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by | May 30, 2023 | Longboards

With the best cheap longboards you can make great trips and walks in a comfortable way. You can use them from taking a walk on the beach, a walk through the city, to using it as a means of transport to go to work or class. You can also use the best budget longboards on specific tracks created for skating.

Longboarding is one of the most fun activities to practice by people of all ages. It’s a fun and exciting activity, but you should buy the best longboard to make sure you get the most out of it.

We’ve done a lot of testing over the past few weeks to save you the trouble of answering this question. And we know that we don’t like to spend a lot of money when it comes to making a smart purchase.


best budget longboard


best cheap longboard

We have prepared a wide range of prices, but there is a special longboard that deserves mention, it is the Atom Drop Through Longboard, and it is an authentic pass. It has extraordinary manufacturing materials, among which is fiberglass, one of the latest generation materials that make longboards bulletproof and stable like no other.

Top 9 Best Cheap Longboards

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacAPOLLO Longboard SkateboardsBrand: APOLLO

Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Trucks

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 40 Inches
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backpacAtom Drop ThroughBrand: Atom

Material: Maple

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 40 Inches
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backpacPINESKY Longboard SkateboardBrand: PINESKY

Material: Maple

Load Capacity330 Pounds

Deck Length: 44 Inches
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backpacPlayshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard SkateboardBrand: Playshion

Material: Aluminum, Maple

Load Capacity250 Pounds

Deck Length: 39 Inches
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backpacMBS All-Terrain LongboardBrand: MBS

Material: MBS

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 39 Inches
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backpacWhite Wave Bamboo Longboard SkateboardBrand:White Wave

Material:  Aluminum, Bamboo, Maple

Load Capacity250 Pounds

Deck Length: 41 Inches
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backpacLandshark Island Style LongboardBrand: Landshark

Material: Wood, Aluminum

Load Capacity200 Pounds

Deck Length: 35 Inches
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backpacVolador 40inch Maple Longboard 
Brand: Volador

Material: Maple

Load Capacity200 Pounds

Deck Length: 40 Inches
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backpacSector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard Skateboard
Brand: Sector 9

Material: Bamboo

Load Capacity220 Pounds

Deck Length: 42 Inches
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backpacLrfzhicg Longboard Skateboard CruiserBrand: Lrfzhicg

Material: Fiberglass, Bamboo

Load Capacity280 Pounds

Deck Length: 42 Inches
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APOLLO Longboard SkateboardBest Cheap Longboard


  • Brand: APOLLO
  • Length: 40 inches
  • Width: 9 inches
  • Load Capacity: 220 Pounds
  • Deck Materials: Canadian Maple / Bamboo
  • Wheel Size: 70 Millimeters
  • Bearings: ABEC 9
best cheap longboard

A delicatessen, TOP sales, and at a price lower than $140 for many of its available models. Apollo Longboard Complete Board with Ball Bearing High-Speed ​​ABEC Incl.

Apollo brings us a model that among the spectacular ones, perhaps, is the most complete. It is a special edition that you will surely want to have due to the qualities that we will detail for you below. Ready to know what’s new? Go for it.

Let’s start with its design that, although sober, rescues the elegance that every classic skateboard has with it. Its play of colors runs through the table at the bottom, the latter standing out on its four wheels and black on the entire upper part.

The Apollo Longboard Skateboard is designed for those with a weight reaching 22o lbs. In this range, you will have under your feet the optimal performance for which the model has been designed.

Reviewing the table it is necessary to detail that it is made with 7 layers of wood having 1016 x 246 mm thick. So we have to conclude that it is a fairly slim model, which we can take advantage of to more easily gain both speed and good handling.

With this long, you will receive a T-Tool with which you can adjust your skateboard at all times.

As for the bearing, you will have ABEC 9 RS quality, that is, almost absolute precision when you are on it, which without blinking is one of the most outstanding characteristics of this design

We 100% recommend this longboard skateboard, it is a real gem for the price it has. It is one of our super sales.

