Landyachtz Dinghy Review

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If you are looking for a mini-cruiser with high portability during travel, then you are at the right place. Landyachtz dinghy is a small-sized board with high-performing features.

In this Landyachtz dinghy review, I will discuss various parts of this mini board that will help you make your buying decision towards it.

Landyachtz dinghy review

Before going into detail, let first know why the cruiser is good compared to the longboard.

But why should one have mini cruisers than longboards?

They allow you to stash even in small places. Landyachtz is a highly reputable stake board company with multiple positive reviews among various brands. I must say that you can trust its longboards and skateboards.

Benefits with Landyachtz Dinghy


Color28″ – Blunt Meowijuana
Age Range (Description)All
Deck Length28 Inches
Deck Width8.6 Inches
Landyachtz Dinghy Review

This small board is 28.5″ in length and is light in weight, and you can move it around with you easily. You can even hold the board while moving around in the university or high school. Students love the portability of this board.

Small size does not hurdle its performance. Rather, high-quality parts of this board are the backbone for its smooth rides and cruising experience. Landyachtz is a name of trust in terms of quality measures, and you will get the finest board with fast-performing wheels, bushings, and bearings. It can bear weight easily despite its own lightweight. The Landyachtz dinghy weight limit is around 100 kg which makes it suitable for maximum people

The deck of this board is made with seven-ply maple, which makes the board long-lasting. Maple material is also good for fine finishing or a graphic. Thus, the deck has an attractive look with the dark surface on the front and unique graphics of cats, skeletons, mountains, etc., on the backside. Such design on both sides elevates the aesthetics of the Landyachtz dinghy blunt while cruising.

The nose and tail of the deck are designed in ways that assist you in doing flip tricks over the obstacles. The nose has enough space for feet to perform various riding styles. Not just the structure, it has cut-out wheels that prevent wheel cuts during sliding on unsmooth surfaces.

Along with 63mm 78A Fatty Hawg wheels that allow for quick turns during the ride and offer a sliding experience, the bushings are soft that make you able to change the direction during cruising.

Reasons to Buy
  • Hawgs wheels allow cruising anywhere
  • Clean and attractive deck’s graphic
  • Highly portable with small size deck
  • High grip wheels allow stability
  • Nice board to have fun
  • Ideal for kick flipping
  • High-quality trucks
  • Budget-friendly
Reasons to Avoid
  • A small wheelbase is not suitable for high speed
  • Not recommended for heavy weights
  • Less space for feet while cruising

Significance of Landyachtz dinghy’s components

Landyachtz is a name of trust in terms of quality measures, and you will get the finest board with fast-performing wheels, bushings, and bearings.

Here, I will discuss the various parts of the mini cruiser so that you can have a complete Landyachtz dinghy review to decide upon its selection.


Hawgs Fatty 63mm wheels are included with the Dinghy Complete, are made of exclusive urethane, and are extensively tested in free-ride and downhill environments. They have a solid yet somewhat spongy feel because of their soft 78A durometer.

With 63mm diameter, these wheels are not ideal for roll speed for their size and are just the right size to fit the Dinghy’s size and quick-turning trucks. So, a small wheelbase can be problematic at high speeds, and you will have to bear speed wobbles.


Landyachtz dinghy width is around 6.5″.It has a maple deck with seven plies that is stiff and hard enough to allow you to have quick sliding. On the top is grip tape that gives great stability to the feet and gives you high control on the deck. With radical concave structure and kicktail, you can cruise, carve or have any riding style without wobbles.

Moreover, maple material is far superior to plastic, and the chances of breakage are very less, even during hard hits. Maple also gives a fine look to the final finishing and aids in having attractive aesthetics to the board.

However, the maple material absorbs water with time as compared to bamboo. Thus, making the board heavier in case of cruising at watery places.

Bearings and Trucks

Landyachtz tugboat has Polar Bear trucks, which are soft enough to absorb shocks and allow you to slide even on unsmooth surfaces with its Spaceball bearings. Both trucks and bushings are designed in such a way as to prevent wheel bites and have 0.25″ risers. All these Landyachtz dinghy specs make it ideal for skateboard lovers.

However, some riders are uncomfortable with small trucks as they flip over during quick turns. But the small-sized deck needs to have such small trucks.


I hope the above Landyachtz dinghy review is complete enough to guide you about the purchase decision. If you want my suggestion, I recommend this board only for those riders who want to have mini skateboards that are stable enough for handy and allow them to have fun with kick tricks and skidding. This board allows you to pick the speed at once and move around on it smoothly.

However, the small deck will have limited space for your feet. That makes it less stable while diving into turns quickly, as this can result in slips. But the small size deck makes the board lightweight and moves around without any difficulty. Not just the portability, it comes with superior quality components compared to its cost.


Is the Landyachtz Dinghy good for downhill?

Landyachtz Dinghy is not recommended for downhill. Downhill cruising requires high stability at fast speed riding with high control, which is not possible with this mini-sized cruised.

How stable is the Landyachtz Dinghy?

Landyachtz Dinghy is stable enough to allow you to take a ride even in small areas. However, in the case of fast carving or free rides, the stability of this board is not high. The lightweight board is more inclined towards flipping over if you make a quick turn at a fast speed.

How fast is a Landyachtz Dinghy?

You can probably drive it up to 20 mph, and it can manage some gentle slopes, but much faster, and you’re asking for problems. Get a board made for speed skating if you want to skate quickly or for downhill cruising.

Are Dinghy boards good for beginners?

The Landyyachtz Dinghy is particularly tricky to handle due to its small size and sensitive truck. Oss, it is not recommended for beginners.
A lower turn-to-lean ratio is ideal for beginners, where you turn less while leaning. This ratio only applies to long-sized boards that offer more stability to the riders.

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