why skateboarding is bad

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Skateboarding is fun, and kids and adults love to have it as a hobby. But with the fun side of this hobby, injuries with skateboarding are very common. Several cases reported deadly incidents occurred during skating. Not just the riders but pedestrians also caught injuries with skates.

But why skateboarding is bad?

Is this really a deadly sport, or can you have it with some safety measures?

why skateboarding is bad

There are important factors that one must consider before starting this sport. I will discuss the safety measures that one must adopt during the ride.

Skateboarding injuries

According to a survey, around 64,500 U.S. people, including kids, were admitted to the hospital for injuries during skateboarding. The most common injuries involve dislocation and fractures to various bones like the knee, ankle, etc.

These injuries most commonly involve bone breaks, sprains, and contusions; head injury accounts for 20% of all injuries, and About 3.1% are severe brain injuries. These injuries might include physical trauma or even a fractured skull. And many of them cause head trauma.

Why skateboarding is bad?

Some people also advocate the idea of banning skateboarding. But why skateboarding should be banned? It is because of its negative impacts on the surroundings and the rider. Following are the bad consequences behind labelling this fun activity a bad one:

Long-lasting health issues

As mentioned earlier, head injuries are very common among skaters. By having head injuries during skating, a may have to encounter serious health issues afterwards. The cognitive functioning of the brain may affect during injuries.

Ankle and knee injuries

Skating also causes ankle and knee injuries in many cases where the rider has to bear the pain of fractures in joints, which can make them bedridden for months. Even after recovery, people feel uncomfortable while bending their legs or wrist.

Adverse impact on the surrounding

Skateboarding is not only dangerous for riders but also for pedestrians. They can also get injuries from other riders. Moreover, skating also causes noise pollution and disturbs the surroundings with the noise of its wheels.

Fast recovering from skateboard injury

If you are a victim of a skateboard injury, then you should follow these tips to have a fast recovery:

  • Give your body time to recover. Avoid pushing yourself too hard since you can wind up aggravating the injury.
  • Ice the wound. As a result, pain and inflammation will be less
  • If necessary, use ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory drug.
  • Wrap or bandage the wounded area to provide support.
  • Follow your doctor’s recommendations on how to handle the injury.

How to make skateboarding safe?

Your risk of harm can be decreased by wearing protective clothing. The best approach to protect your head is to wear a helmet. You can prevent fall-related injuries by wearing knee and elbow protectors. Skating should also be avoided near vehicles and in congested locations.

Remove any hard or pointy things from your pockets before mounting your skateboard, and put on your safety gear. The following protective gear is essential:

Have proper safety gear

Always wear a helmet that fits properly to prevent head injuries. This applies to all riders regardless of age, skill level, or skating location. So, Purchase a good multi-sport or cycling helmet. To locate a helmet that securely and correctly fits your head, you might need to try a few different sizes and types.

Moreover, wrist guards lessen the likelihood of shattering a bone by supporting the wrist in the event of a fall. Elbow and knee protection lessen the severity of scratches and wounds, and wearing glasses or goggles protects the eyes.

Select a Secure Environment

Children who skateboard near traffic or in areas where it’s easy to run into cars, bikes, people, or other objects are most at risk for injury.

A rising number of towns offer supervised skateboard parks to increase skating safety. These may have specially designated skating “bowls” and “ramps,” as well as other places that are safe from pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Although these parks may be safe from the dangers of traffic and pedestrians, they sometimes have more difficult terrain and are not recommended for beginners.

Choose the appropriate skateboard.

Skateboards come in various designs for riding techniques, including downhill, freestyle, and speed. Some boards have user weight ratings. Use a high-quality skateboard suitable for your riding style and skill level. For novices, shorter decks are preferable since they are simpler to balance and control.

Check the functionality of the board.

Make careful to maintain the functionality of your skateboard. It should be checked before each ride. Look for issues that require fixing, like a rough wheel, broken deck, loose trucks, etc. The poor maintenance of any part can be the lead cause of an accident.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is skateboarding bad for your knees?

Many incidents report scratches or even fractures to the knees during skateboarding. So, skateboarding can cause serious knee injury, and wearing knee pads is necessary.

Is skateboarding bad for your back?

Yes, skateboarding can adversely affect the back as there is no support for the back muscles during skating. Falling off the board can severely damage the backbone and pressure the disc. Dislocation is often seen in skating injuries.

Why skateboarding is good?

Skateboarding is a fun and thrilling activity that you can have as a hobby only with proper training. You can have this adventure within a safe zone and with proper safety gear with practice and proper safety measures.


Why skateboarding is bad?

Because it results in many unpleasant consequences and can adversely affect the rider and the surrounding people. A skateboard’s high centre of gravity causes high friction during the ride. So, the chances of having a fall are greater. Moreover, a new rider is vulnerable to injuries compared to the experts.

But if you love skateboarding, proper practice and using protective gear can make this activity safe to a certain level.

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