What We Like
  • Designed and engineered in Germany
  • Aircraft aluminum alloy trucks
  • Value for money
  • 2 years warranty
  • Lightweight
What We Don’t Like
  • Lacks flexibility

Atom Drop Through Longboard – Best Inexpensive Longboard


  • Brand: Atom Longboards
  • Material: Maple
  • Wheel bearing: ABEC-9 bearings
  • Whole longboard: 40 inches
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs
  • Wheel diameter: 70 mm
  • Wheel width: 51 mm
best budget longboard

You will not find a longboard on the market at this super price, better than this! Run they fly!

We are facing one of the best inexpensive longboards in the skateboarding scene. It is a true skateboarding delight, with which you can perform stunts as well as take walks around the city in a comfortable way.

The Atom longboard with a 9-ply laminated maple deck and its non-slip brushed black surface gives you enviable performance. It’s tough and durable enough for uneven surfaces, jumps, pools, and bumpy paths.

In addition, it has a spectacular artistic design. Look what a cool and deep green color! You also have several models that you can choose from, each one with a different peculiar color. The durable and stable deck can hold 220 pounds of the users.

What We Like
  • Different models with different prices
  • 9 layers of maple maceration
  • The deck is lightweight
  • ABEC 9 bearings
  • No wheel bite
What We Don’t Like
  • Board doesn’t flex much

PINESKY 41 Inch Longboard SkateboardCheap High Quality Longboards


  • Brand: PINSKY
  • Weight capacity: 330 Pounds
  • Material: Maple
  • Wheel bearing: ABEC-11 bearings
  • Whole longboard: 41 inches
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs
  • Wheel diameter: 70 mm
  • Wheel width: 51 mm
best cheap longboard for beginners

A true cheap price and high quality longboards is big, stable, and fast. The Pinesky long skate has been inspired by the experience of extreme downhill and cruising. It has a long and stable design that makes it have the maximum possible speed.

A design that rescues the origins of skateboarding that goes back to the search for wanting to live the challenge of the most aggressive races, but this time with the hardest curves and descents that have been paved.

Undoubtedly the aesthetics also make the board and this is precisely what this long skate has bet on, which also has a size of 41 x 9.5 inches that will make the handling as balanced as it is precise.

An 8-ply maple wood will be under your feet and next to it 70 x 51m PU wheels that will allow an ABEC 11 bearing with its carbon steel balls. The sliding could not be smoother so your driving will be guaranteed. 

Price quality is also another of its letters of introduction since it is a model that competes with mid-range skateboards, being an accessible product. This will surely make you want to have one if you are looking to start your way through the wonders of longboarding.

What We Like
  • Ideal for downhill & cruising
  • Shock absorption system
  • High elastic wheels
  • Value for money
  • Big and stable
  • Silent bearing
What We Don’t Like
  • Bottom peeling

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle LongboardLow Price Longboards


  • Brand:   Playshion
  • Material: Aluminum, Maple
  • Wheel bearing: ABEC-9 bearings
  • Whole longboard: 39 inches
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Load capacity: 250 lbs
  • Wheel diameter: 70 mm
  • Wheel width: 51 mm
cheap longboards

Rarely does a longboard match the characteristics of the name that accompanies it. This is the case where everything does justice, since driving around the city with this board from playshion brand will be an unconventional experience for you.

With the low price longboards model, you will challenge the classic way of skateboarding, particularly since you will be lighting everything in your path with its lights included in the 70×51 mm wheels.

Its bold design of colorful stripes will be another plus point for the aesthetic that will accompany your movement. And if that wasn’t enough, you will have an ABEC 9 bearing, suitable for paved terrain. So skateboarding hours will be light from the get-go.

A longboard with a length of 99 cm with non-slip material with a concave shape deck shaft mount. Finishes that will make you feel ergonomically calm as your challenge to speed and turns when on the playshion.

There are 8 layers of maple wood that make up the board, which makes it possible to transfer up to 100 kilograms on it between your weight and your belongings. Its lacquered aluminum base also helps support and suspension.

Rebound damping is the foundation of this design and its 7 inches of aluminum truck wheels make it possible for you to defy convention and turn your longboard routine into rides full of speed and adrenaline.

