How to Make Longboard Faster

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Do you want to know how to make the longboard faster? If you are frustrated with hindrances in getting exceptional speed.

People use longboards to carve, cruise, dance, and race downhill. Using a longboard, you can get maximum speed to cover longer distances. But for some reason, it does not let you gain total momentum.

Most people don’t know how to tackle the issue when they feel the longboard is slowing down. Expert longboarders may know how to make a longboard faster, but it is primarily an unresolved riddle for beginners.

In this guide, I have covered some points you need to consider as soon as you feel some hindrances in your way to getting speed. All the readers have helpful information following these parameters, from beginner to pro.

Make Longboard Faster

Let’s get started to grasp how to make a longboard faster.

Methods of Making Longboard Faster

First off, let’s talk about what makes a longboard fast. Longboards are designed for speed and manoeuvrability, so they have a lot of features that help them do just that. Here are some of the critical methods that let you make a longboard fast:

Make Adjustments to the Bearings

If you’ve been riding your longboard for a while, there’s a good chance that the bearings on your wheels aren’t running as smoothly as they used to. So, it seems necessary to make longboard bearings spin faster.

It can be frustrating to find that your board is going slower than you want it to. If you’ve tried adjusting the bearings or wheels, you know that this can be a frustrating process, often ending with a board that’s not as fast as you’d like.

If this is the case, it’s time to get out and do some maintenance on your bearings!

The first thing you’ll need to do is adjust the tension on your bearings. You can do this with an Allen key and some pliers. Unscrew all of the bolts on either side of your wheel.

The best way to do this is by turning each bearing counter-clockwise until it becomes tight enough to hold pressure but not so tight that it damages the bearing.

Take one nut off each side and set it aside. Now take out two more nuts on either side holding a bearing onto your axle shafts -these are usually hidden under stickers or tape. Remember which ones they were!

Grab those two remaining nuts and hold them while you unscrew them with a wrench or pair of pliers -be careful not to let them fall!

Throw away all four nuts and replace them with new ones that match your wheels’ size, and if you don’t want to divert them, clean the dust over them to lubricate.

Next is lubricating your bearings, so they run smoother and longer than ever! This should be done with light oil or grease compatible with metal and plastic parts.

Just apply some oil or grease where it needs to go, and then tighten down everything once again until it’s enough for good!

Make Adjustments to the Wheels

The first thing you want to do when you’re getting started on a longboard is to adjust the wheels. Longboarders know that the wheels are what make the longboard go faster. So, by making longboard wheels spin longer you can enhance the speed of the longboard.

They also help you carve up the streets and make it faster than a regular skateboard. The wheels allow you to ride it; the quicker they have, the quicker you’ll go.

Adjust the Width of the Longboard Wheelbase

 This step is simple—if your longboard has a larger wheelbase than most, adjust the wheelbase width so that it matches up with the level needed in your area. If your board has a smaller wheelbase than most, then adjust accordingly.

Adjust the Height of the Longboard Deck

 This step is also relatively simple—look at how high or low other decks are about yours and adjust accordingly until they match up exactly.

 Adjust the Angle of your Longboard Trucks

 If you have different trucks on each side of your deck, then turn them 45 degrees in either direction until they match up perfectly to match your need.

Adjust Longboard Wheel Size

Adjust the wheels to move them faster through tight spaces without having trouble turning corners or stopping quickly when necessary. This will make your longboard more manoeuvrable and quicker.

Change Wheels with High-End Products

One of the best ways to make your longboard faster is to replace the existing wheels of your longboard with high-end products. If you want to get a faster and more manoeuvrable board, then the only best place to start is with its wheels.

The wheels are what give you the power to speed up and slow down. The wheels are where all the strength comes from when pushing a longboard down the street or through a challenging obstacle course.

If your wheels aren’t up to snuff, then your board won’t be able to keep up with you on the road. So, replacing them will allow you to make a difference in how fast you travel on your board.

To start, you’ll need to remove one wheel from each end of the board. You’ll also need to unscrew the axle nuts from the existing tires and any screw-on caps that may have been used.

Once these have been removed and taken away, you’re ready to install new wheels. To do this, slide a new set of wheels onto each end of your existing axle nuts and screws until they’re tight enough that they won’t wobble around or fall off during use.

Improve Your Riding Experience

Longboarding is all about having fun. But what if you could upgrade your longboard ride faster?

Well, you can do many things to improve your longboarding experience. Improve your longboard riding experience to make your longboard faster.

