How Long does it Take to Learn How to Ollie

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As a novice rider, you might be thinking, how long does it take to learn how to ollie?

Ollie is a complex skill, and it needs time to grasp. It is not a game that you can learn in a day or two.

It can take a month for an intermediate rider to understand this trick. It can take 1 -6 months to learn, depending on practice timing 1-3 hours a day.

Almost 45% of skaters took three or more months, while 68% took four weeks to comprehend the ollie. At the same time, beginners can take around 4 – 6 months to get an expert.

As the most challenging stunt, it is a fundamental trick for new skaters as it is the basic step for grasping the following levels in skateboarding.

Let’s probe into why it is essential to comprehend what is the difference between ollieing while moving and stationary and how long does it take to learn how to ollie?

How Long does it Take to Learn How to Ollie

Ollieing While Moving

Ollieing while moving is an essential part of skateboarding and requires proper practice. While ollieing, you will be jumping on the board and trying to gain as much momentum as possible. This momentum can be used to help you jump farther and higher.

The most challenging task in learning ollie is finding your balance. It would help if you tried to sit on the board with your feet in front of you and your knees bent so that you can use your weight as leverage. This will give you the ability to push up and down with ease.

Once you have mastered this essential move, you can start learning how to ollie while moving by balancing on one foot while holding onto the other. It would help if you tried to keep your body horizontal while pushing up with both feet simultaneously.

You must practice this skill, and It depends on your experience level as how many weeks or even months you take it to make it part of your nature.

If you’re new to skating and haven’t had much practice, then it will probably take about three months to learn how to ollie well. If you’re more experienced and have had lots of courses, then it’ll probably only take a week or two for you to be able to do this trick well!

Even though you are an expert, there is still room for improvement.

Stationary Ollieing

Ollieing and kickflips are trending skills, but as a beginner, it needs much of your time and practice if you try to grasp them. Indeed, as a beginner skater, you will end your practice with an injury or rolling your ankle if you leave the basics of maintaining a balance between your brain and muscles.

Stationary ollieing is not scary and does not need fast body movements. To overcome it, you only need to be aware of your board and only need to maintain your stance. Learning it improves the confidence level.

How Often You Need To Practice An Ollie

As you start, your body and brain need time to process the movement. Maintaining your stance and balance between the brain and muscles will take time.

Unfortunately, if you are fed up and mentally tired with repeated failures, leave the ollie practice for some time to get busy with another spot.

During ollie practice, you will fall, fall, and surely will face a rolling ankle, but despite repeated unsuccessful attempts, you will learn how to ollie.

You will get an expert with the practice of 1-3 months.

Why Should I Learn Ollie

Ollie is the trick that opens new horizons for you in the world of skateboarding. If you master the skill, you can ollie over the objects and skate stairs. It is basic in understanding the next level skills- flip tricks and grinding.

It would help if you learned ollie to maneuver the hurdles that you never dreamt of. Never stop learning this skill – ollie and always try to balance with your feet, core, arms, legs, and shoulders.

The most challenging task challenges your confidence- try to overcome your fear. Pledge yourself and commit to impart most of your time to land this skill.

In What Order Should I Start?

Getting comfortable with your board and acquainted with ollie is something new that diverts your attention to what order of skill learning you must follow. Kickflip, pop shuvit, backside 180, the frontside 180, and heelflip are some next-level skills, and mastering ollie paves the way to becoming an adept skater.

There is no thumb rule that you must get adapt to a specific skill. You can master any skill; there is no particular rule about what comes first. It depends on what you want to grasp as soon as you practice maintaining balance on the skateboard once you are comfortable with your board.

Why Doing an Ollie Needs Much Practice

While getting acquainted with skateboarding is challenging in itself, it is the reality of what a beginner gets in getting an expert with using skateboarding.

Ollie is a next-level skill that demands much of your time and practice. To perform ollie requires great coordination between brain and body movements. A little body movement mistake can ruin your trick.

With little margin for a mistake, for an average beginner, it takes 1-3 months or more to perfect an ollie.

How long does it take to learn to kickflip

Kickflip like ollie is the most demanding task. Neither of them talks about their difficulty level is more accessible than the other. Getting an expert needs appropriate timing. Learning kickflip can take 3-6 months but don’t let yourself get frustrated- keep on practicing unless you get perfect. More practice will bring the best results.

Common Ollie Mistakes

Mistakes make you perfect and don’t overlook learning something new from your faults. As soon as you balance yourself on the skateboard for ollieing turning your shoulders is the most common mistake. It occurs repeatedly, and a slight mistake can make you fall from the board. You only need to be conscious. Be aware of your movements. Do not let yourself turn unconsciously, and it will become a part of your nature.

  1. Not sliding your foot is one of the basic steps to an ollie. As you slide your front foot up against the board, it makes you pop up your board and lift it. This is a challenging motion and is easy for most people.
  2. To get an expert in this motion, you must do practice. Standing on the tail of your board and slide your foot up against your board. Keep on trying this motion as practice makes a man perfect.
  3. Leaning back from the fear of falling is another issue and practice is the only thing that makes you perfect to learn to ollie.
  4. Lastly, bend your knees and get ready for landing the board.


Is it hard to lean ollie?

Ollie is the basic one, and it takes some time to learn. Popping up your board and sliding your front foot needs practice. At first, you will feel uncomfortable with this position, but the approach will let you reap the benefits

Is ollie a beginner trick?

Learning ollie is a fundamental skill in learning skateboarding. It is all about timing and foot placement. Many beginners start skateboarding from ollie. Learning ollie is the start of learning advanced skills.

How long does it take to get good at skateboarding?

It can take 1-3 years to get expert from beginning tricks to move to the next level stunts.

How to do an ollie using a skateboard?

There are a few steps that you need to follow foe ollieing. First, position your feet right on the board. Then with your feet, to some extent, add the proper pressure to the back of the board.
Wait for your board to touch the ground to jump. Bend your knees and get ready for your board to land. Practice is the main thing- the more you practice, the more you will get an expert.

How can I learn to ollie at a fast speed?

Your several practices will let you do ollie at high speed. Pop your board up, and with correct foot placement and pressure drag, it back to the ground. It is the easiest trick and needs some practice on your part.


Ollieing is an important skill, and like most skills, it takes time and practice before you can perform these moves flawlessly—and even then, there will be plenty of room for improvement!

Popping the board up with right pressure and feet placement and then land back on the board, push off again and repeat until you feel comfortable doing so without injury. Doing so needs practice, and how long it takes to learn how to ollie depends on the riders’ experience level.

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