Is Longboarding Dangerous

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People often ask the question, Is longboarding dangerous ? And if the answer is yes, then the next question is, how do I make my longboard safe?

There are specific ways to make your longboarding experience a safe one. Firstly, longboarding is a fun activity that attracts most youngsters because of the thrill you feel while riding it. It also allows you to do stunts ( if you are experienced). However, most people are concerned about the safety of this adventurous board.

If we talk about facts, then yes, unfortunately, longboarding can result in serious head injuries compared to skateboarding. You will get your quires solution here in this article. So, stay with us. Let’s see this issue in detail.

Is longboarding dangerous

Facts about Longboard injuries

To give an idea about the accidents that occurred during longboarding, have a look at a survey. A study was conducted in Boston (2013) to find out how common longboard injuries are. This study collected data from 824 people who got injuries while cruising either through skateboards or longboards. They were asked questions about their experience with skateboarding vs. longboarding.

Surprisingly, around 57 percent of people said they got on juries while longboarding. At the same time, the remaining 42 percent were injured through skateboards. These figures indicate that long borders face more injuries as compared to skateboarders.

Why do Longboards have a High Injury Rate?

You must have this question what are the reasons behind the higher rate of injuries in longboarding?

There are two possibilities for these accidents. Firstly, skateboards are shorter in length than longboards that are easy to control, and you can stop them at once; however, longboards are good at picking speed, but you may take some time to stop them.

Secondly, skateboards are easy to make fast turns, while making quick turns with longboards is a bit difficult. So, one should avoid using longboards. Of course not; longboarding has its benefits more than skateboarding. Longboards allow the riders more space for feet, increasing stability and grip. This allows more ways of riding, like downhill, free rides, dancing, etc.

To be on the safe side and have fun with a longboard, you just need to be a bit conscious and follow some guidelines. (Mentioned below)

Measures of Making Long Boards Safe

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you should never neglect safety measures in any matter Longboarding does not lead to any injury if you take the proper measure. Just like driving a car or bike may result in an accident, following rules and using safety gadgets like helmets result in a safe traveling experience.

Likewise, you can have a fun and completely safe riding experience with a longboard. However, you should take a few precautions to ensure your safety when longboarding. Some of these precautions are the following:

Selection of the Longboard

They are a wide collection of available brands. You must examine each product’s pros and cons to have the most suitable longboard. If you are a beginner, go for a longboard suitable for beginners and vice versa.

Additionally, check the manufacturer’s reviews as they give a clear picture of the quality of the boards and their parts. Poor wheel quality or the bearing can also cause accidents and can result in longboard injuries.

Style of Cruising

Longboarding can be done in various styles or ways, like downhill, free rides, dancing, or smooth rides. If you are a beginner, then never go for difficult ways like downhill sliding, freeriding, or longboarding, as this will result in serious head injuries.

So, start with a basic or easy style of cruising with an average longboard speed (8 – 9 mph). Even if you are an expert, perform these activities with proper protective gear because a mishap can lead to a lifelong problem.

Place for longboarding

Don’t choose overcrowded places for longboarding; never ride a longboard on a busy road or highway , because in that case longboarding is hard. If you must ride in traffic, remain on the right side of the lane.

Kit of Protection

A protective kit or gear is the most important thing that can make longboarding safe and fun riding. The following things must be in your kit before longboarding:

  • Helmets (protects our skull with cushioning and save us from fatal accidents)
  • Knee pads (keep us from patellar fracture by covering the knee joint)
  • Elbow pads (these pads [prevent scratching on the elbow when you feel down)
  • Shoulder pads ( shoulder pad’s cushioning save you from upper body injuries)
  • Hand bands (handbags prevent scratching on the hands and allow firm grip)

Remember that these protection gadgets are not only for beginners. Experts must keep their gear on before taking a ride.

Examining the Longboard Thoroughly Before Each Ride

Before heading out for a ride, ensure the wheels and joints on your longboard are in good working order. Check the mobility of your wheels to see any obstacles. If your longboard isn’t in good working order, don’t take it out on the road.


Is longboarding an extreme sport?

Yes, longboarding can be labeled as an extreme sport because of the serious head injuries that may occur during it. However, it does not mean that you should not use it. Rather taking some precautions can give a thrilling yet very safe riding experience.

Are longboards more dangerous than skateboards?

Yes, longboards are dangerous compared to skateboards, as there are greater chances of head injuries or intracranial hemorrhage (bleeding inside the skull) with a longboard. Moreover, skateboards allow the rider to have tight turns, which is a bit difficult in the case of longboards that may result in an accident.

How do I make my longboard safe?

Following precautions can make your experience with a longboard safe:
Choosing a reliable and high-quality longboard
Select a safe place to cruise ( not very crowded)
Not crossing average speed
Wear safety kit

Final words

Is longboarding dangerous?

Yes, it is in certain circumstances. This fun activity can lead to serious head injuries or fractures. However, you can make this activity safe by taking the right precautions and all the required safety aids.

I mentioned all the possible measures that can make your longboarding experience thrilling. Hope this will clear your mind about thinking of longboards as dangerous.

Furthermore, not just longboarding, every physical activity has a dark side if you don’t follow its required safety measures. So, one must know all the precautions of any activity and follow them rigorously.

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