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by | May 30, 2023 | Longboards

Pumping on the Longboard increases your riding speed. You shift your body weight by swaying back and forth. The Longboard gets momentum and boosts the board speed without touching the ground. But before, you need to do a lot of practice with pumping on the Longboard.

You will need the flexible deck longboard, which can balance your body and distribute equally on the board.


best longboard for pumping


Longboard for Pumping

The best pumping longboard for long-distance miles at high speed. You will have great fun and enjoyment while riding a longboard. The pumping on the Longboard is great exercise, and you will have better balance control and a flexible and healthy body.

Top 7 Best Longboards for Pumping

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacLoaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard CompleteBrand: Loaded Boards

Material: Wood

Load Capacity250 Pounds

Deck Length: 38.5 Inches
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backpacAtom Drop Deck Longboard (41-Inch)Brand: Atom

Material: Maple

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 41 Inches
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backpacMagneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards SkateboardsBrand: Magneto

Material: Bamboo

Load Capacity250 Pounds

Deck Length: 38.5 Inches
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backpacLoaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo LongboardBrand: Loaded Boards

Material: Wood

Load Capacity250 Pounds

Deck Length: 42 Inches
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backpacLoaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo LongboardBrand: Loaded Boards

Material: Wood

Load Capacity270 Pounds

Deck Length: 39 Inches
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backpacBlack Longboards Collection Skateboard Complete Brand: BLACK LONGBOARDS

Material: Wood

Load Capacity250 Pounds

Deck Length: 37 Inches
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backpacPlayshion Drop Through Freestyle LongboardBrand: Playshion

Material: Aluminum, Maple

Load Capacity250 Pounds

Deck Length: 39 Inches
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Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

Best Longboards for Pumping
What We Like
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Unmatched roll speed
  • Pre-assembled
  • Powerful flex
  • User friendly
  • Durable
What We Don’t Like
  • Hazed coating

The loaded was produced in 200 and still makes Longboard’s dynamic culture. It comes with great performance for pumping. The drop-through truck design is famous for stability during pumping. The concave edge boosts the riding experience. The big wheels and deep carves ensure tight turns and unmatched roll speed. 

The small nose and tail kick easily navigate. The laminated bamboo and fiberglass are lightweight, durable, and long-lasting. The deck provides enough space for pumping. 

The deck flex provides a good bounce in and out while riding the board. You will have an awesome experience pumping on this board. 

The Paris trucks keep the ride smooth and responsive, turning for all-around riding. The crock bottom of the deck absorbed the vibration. The loaded Icarus comes with high-quality components that make sure stable pumping on the board. 

Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Key Features

  • Brand: Atom Longboards
  • Deck Length: 104 cm
  • Color: Orange
  • Wheel Size: 70 mm
  • Item Weight: 10.14 Pounds
longboard pumping
What We Like
  • Fantastic for pumping and cruising
  • longboard for beginners
  • Massive wheelbase
  • Well balanced
  • Sturdy deck
What We Don’t Like
  • Bearings need some degradation

Atom Drop deck longboards are the best-renowned brand for serving in the sports industry since 2005. If you want to feel the flow of pumping, don’t miss using this Longboard because it is one of the best for beginners pumping.

Alluring Design

Atom drop-down longboards are gracefully designed to please your aesthetics, and it is one of the easiest longboards to ride. A fascinating orange and black combo gives a warming and high-energy vibes to enhance your athletic enthusiasm and energizes you for a better, fun ride.

Long-Lasting Laminate Deck

Don’t you wish you should have a pair that can not only accompany you on your favorite paths but lasts long as well?

Then what are you waiting for?

The best pumping longboard for beginners is fully laminated with strong and sturdy Maple that lasts for years and can handle wear and tear without any hassle.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks

Moreover, trucks are reverse kingpins, which means they have responsive turning without instability and provide a smooth, fun ride even at higher paces. Hence making them ideal for longboarding, pumping, downhill, cruising, carving, freestyling, etc.

Wide-Lip Urethane Wheels

Furthermore, the Longboard has wide-lip super high rebound wheels (70×51mm) capable of a super steady ride with grip on the ground. Hence facilitates sharp turns, slowing down less in corners and more traction and control.


Bearings of this best longboard for long distance is ABEC- 9 with a high-speed lubricant that handles friction and heat for optimal performance.

Best 80s Grip Tape

In addition, if you’re planning to learn the most basic tricks or are a beginner in longboarding, don’t forget the importance of grip tape. This best Longboard has 80s grip tape that creates the grip to ensure your feet cling securely to the board and provide you the maximum happiness during your ride. Moreover, it helps bounce your board smoothly off the pebbles and pop it higher.

Final Verdict

Atom drop deck longboards are the best choice for you if you have an excellent aesthetic sense, and it is fully laminated with Maple to provide maximum durability and strength. Moreover, the longboard trucks are reverse kingpins so that you will have super smooth commuting.