What We Like
  • Drop through mounting technology
  • 8 Layers of maple wood
  • Custom your riding style
  • A slight concave deck
  • Soft and Big wheels
  • Best for teens
What We Don’t Like
  • Grip tape is starting to bubble

MBS All-Terrain Longboard – Best Budget Longboard

Key Features

  • Brand: MBS
  • Material: Strong Maple
  • Color: Black
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
  • Wheel Material: Rubber
  • Wheel Size: 100 Millimeters
  • Item Weight: 2676 Grams
  • ABEC-9 Bearings
  • Pre-assembled
best cheap longboard setup

The MBS All-Terrain Longboard is one of the best budget starter longboard. It to rule the roads, mountain trails, parks… and everything in between. It features a fully sealed truck, a side-to-side concave deck, and more. This board is ready for anything.

All-Terrian Longboard

The MBS longboard is the best cheap longboard setup. It is a good choice if you are looking for an all-rounder longboard. The big guy can handle all surfaces and is the best cheap longboard for beginners.

Perfect Balance

MBS longboards are the best collection for even crazy rough surfaces. The big wheels enable the perfect balance, and it is the best pick if you are struggling with difficulty in balanced rides. Plus, the drop deck truck gives you a stable ride due to a lower center of gravity, speeds up your movement, and less wobbling than top-mount boards.

Sturdy Construction and Beautifully Designed

Moreover, this best longboard for the beginner is aesthetically pleasing for all sorts of people; the pleasing combination of black and green appeals to everyone. And the most important thing is that it is sturdy in construction, made up of solid Maple wood that gives you a good riding experience while commuting or doing any sort of longboarding.

ABEC-9 Bearings

Likewise, if you plan to go at high speed, then the ABEC-9-rated bearings care for your every problem. They are strong enough and made up of a combination of Steel and Titanium, which means they will last long. These bearings come pre-lubricated and quiet while spinning and provide an amazingly smooth overall ride.


Furthermore, they are ready to come under your feet, and there is no need for assembly, take them out of the box, and bingo!

Final Verdict

The MBS All-Terrain is cheap for the off-road and on-road longboard. The longboard is crafted from Maple and has a 78A durometer for a smooth ride. The wheels are made of rubber and come in a size of 100 millimeters! With a weight of 2676 grams, this longboard will have you going up hills with ease and riding around town with style!

What We Like
  • Big wheels can roll over almost any terrain type
  • “Raised ends” aid in repositioning while riding
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy for carving
What We Don’t Like
  • Grip tape is not pasted firmly
  • Heavy

Landshark Island Style Longboard 

Key Features

  • Brand: Land Shark
  • Deck Width: 9.25 Inches
  • Deck Length: 89 Centimeters
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Wheel Size: 54 Millimeters
  • Perfect for cruising, carving, and commuting
  • Carbon steel bearings
  • Fully covered with grip tape for better traction
best budget longboard brands

The Landshark Island Style Longboard is the best budget longboard brands. The longboard is ideal for those who are just starting and want to cruise around town at a slow pace. This board’s bright, retro design will complement your upbeat personality.


One of its most beneficial characteristics is the longboard’s completely grip-taped concave 8-ply maple deck. Aside from an improved grip over your board, it offers extra stability for your foot while you’re out riding.

Trucks and Wheels

The wide aluminum trucks are excellent for stability and allow for more foot placement on the board. Additionally, the 61mm PU wheels and high-quality ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings let you accelerate quickly and easily.


All in all, the longboard’s design allows it to be used for everything from cruising to high-speed rides to low-speed ones. The board’s design provides you a sense of full command over the board, thanks to the board’s bearings and trucks. This best longboard may be the ticket for you if you love budget-friendly boards with classic style.


The concave form of the maple deck guarantees optimum stability when riding. The deck is solid and dependable. Cutouts in the deck help avoid wheel bite, so you can quickly push yourself. Finally, the deck openings that minimize tire bites make moving ahead a snap.

Final Verdict

Prepare yourself to ride, carve, and even travel in elegance. With the Landshark Island Style Skateboard, your newfound independence is waiting for you as it is the best type of longboard for beginners.

