Are Longboards good for Cruising

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Are longboards good for cruising?

The love of skating is incomplete without the love of cruising. Cruising is your utmost desire when you decide to enjoy the sport of skating.

As a beginner rider, you might have faced problems tackling different longboards while cruising and thought, are longboards good for cruising

Getting all the knowledge of different longboard cruising can be tricky as various longboard designs have specific features that demand unique cruising techniques over a long distance.

Are Longboards good for Cruising

The only thing you first need to understand is that cruising on a longboard is relatively easy if you learn to push, turn, balance, foot brake, and stance.

Here you will learn about all the longboards and how they enable you to cruise smoothly. 

Longboards for Cruising

When I started skating, I was passionate about cruising, riding in a relaxed and fluid way around the streets for pleasure. I wanted to have the best board to enjoy cruising fun. Since the longboards are more advantageous and most beginners go for them, I researched a lot to understand its specifications and the skating styles available. 

It took me about years of experience to become a pro rider, solving every query regarding cruising on a longboard. 

Being fully acquainted with the world of longboarding, I have bought before you the authentic justified answers to the confusion “are longboards good for cruising?” 

Let’s enjoy these guidelines to discover if cruising longboards are worth it and how different longboards support the fun of cruising.

What longboard is good for cruising?

Firstly, you need to remember that longboards are all about cruising, so the answer to the question “Are longboards good for cruising” is a big YES. 

In all its disciplines, Longboard has been the best choice for beginners. That is easily accessible to people of all ages and fitness. A complete specification of cruising on different types of longboards is ready to direct you to become a master of the discipline.

Are Drop through longboards good for cruising?

A drop-through longboard is one among the types of longboards fit for cruising. These are 35 to 45 inches long and 9 to 9.5 inches wide longboards. The wider platform can fully stabilize your feet. Its truck is dropped through, which is narrowed from the front to give flow less and comfortable cruising. Cruising on such boards is possible over long distances. The Drop through longboard deck is well-suited in terms of sustainable push, and the cutout shape of the wheels gives restful curving during cruising sessions.

Are drop-down longboards good for cruising?

Drop-down longboards are popular for freeriding, downhill riding, sliding, and cruising because of the lower position of the deck. The lower deck gives a high balancing capacity. Regarding cruising, it is important to remember that the technical aspects of the drop down longboard make it difficult for beginners to cruise and curve. Yet, it is ideal for experienced riders. 

Are pintail longboards good for cruising?

Pintail cruising longboards are meant to enjoy relaxed and smooth surfing styles such as cruising and boardwalk carving. The top-mounted style of the truck and flex deck standing platform make it ideal for comfortable cruising and curving. 

The big wheels are attached to a wheelbase that is tighter than other longboards. This enables gentle turns while cruising. And most importantly, pintails are limited to maintaining friction on the deck.

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Best Dancing Longboards

Best Longboard for Cruising

Are dancing longboards good for cruising?

The unique length of the board offers ease of dancing. The pointed nose and tail leave space for the tyres for easy turns and curving. When we talk about cruising on a dancing longboard, the flat and slightly concave deck is enough to settle the debate. 

Dancing is perhaps naturally acquired from cruising, so why wouldn’t a dancing longboard be suitable for cruising?

Are freestyle longboards good for cruising?

Freestyle longboard is used for various purposes, including cruising, pop tricks, carving, and downhill sliding. The nose and tail are rounded and slightly kicktail. The symmetric deck allows riders to switch their riding style per their needs and mood. 

When turning, the front and back decks provide space for the wheels. Moreover, the type of wood used in its construction gives practical construction and riding.

Are downhill longboards good for cruising?

Downhill longboarding is always smooth and convenient. When cruising on a drop hill longboard, the deck lowers the center of gravity, which is ideal for maintaining balance. Stiffness is yet another advantage available for enjoyable cruising. 

As mentioned above, different types of longboards provide highly comfortable and enjoyable cruising styles. But it can be most fantastic if you spot the ideal place. Smoothly paved bike trails, wider streets, and some paved paths are the best tracks for feeling graceful longboarding. 

Longboard cruising is enjoyable recreative activity. This at a time can lead you to a high heart beating but yet keeps fun by movements and cruising all the way long. I always recommend beginners to go to their school or college while dancing, cruising, and curving to the rough and smooths. As available in different sizes and types with specific purposes, you can now choose cruiser or longboard for your college, rather than bikes and scooters. 


The details lead your opinion in favor of cruising on a longboard. The question “are longboards good for cruising?” is no more a query. Instead, now you can say without hesitation that cruising is the only riding style that can be enjoyed on any longboard. 

Perhaps it wouldn’t be wrong to refer to cruising as any longboarding activity, whether downhill, freestyle, or dancing tricks. When comparing cruisers and longboards, remember that cruisers work best in urban environments, whereas longboards work best in rural settings.


Is a longboard good for long distance cruising?

The major feature of the longboard that makes it unique among all riding boards is its property to give a long, comfortable ride because of its big wheels.

Is a longer longboard easier to ride? 

Larger wheels and longer longboards give more stability. However, it may be challenging to turn board with big wheels.

Are cruiser longboards good for a beginner?

99% of beginner riders start with cruiser longboard. For beginners looking for a cruiser longboard, beginning with a board of 30 inches and a width of 8.5 inches is recommended.

What is the difference between a longboard and a cruiser?

Cruiser is a short board that is easy to carry. It is agile for riding on city streets. Longboards are long and wide and cover a wider radius upon turning.

Are cruiser boards good for tricks?

Cruiser longboards are not limited to cruising but are also suitable for tricks like power slides, Board slides, grinds, flip tricks, and many more.
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