The maximum area provided for your ride makes the journey stable, and with ABEC 9 bearings that are high speed is another fascinating feature. Further,80s grip tape that gives you maximum traction and grip on the ground adds value to these boards. You will have smooth pumping ride with atom longboard.

Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards 

long distance pumping longboard
What We Like
  • Trucks come with standard 8mm bearings
  • Manufactured with strong grip tape
  • Lightweight and not heavy at all
  • Ideal for longboarding pumping
  • Solid board for the price
  • Durable and sturdy
What We Don’t Like
  • Kicks are relatively small

Magneto Bamboo Longboards provide extra comfort while pumping on it. It is built for performance and style. The Magneto Board is sure to turn some heads. I was using super slim and lightweight bamboo with carbon fiber construction. The carver board featuring shallow concave with a nice arched chamber makes for a long-distance pumping ride. 

While the comfortable chamber makes the board super fit and perfect for the situation, wherever you decide to take it, it’s sure to be an incredible adventure!

The bamboo boards are made with a unique renewable bamboo that distributes weight evenly, making it the most comfortable board for exploring. Bamboo’s natural properties make it easier for people to touch and hold the board in their hands without getting frustrated when holding their boards for extended periods.

Its natural structure makes it stronger and more durable than other wood options, making boards ridiculously strong and stiff. There is nothing like enjoying your favorite show or recording session on a board that feels like a part of you!

It is a custom board for every outdoor enthusiast, no matter what activity you’re looking for. 

Whether you want to go for a run, skateboard around your neighborhood, or cruise the beach with friends, this board is ideal. Because it’s incredibly durable and lightweight, it’ll stay with you even on rough terrain. The foot grip is good, and you don’t need to buy any grip tape as it comes with a sandblast clear style grip.

I always enjoy taking it to the park, beach, traveling, camping, and many other commutes, but my pumping on the Longboard is perfect. The lower center of gravity easily balances the Longboard. The shallow concave shape keeps the board riding smooth, which is why it is considered one of the long-distance pumping longboard.

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

longboard pumping setup
What We Like
  • Efficient pushing and stability
  • Easy and very flexible
  • Versatile variation
  • Responsive ride
  • Easy to ride
What We Don’t Like
  • The grip tape a bit faded

The loaded Dervish Sama is the best Longboard for pumping hard. The Longboard is created for pumping, carving, and freestyle. It is easy to push and roll smoothly. The wheels provide deep carves and tight turns. 

The nose and kicktail are used for easy navigation. The flex is perfect for hard pumping. There is three flex ,the. The lower flex is better for the heavier and aggressive rider, while the high flex is perfect for a lighter rider. The orangatang wheels balance the grip and slide for pumping. 

The dervish Sama longboard is better in performance as compared to the playshion Longboard during long-distance pumping. The longboard pumping setup provides an awesome experience with smooth riding, even on rough roads. After heavy use, you may face grip tap fade. 

Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

best wheels for pumping longboard
What We Like
  • Responsive and comfortable
  • Well rounded Longboard
  • Functional design
  • Easy pushing
  • Lively ride
What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive

The Tan Tien longboard is the best Longboard for pumping downhill. The big cutouts of wheels are suitable for carves and tight turns. The mild concave shape provides a carve-oriented longboarding experience. It is a lightweight and flexible longboard. 

It comes in 3 different flex ratings: lower and higher flex. The lower flex is ideal for heavy riding, and the higher flex is recommended for light riding. The soft 80A wheels and Jehu V2 bearings are for smooth pumping and carving. 

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard 


Key Features

  • Brand: Playshion
  • Deck width: 9.1 Inches
  • Longboard Material: Aluminium,8-ply Maple
  • Deck Length: 39 Inches
  • Wheel Size: 70mm
  • Item Weight: 3.36 Kg
  • Weight: 250 LBS
longboard for pumping exercise
What We Like
  • Best Longboard for pumping exercise
  • Awesome customer service
  • Best value for money
  • Pretty fast
  • Non-slip
What We Don’t Like
  • The grip tape is not so grippy

The PlayStation is the best Longboard for pumping exercise. It has a 39.1 x 9.1 x 4 inches dimension and is used for pumping, cruising, sliding, curving, down hilling, freeriding, and freestyle, among other things. It is suitable for all ages, including children. In addition, the Playshion Drop Through Longboard steadiness helps maintain your balance, even when traveling down a steep slope.

Maple Deck

8-ply flex maple longboard decks are robust and flexible due to the deck’s flat and symmetric construction. In addition, the 4-inch ground height and drop-through installation make it simple to halt and drive with the right foot. 


Polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 70x50mm are included in the PlayStation Longboard. Each wheel’s width is around 50mm, which gives the rider more command over the bike. As a result, they don’t squeak as much when operating because the nylon ball cages minimize friction.


The most admirable feature about this Longboard is that it weighs just 7 pounds, making it easy to carry around when necessary. This Longboard is perfect for an excellent choice for any longboarding style.