What We Like
  • Lightweight and durable trucks
  • Smooth cruising
  • Better spinning
  • Affordable pricer
  • Easy to ride
What We Don’t Like
  • Bearings are not up to the mark

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard  – Best Affordable Longboard

Key Features

  • Brand: White Wave
  • Deck Width: 9.25 Inches
  • Material: Aluminum, Bamboo, Maple
  • Deck Length: 104 Centimeters
  • Wheel Size: 70 Millimeters
  • Item Weight: 8 Pounds
  • Long-Lasting graphics
  • ABEC-9 Bearings
  • Aluminum trucks
best budget longboard for beginners

The best entry-level budget longboard brand, White Wave, is making waves. Quality goods at a reasonable cost are the mantra of the White Wave. The White Wave Bamboo Longboard boasts superior parts that suit novice and skilled riders. Why not pick a high-quality longboard rather than a cheap starting model to save money?

Weight and Length:

The 3.5 lb weight of this longboard dramatically benefits you, as it helps keep the board in place. The 39.5-inch length and broad base make it easy to sashay and cruise at fast speeds without a hassle. Because the high-density plastic deck is very sturdy, it will serve you well for an extended period.

Aluminum Trucks:

It features 7-inch aluminum trucks with ultra-high rebound bushings. Hellion bearings with built-in spacers are used in the longboard’s bearings, which are durable and speedy.

Sturdy Wheels:

Urethane wheels with strong rebounds help you glide over uneven ground with ease. It may not be tiny, but you won’t have difficulty toting it around in your backpack because it’s so light.

Deck and Hardware:

Hard-core carving and forceful pushing will be no problem for this board, which is created for that purpose. The deck and hardware are both top-notch. This board has become an increasingly popular choice for the DIY electric longboard community.

Final Verdict

Those searching for the most affordable longboard to begin their riding journey. It has been impressed by the high quality of the parts and hardware for an affordable price. It would be best if you did not miss out on this great longboard.

What We Like
  • Easily portable due to its lightweight
  • Best longboard for adults
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Sturdy construction
  • Fast shipping
What We Don’t Like
  • Nuts on the wheels need upgrading

JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboards


  • Brand: Jucker Hawaii
  • Length: 42 inches,
  • Width: 9 inches
  • Deck Materials: Canadian Maple / Bamboo
  • Wheel: 78A 69mm KAKU Wheels
  • Bearings: ABEC 9

Although it is at the limit of the cheap line, we can consider it the best quality-price longboard.

The JUCKER HAWAII longboard is considered one of the best longboards in history, due to its quality/price ratio according to the excellent materials from which it is composed.

This longboard is a true past, in beauty, design, weight, and ease when skating it. Thanks to its pronounced nose and tail kicks, you can perform many tricks and stunts with it. The Drop through mounting holes allow comfortable cruising in the city and, in addition, it has a much better and deeper road behavior when we take high speeds.

The fiberglass (next generation) and bamboo construction make the deck lighter and at the same time more stable when skating.

This longboard supports up to 200 lbs of weight, so it is recommended for almost any adult. Children will notice that this longboard is too much for them, so it is recommended for people over 18 years of age to use it.

The wheels have a hardness of 78A, and the bearings it has are some great JUCKER HAWAII ABEC 9 . The configuration of this exceptional longboard will delight any advanced skater and beginner, to give them the best power on their feet to perform tricks and trips.

What We Like
  • Unique and authentic design
  • Unbeatable quality/price
  • Super smooth riding
  • Fully assembled
  • Unbreakable
  • durable
What We Don’t Like
  • Price is a bit high
  • Limited stock

DB Longboards Double Drop Longboard

Key Features

  • Brand: DB Longboards
  • Deck Width: 9.33 Inches
  • Deck Length: 33 Inches
  • Durometer Hardness: 78a
  • Wheel Size: 90 Millimeters
  • Load Capacity: 225 Pounds
  • Best for commuting
  • Gigantic wheels
  • Pre-assembled
  • Aesthetically pleasing
DB Longboards Double Drop Longboard

DB Longboards Double Drop Longboard 33.0″ L x 8.37″ W X 25.0″ is the easiest type of board to ride. This low-riding cruiser is intended for carving, gliding, and free riding, rendering it great for daily commutes. As a longboard, it gives the skater a great deal of ease. 