Fortunately, there are ways you can improve your longboard riding experience so that it feels more like a breeze for you.

1. Using different parts of your body to push the longboard forward instead of just using the feet. For example, if you want to go faster and have more control, try using your knees or arms for pushing.

2. You can also use different body parts to turn or change direction by leaning forward and back with each footstep or leaning left or right with each hand movement. This will help you maintain control over the direction of travel while also making it easier to turn corners at a more incredible speed than average.

3. If you are tired from pushing on one spot too long, try switching out where you’re moving each time you take a step—this will keep things fresh and allow more energy storage in the muscles used during this activity.

4. Get a new helmet. The helmet will help ensure you don’t get hurt when falling off your board or another person hits you from behind. This will also help ensure that other people don’t hit you from behind because of their carelessness. A new helmet also protects your board against scratches and dents.

5. Make sure you’re riding a good board. If there’s one thing, we’ve learned from our years of longboarding, having a lousy board will significantly slow your ride. So, make sure you’re investing in a solid deck and wheels!

6. Stretch before every ride! As we all know, stretching before riding helps keep your muscles limber and ready for action. Stretching also helps reduce muscle soreness after each ride.

7. Wear protective gear! This is probably obvious, but other than just never skating without protection. Wearing protective gear while skating can help protect against injuries or illnesses that could occur while out on travel.

So, wearing gears keeps your body stable on the board so that it doesn’t wobble too much when you’re going fast.

8. Get a longer board. Depending on the brand and model, longboards are typically between 24″ and 48″. The longer your board is, the faster it will go!

9. Find a good spot for your longboard. Getting into a good flow on your longboard will mean finding a balance between sitting back and leaning forward so that you’re comfortable and confident while riding it at high speeds (and staying safe!)

Change Your Route to Make Longboard Faster

As a longboarder, you know that keeping your ride smooth is essential. But did you know that you can speed up your longboard?

Changing your route to make your longboard go faster is easy. There are a few things that you should consider:

1. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you change the direction of your ride. You can do this by turning right or left. Turning right will make your longboard go forward while turning left will make it backward.

2. Another way to make your longboard go faster is by changing its height. You can do this by raising or lowering the seat on your longboard so that it has more or less space between it and the ground. This will cause the wheels on your longboard to spin faster and thus make it go faster!

3. Change your route: If the path you take from point A to point B seems long and tedious, it will probably take longer than necessary. Try switching up your route so that instead of taking the same path every time, you have a few different options! This can be as simple as turning left instead of right on one block or leaving at another time during the day (e.g., early morning or late afternoon). You might even want to pick up some new tricks along the way—like using your hands to guide yourself through tight spaces!

4. Take breaks: Taking breaks isn’t just for marathon runners; it’s also for longboarders! It would help if you tried taking short breaks throughout your journey so that you don’t wear yourself out before reaching your destination. And if possible, try taking a break on each block to give yourself more time before continuing.

5. Try not to drive at night or on weekends when traffic is heavier than usual. This will help reduce wear and tear on your wheels and bearings, which means less maintenance.


Can you get maximum speed by carving on a longboard?

Carving on a longboard is a great skill. It needs some practice, and it helps speed when riding downhill.

How can I increase my longboard’s speed?

You can increase longboard speed by doing some changes such as ,
You can get bigger wheels.
Improve riding experience.
Can lubricate the bearings.

How can I make my longboard go faster uphill?

You need to use more force than usual to make your longboard go faster uphill. To do this, pull yourself up off the ground and push yourself forward with all you might!

How can I make a skateboard faster?

There are several things you can do to make your skateboard faster:
Lubricate the bearings.
Get quality wheels.
Buy the wheels that match your riding style.
Try to enhance your riding experience.

How can I make longboard wheels spin longer?

In this case, you must check your axel’s nut. If they are tight, it gets difficult for wheels to spin freely. Lose them a little bit if they are tight.

How can I improve my longboard turn?

To improve longboard turn, you must consider buying trucks special for carving. Replace bushing and loose kingpin’s nut. Doing so, you will get good results.

How to go faster on a skateboard on flat ground?

To go faster on the flat ground depends upon the quality of wheels and bearings. The frequently lubricated bearings can move more quickly as compared to non-lubricated ones.


We hope our guide “how to make longboard faster” satisfies your curiosity about making your longboard faster than ever. You can get maximum speed by adopting all the methods of changing the wheels, lubricating the bearings, and improving your riding experience. But sometimes fast longboarding is dangours.

If you find the information helpful, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.

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