Revive Skateboards Review

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Whether you are looking for a brand new skateboard or a skateboard that you’ve had for years, there are a few things you should look for when buying one. In this article, we’ll look at the features of Revive skateboards, their pros and cons, and what to expect from purchasing one.

Revive Skateboards Review

Revive skateboards are made from solid Canadian maple. They come in 6 widths, and they’re available in standard and 31.5-inch concave. They can be fitted with Bones Reds bearings and Independent trucks.

These decks are made with a slightly mellower, stiffer concave, meaning they won’t snap after intense tricks. They’re also made from durable wood that holds up well over time.

Revive Skateboards Features

Whether you’re looking for a new deck, an upgrade to your existing one, or just upgrading your entire set up, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a Revive skateboard that’s right for you. This skateboard company, which has been in the business for nearly a decade, has been making some big names in the industry look bad by comparison.

Using a Pennsylvania manufacturer, Revive’s got your back regarding quality and value. The brand also sells wheels, grip and other accessories to keep you rolling.

Skateboard Deck

Having a good skateboard is essential for a good skateboarding experience. Many different brands offer quality skateboards. They vary in shape, size, graphics, and quality of construction. Some brands cost a lot of money, but others are more affordable.

One of the latest skateboard brands to hit the market is called Revive skateboard. It’s been around for a few years, but it has managed to elbow out bigger and more established skateboard brands. Revive doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store, but it sells its skateboards, stickers, and soft goods online.

Revive skateboards have seven-ply decks made from Canadian maple. These decks are great for all-around skating. The hard maple wood provides a strong, solid board.

Another great feature of these decks is the rubberized grip tape, which improves traction on slippery surfaces. The grip tape also keeps the feet in place, increasing safety while skating.

Revive skateboards are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They range from old-school cruisers to more modern shapes.

Skateboard trucks

Founded in 2009 by Andrew Schrock, Revive is a relative newcomer to the skateboard industry. The company does not have a brick-and-mortar store, but instead sells directly to consumers. This means they can charge much lower prices than the big boys. Some skaters may find Revive skateboards to be undercutting the more established brands.

Revive Skateboards is a serious contender in the high-quality skateboard arena. Its decks are made of North American maple, a durable material. The company has a few other notable products, including a skateboard wheel and the Lobotomy series. The Lobotomy Series is made of high-quality materials and is designed by J. P. Coovert, a well-known skater.

Revive’s website also has a section dedicated to videos. It features a number of video segments, including the company’s video teaser. It also has an interactive section where skaters can take photos of themselves skating the infamous Revenge ender, the company’s signature skateboard trick.

The company has a few other products, including a skateboard wheel, a t-shirt, a grip tape, and a sticker. It also has several sponsors, including Black Panther Bearings, Silver Trucks, Etnies Shoes, and Mob Griptape.

Skateboard Wheels

Among the many names to consider in the skateboard industry, Revive Skateboards is the newest member of the fraternity. They started as a side project for Andrew ReVive; a YouTube star turned skateboard enthusiast who had amassed a large subscriber following. He eventually decided to make a go of it and hired a graphic designer to help him make his mark. The end product, Revive Skateboards, is a pretty standard skateboard brand, albeit a little more affordable than its competitors. It restocked the old favourites, like the OG Splatter and AmGrip decks and the classic Red Lifeline. Also, they’ve introduced a brand new Fall line for the fall season.

In addition to their new line, they’ve introduced some fresh tees, a new foil “Speed” deck in navy and grey, and a new “Tiger” deck in shiny gold and navy. The company has also restocked its Pro TieDye and AmGrip lines and introduced a new line of hardware. Their new Spring and Fall lines will have plenty to choose from, including a complete, revamp of the Revive and Force line.

Skateboard Grip Tape

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Pros and Cons

Originally known as Revenge Skateboards, Revive Skateboards is a skateboard company started by a group of professional skaters. Initially, they made skate videos, but as their videos were popular on YouTube, fans asked them to sell skateboard decks.

Since then, Revive has been a leading brand in top-quality skate gear. They have a wide range of skateboard decks, apparel, and accessories. They have also sponsored several pro skaters, including Aaron Kyro, Jason Park, Alexander Rademaker, and Thomas Alvarez.

The decks of Revive Skateboards are made of 7 ply Canadian maple wood. They are sturdy yet mellow and very difficult to break. They are also easy to assemble. They come with free Jessup grip tape, which gives you a solid base for a smooth ride. You can also upgrade your decks with Amgrip grip tape.

The decks are available in several sizes, ranging from 7.5 to 8.5 inches. You can find different shapes and designs in their catalogue, so you can find a deck that fits your style.

Revive Skateboards Company

Many people who are new to the sport frequently ask questions about Revive Skateboards. You might be surprised at the new style of equipment that’s available. These boards are made with a slightly mellower concave, meaning they hold up well and won’t snap after intense tricks.

Revive Skateboards are sold on their own website, meaning they’re more affordable than other top-quality “pro” skateboard brands. They’re also available from local skate shops in all 50 states. Their skateboards are also available in mini-cruisers, which are suited for downhill skating. They’re also available in standard sizes, which are ideal for park and bowl skating.


As we’ve come to expect from this skateboard company, Revive has taken the helm and put a little sparkle into the business. They’ve been using the latest in technology to create a streamlined supply chain for their products.

This has enabled them to churn out some of the hottest decks around, as well as keep their prices under control. Revive also slaps on a nice bonus: free shipping on all products. The company also offers a loyalty program for their devoted fans.

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