With the slightly concave, your feet are more securely attached to the board, making it easier to turn. Riders will also benefit from easier pushing and braking because their feet don’t need to travel as far.

Final Verdict

Thanks to its fantastic pumping performance, there are no dull moments when you’re on PlayStation. The drop-through form and cambered structure of Playshion contribute to its excellent cruising efficiency.

Wrap Up

The market is overwhelming with many longboards, and you may get confused about which one to buy. But no need to look further because you can choose what suits you better from our list of best longboards for pumping.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab the best pumping longboard and enjoy fun riding. If you still don’t make the mind then I recommend you to use the following longboards. 

  • Atom longboards
  • Magneto longboard
  • Loaded Longboard

Worth Considering Factors 

Do you know what I will discuss in this pumping longboard buyer’s guide?


Yeah, we are here to discuss the worth considering factors you should not miss at all when buying the best Longboard for pumping. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started.


The deck is an integral part of longboard anatomy and should take special care of its width if you are a beginner because a more expansive deck will facilitate building your confidence and helps in a stable and smooth ride.

An oversized deck and long wheelbase will prevent you from wobbling and have a larger turning radius, thus helping you turn efficiently. The deck size has a great impact on your pumping tricks. 

Another point of consideration is the height of the deck. Higher decks are hard to push and inappropriate if you are a beginner trying to get the hang of longboarding.


Trucks of the Longboard cannot be neglected and may be in traditional or reverse kingpin styles. It depends on the usage of your board.

Traditional kingpin trucks may work well if you’re interested in freestyle tricks or downhill racing. On the other hand, investing in a reverse kingpin longboard is a good idea if you want pumping and an all-rounder.


Do you want to know a little secret?

Here is something I am damn sure you don’t know.

You probably think the deck is the most crucial part of longboard anatomy….



It’s not the whole truth.

The deck is essential, but what if you have wobbly wheels?


Yeah, it is the biggest nightmare you can ever go through. That’s Why I would recommend you never overlook wheel specifications.

A soft wheel can roll better on smooth surfaces and is more grippy, while hard wheels are good at rough terrains and easy to slide.


Bearing is also an essential part of the longboards; the better the bearings, the better your wheels will spin. Yet having a good quality bearing will make a marked difference in your performance and pumping experience.

With proper maintenance and care, standard bearings can last longer, and with no supervision, even expensive bearings can’t do anything for you and will ruin quickly.

Grip Tape

Grip tapes are a fundamental structural part of the Longboard because they provide friction to remain on the board, fall, or any other trick.

 Style of Board

If you are new to longboarding, get knowledge of four basic longboarding styles.

  • Pumping
  • Cruising 
  • Freeride
  • Downhill
  • Freestyle

If you are new to this sport, consider a cruising board because it is easy to handle. An expansive deck will facilitate managing your balance on the ground. The wheels should be soft to absorb the shocks on rough terrain rides. At the same time, reverse kingpin trucks are ideal if you want to retain stability at higher paces.

Besides, Freestyle boards are also a good option for beginners.

Size of Your Desired Longboard

Getting the right longboard size is essential for comfortable riding, especially if you are a newbie. The length, height, and the purpose for which you will use your Longboard are imperative. To know the history of Longboard, you can check on Wikipedia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pumping Longboard should a beginner get?

A Loaded Icarus longboard is an ideal choice for a newbie. With Lengths of 38 inches and 9.5 inches widths, a novice can quickly start its longboarding journey. Soft wheels and an extended deck will also facilitate sticking better on the board and keeping in flow while commuting.

How much should invest in pumping Longboard?

Investing more than 350 dollars will not be a good idea. Any long distance pumping longboard in this range is good enough to start longboarding. Keep an eye on trucks and wheels and buy a complete longboard for better performance.

Do you know the weight limit for a longboard?

An average longboard can bear up to 200-250 lbs. High-quality 8-ply boards are suitable for heavy guys, while regular longboards can also be suitable for a skinny and average-weight person.
 The construction and quality of wood used in the board’s construction also matter.

How to pump longboard

To pump a longboard, follow these steps:
Stand on the longboard with one foot on the tail and the other foot on the ground.
Bend your back leg and push down on the tail of the board, causing the front truck to lift off the ground.
As the front truck comes back down, shift your weight forward and push off the ground with your back foot.
Repeat this motion, alternating between pushing down on the tail and shifting your weight forward. This will cause the longboard to gain momentum and continue rolling without the need to push off the ground with your front foot.
As you become more comfortable with the pumping motion, you can try pumping with both feet on the board, or even trying more advanced pumping techniques such as carving or turning.

Can you pump on any longboard?

Yes, you can pump on any longboard. Pumping is a technique that allows you to maintain momentum and keep the longboard rolling without the need to constantly push off the ground with your front foot.

This technique can be used on any type of longboard, including cruiser boards, downhill boards, and freeride boards. However, some longboards may be more suitable for pumping than others, depending on their size, shape, and construction.

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