving on the longboard: It is the regular style of moving around the streets along little twists and turns, long-distance rides to the campus etc.
Freestyle longboarding: It is longboarding with great control and skills, dancing and carving with some technical tricks. This is an advanced level suitable for expert riders.
Free riding on the longboards: Riding the longboard at high speed and almost anywhere.
Down hilling on the longboard: Riding down the hills at some serious speed. Such longboarding needs extreme skill and control of the longboard. This is also for advanced and skilled riders

Q7. How do you slow down or stop a longboard?

Ans: If you are going at 10mph then it is easy to stop the board by stopping pushing the board and letting it slowly come to a stop. The other way is to slide your longboard onto a rough surface, like grass.

Q8. Is a cruiser good for tricks?

Ans: Depends on the level of the skills and tricks you have up your sleeves. Atom is one of the best longboard for curving and cruising.

Q9. How do I keep myself safe during longboarding?

Ans: The best way to keep yourself safe during longboarding is to get yourself safety gear. This includes a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads etc.

Q10. What type of longboard should I get for my 10 years old?

Ans: He needs to learn to mount, balance, grip, ride and stop. For this purpose, a cheaper one would be better as they also offer pretty good features for beginners

Q11. Can you do tricks on the longboards for cruising?

 Ans: Yes, but it won’t be easy. Cruiser longboards are heavy and more suitable for commuting and long-distance rides along the streets.

Q12. Are Pintail longboards good for cruising?

 Ans: Pintail-shaped longboards are good at cruising and carving. Their shape is designed for the best longboard cruising experience.

Q13. Are cruiser boards fast?

 Ans:   Cruising longboards have moderate speed. That is, they are not too fast like other longboards made for tricks, down hilling and dancing etc.

Q14. Which type of longboard is easiest to ride?

Ans: From my experience, as a beginner, you should go with a cruiser longboard. I will recommend getting a longboard that is 30” and 8.5 wide.

A long and wide board will be easier for you to adjust your balance. The wheel size should be (60mm- 80mm) and the softness should be (77a-83a) for maximizing ease on the cracks and bumps.

Q15. Is longboarding good exercise?

Ans: Of course, Longboarding is a great exercise. It burns 240 to 420 per hour while strengthening your body and increasing your body’s flexibility at the same time. Hence, a solid piece of aerobic activity. 
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