Electric Skateboard Companies

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Electric skateboards are more dangerous than normal skateboards as they require more control and training. So, choosing the right electric skateboard company is very important for a safe ride. The market is full of various companies that are selling electric boards. New names are also entering the market with the passage of time.

Many skateboard companies are selling their boards with a slogan of the finest quality features. However, the reliability of different brands is a matter of concern. Here, I will point out top brands of electric skateboards that you can buy for safe and fun skating experiences. Let’s see top-notch e-board companies one by one.

Electric Skateboard Companies

There are many electric skateboard companies in the market. Some of the top-rated are mentioned in the article below.

  • TeamGee
  • Meepo electric skateboard
  • Evolve skateboard company
  • Metroboard
  • Atom longboard company
  • Halo

This electric skateboard company has a large market share of e-boards with its high-performing boards at a reasonable cost. Its speciality is electric skateboards with a proper supply of necessary spare parts or accessories. These boards are suitable for comfortable cruising and commuting, and they are designed in a way to support high-speed rides without wobbles.


Its boards are famous for their minimalist appearance, high-quality parts, and long-lasting performance at competitive prices. You will have great control over the board, wven during cruising. The boards also come with three months warranty card to get free repairs within that period. All its boards have grabbed the attention of customers within a short period with innovative models with premium parts.

Halo Board

This is another famous name in  American electric skateboard companies for superior and fast-performing electric boards. If cost is not an issue, you can go for its Halo Board Beast Gen 2 model, a highly stable board with fire-safe batteries and regenerative brakes.

All these electric skate companies’ models have unique features like powerful motors, swappable wheels, Double Kingpin trucks, etc. These boards are best for better handling and carving experience. With supreme control and a smooth ride, you can have quick turns easily with a long-lasting battery charge. However, the aesthetics may be boring for some riders.


Entering the market in 2017, this electric skateboard shop has won the trust of many customers in a short span because of its superior quality parts,  exceptional designs and high safety standards for checking the smoothness and security of the e-boards during rides.

Meepo puts customers’ satisfaction on top and can meet individual requirements with its customer support program. If you are looking for high-performing boards with stable riding experience on a reasonable budget, then go for it. Some customers may find its wheels less supportive of high-speed rides and give an uncomfortable experience.


Evolve skateboard is the first carbon-fibre e-board you cannot find anywhere else. It has been serving the industry for more than 13 years. It has three series for e boards, and each of its boards has unique features. With its smart yet high-power skateboards, you can have 12 monthly warranty for free repairs and free shipping service.

Along with boards, it offers a wide collection of accessories like helmets, spare parts, guards etc., and has a wide distribution network that operates in 36 countries. With its exceptional performance and high stability, the brand has marked a prominent position against its competitors in the e- mobility industry. However, the prices of these boards are higher than other electric skateboard brands, but it justifies the superior performing features.


This electric skate company is new to the industry with two years of experience but has various models that offer great designs with decent performing features. The board’s prominent aspect is the prices that are quite reasonable compared to other electric skateboard manufacturers. This is originally a chines based company, but they offer delivery service worldwide with 270 days warranty to get free repairs.

Most boards have maple decks or carbon fibre that offer great stability to the feet, even during high-speed rides. However, these boards are not suitable for high-performing tricks or quick turns. But the value or benefits they offer are more than their reasonable prices.

Atom longboards

This company came into the market in 2005 and won the heart of the customers with its traditional boards. After realizing the potential of e-boards, they started their new series to serve the need of electric board users.

 With exceptional performance and high control features, you can rely upon this brand for smooth electric skateboarding.

It offers superior customer service with its high controlling boards. Its e-board has a regenerative braking system and comes with reliable batteries to perform for long hours. Not just boards, it offers spare parts and accessories to fulfil additional rider needs. You can have this high perfuming board with smooth acceleration and brakes at reasonable prices. Some customers find the wheels wear out too quickly and need replacement often.


Are electric boards safe?

Not, they can lead to serious accidents in case of carelessness. But choosing the right and safe place for e-boards with proper practice can make this ride entertaining.

What company fix electric skateboard?

Electric boards may need maintenance or repair from time to time, like changing batteries or worn-out tires. Many reliable companies can fix an electric board. Some of the prominent names are:
Meepo electric skateboard
Evolve skateboard company
Atom longboard company

What are the indications of a broken electric board?

If you turn on your board but it does not start, it shows the damage to the batteries inside. Similarly, if the remote of the board is not working, it means a connection issue between the board and the remote.


The best electric skateboard companies list will help you get high-end boards within our budget. I hope you decide about the most suitable brand of electric longboard.

Still, if you require my recommendation, I will recommend Evolve company because of its innovative features, high performance and high customer rating. Its boards are famous for high-power motors with cutting-edge technology to have smooth rides that justify its high price boards.

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