Can You Skateboard in an Airport

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Whether you’re looking to hit the road to visit your favorite skatepark or just bringing your skateboard for a day on the town, you’ll want to know if you can skateboard in an airport before you board. If you do, you’ll need to consider the rules and regulations of the airline and TSA.

Can You Skateboard in an Airport

You can get a skateboard bag from the airport or you can buy one. Many brands make bags with skateboard straps at the back. You can also buy a duffel bag to carry your board in.

How to Skateboard in an Airport

Despite popular belief, skateboarding isn’t banned in most airports. Many authorities consider it a safe sport, but others restrict its use. In addition to airport security, some airlines charge extra fees for carrying such equipment.

Airports are busy places, and skateboarding can be dangerous. This isn’t a matter of choice but an issue of policy. It would help if you asked the airline about their policy before you travel and wear appropriate safety gear.

You can also call the airport and ask. Some airlines offer unique skateboard bags. The size and weight of the board will determine whether it will count as a carry-on bag or checked luggage.

While at the airport, you should practice your tricks and get comfortable on the board. This will help if you ever have to board an airplane. You can also do a low pass over the tarmac, as seen in the Red Bull Terminal Takeover video.

How to Pack a Skateboard for Air Travel

Taking a skateboard on a plane can be a fun experience, but packing it properly is important to avoid damage during transit. Before packing your skateboard, you should know your airline’s size and weight restrictions.

You can either bring your skateboard on board or check it in. To ensure you don’t get a hassle at the gate, it’s best to negotiate with your airline. If you are traveling with a skateboard on your next trip, check the airline’s website or call them to find out their policy.

Most airlines allow skateboards on board as checked baggage, but they have rules on the size and weight of the skateboard. If your skateboard is large enough to fit into an overhead bin, you can pack it there.

You may have to pay a fee if your skateboard is larger than the airline’s size and weight limitations. A standard overweight fee applies from 51 pounds or 23 kilograms.

To keep your skateboard safe, pack it in a sturdy cardboard box. Make sure the box has padding on the bottom and sides. You can also use heavy-duty tape to seal the package.

Electric Skateboards on a Plane

Whether or not you can carry electric skateboards on a plane depends on the airline you’re traveling on. Some airlines have strict policies that prohibit the use of battery-operated devices. If you plan on taking an electric skateboard on a flight, you need to know what those policies are before you get to the airport.

You should also contact the airline before you get to the airport to ensure you have permission to carry your skateboard on the plane.

Most airlines have policies that allow e-boards with lithium batteries. These batteries are the primary power source for e-boards. But, they can pose a safety risk if they aren’t handled properly.

If you plan on checking your e-board on the flight, you’ll need to remove the battery before you get on the plane. Usually, this is enough to get the board through the security checkpoint. However, sometimes it doesn’t. If this is the case, you’ll want to put the battery in a separate bin and check the board with your luggage.

TSA Skateboard Rules & Regulations

Bringing a skateboard on an airplane is possible, but you must know the TSA Skateboard Rules & Regulations first. Most airlines will allow you to take your skateboard as carry-on luggage, but some will not.

The TSA Skateboard Rules & Regulations will vary by airline, but you should be aware of the size and weight restrictions before flying with your skateboard. You may be asked to pay an oversize fee if you bring a skateboard that is too large.

The TSA has a website that lists its rules and regulations for carrying items onboard airplanes. These rules and regulations include size and weight restrictions on carry-on luggage. The TSA does not explicitly list skateboards as one of its banned items, but they fall into the prohibited item category.

Skateboards may not be allowed as hand luggage on European airlines but are permitted as carry-on luggage on flights to the United States. They may also be allowed as checked luggage on most US airlines.

Electric skateboards are not allowed on board, and some airlines prohibit their use in the cabin. The TSA has set a ceiling on these devices, which is 100 watts in normal circumstances and 160 watts in extraordinary circumstances.

Airlines Skateboard Policies

Whether or not airlines allow skateboards on flights depends on the airline. Some popular airlines in the United States may enable skateboards to carry on luggage, while other airlines may charge an extra fee for skateboards.

Most airlines have a standard carry-on size for luggage, such as a 22 x 14 x 9-inch bag. If your skateboard falls under this size, bringing it on the plane is OK. However, if the skateboard exceeds this size, it’s best to check it.

Some airlines, like Alaska, will allow skateboards as carry-on luggage if they are under certain size restrictions. These restrictions include size and weight. If your skateboard is over 45 inches long, you may be required to check it. Similarly, if your skateboard is over 50 pounds, you’ll be charged an additional fee.

Alaska does not mention how it measures luggage but allows carry-on skateboards if they meet the linear inches rule. Delta, however, is strict about the rules.

Some airlines, like Southwest, allow skateboards to be checked on flights, but only if they are short. Other airlines, like Hawaiian, allow carry-on skateboards that meet the carry-on size requirements.

Can you Ride a Skateboard Through the Airport?

Several airlines have policies about skateboards. They are usually accepted as carry-on baggage but can be checked. In some cases, there are restrictions on the weight and size of the board.

It can be challenging to find out what the airlines’ policies are.

Some of them are very specific. Especially for international travelers,, need clarification. You should always check the policy of the airline before your travel.

If you are a pro skateboarder, you may have to throw your board in the trash before you board the plane. You might also be asked to stop by the security officers. They may only want to stop you if you are engaged in any activity.

Most airport authorities restrict sharp objects and liquids. Some airlines, like American and United, have rules about carrying skateboards as carry-on baggage. Others do not. You may be charged for your first checked bag, depending on the airline.

Generally, airlines limit the size of checked luggage to 62 linear inches. You may have to pay an excess baggage fee if you carry an oversized skateboard.

What Airlines Allow Skateboards?

Generally, skateboards are not allowed on aircraft, but some airlines allow them on board. These airlines vary in their rules and regulations, and you need to know what these rules are before you travel.

Most airlines will require that you carry your skateboard in your carry-on bag. You will also need to make sure that your skateboard fits within the airline’s size restrictions. It must be longer than 3 feet and less than 55 inches long.

You may also have to pay an extra fee to carry your skateboard on board. Most airlines charge around $30 for the privilege. However, this amount will vary depending on the number of bags you are carrying.

To check if your skateboard is allowed on the plane, contact the airline ahead of time. The airline will tell you the terms of the skateboard policy and suggest tips for preparing it for the airplane. You will also have to check to ensure that your skateboard meets the airline’s security standards.


Whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting on the tarmac, you’ll find it takes a lot of finesse to land on the tarmac of your dreams. It’s best to plan out your journey before you take off. A little planning will pay off big time down the road.

You might even land a sweet ticket to boot. That coveted prize might visit the local hangout as a rite of passage. A good tip should be to book it early for a few bucks off the rack. Fortunately for you, most airlines have on-board staffers that know their stuff.

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