Quality Components

The DB Double Drop Longboard Complete comes fully assembled with certified original DB components like large 90mm Cloudride Hurricane polyurethane wheels, Atlas 180mm Ultralight trucks, and Lightning Bearings, all of which contribute to smooth the experience. You’ll have plenty of area for your feet to spread out on the board’s smooth surface.


The deck offers drop-through truck attachments, medium concave, and rockers for those looking for an easy-to-ride platform capable of traversing congested coastal neighborhoods or exploring your favorite downhill. The deck is robust and sturdy, with just the correct balance of snappy flex, thanks to its eight plies of Canadian Maple construction. This DB is the best longboard skateboard for beginners.


Lightweight and fun to ride, the Double Drop is a great campus cruiser because of its versatility and stability. One of the advantages of a longboard is that its shorter height renders it easier to control, particularly for newcomers.

Final Verdict

Beginners and experts alike will enjoy soaking up the sun on the boardwalk, in the streets, and after a hot day at the seaside with this skateboarding necessity. The Double Drop is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for a budget longboard that’s both nimble and easy to ride.

What We Like
  • The concave shape gives a grippy feel to the rider
  • Best for long distances
  • Smooth and fast
  • Fully assembled
  • Stable ride
What We Don’t Like
  • Trucks need improvement


Now you can find the best cheap longboard with high quality and features. With the right size longboard, you can improve your skate performance. It has the best combination of price and quality.

The best budget longboard comes with multi-features. The durable and long-lasting longboards can support up to 350 pounds weight.

The waterproof grip can go for a longer time without compromising the quality. The maple and bamboo are the main part of any longboard. It is suitable for pro and beginner skaters.

Best Cheap longboard buying guide

What exactly is a longboard?

A longboard is a type of skate that is generally longer and comes in a variety of shapes. It tends to be faster due to the size of the wheels, the materials of construction, and the much more precise overall package.

Longboards are commonly used for cruises ( cruising ), travel, and downhill races ( downhill ), which is known as longboarding, rather than skateboarding.

Thanks to the particular design that longboards have, they allow a much higher and more stable posture when moving with them through the city or city, and when going down hills or descending through different routes with them.

The advantages of riding a longboard instead of a standard skateboard are directly related to the size of the board, which is much larger. The size that you will notice immediately when you have one in front of you.

Its structure helps us to have a fluid movement, which allows us to travel a greater amount of distance in just one impulse. In fact, these boards are often used as a means of transportation for just this reason.

Likewise, it is also ideal for walks, races, and of course, performing tricks. A skateboarder who cannot perform tricks on his board is not a skateboarder. There are several types of longboards and below we will present what they are and their different modalities.

It is convenient for you to know which of the boards used in the sport of longboarding is the one that suits you best since each one has not only different aesthetic characteristics, but at a functional level, one may be better than the other depending on the use that you will give it.

Longboard Style

First of all, it is interesting to know the different modalities in which longboards are used. 

Cruising Longboard:

To move around the city and through parks, as if they were skates, but larger. 

Dancing Longboard:

They are more suitable to do tricks on them, they are spacious, but with some flexibility to allow this purpose. 

Longboard for Downhill:

Elongated boards that seek the best aerodynamics to reach the maximum possible speed on risky descents. 

Freeride Longboard:

Similar to downhill but somewhat more moderate. The boards are intermediate to those of cruising and the descent of downhill. 

Slalom Longboard:

Obstacles are placed, with greater or lesser difficulty depending on the level, with the rider having to overcome them in the shortest time possible. In this mode, it is required that speed and control are equally present. 

What longboard to choose and buy?

Choosing the perfect table can really be a decision that you should take seriously because you should not only base your choice on the one that goes with your style but that its design is functional, that it is built with a purpose that goes according to your needs.

The important thing with longboards is discovering which board model works best for you. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as the perfect board by itself, but the one that is perfect for you, that is, one that suits your skating style and your needs.

Choosing the right longboard will make your skating much more fun, however, there is a wide variety of these types of boards, such as electric longboards etc which is why we help you narrow down the options by placing a list of the best ones.

There are types of longboard for different styles of skating, but in addition, there are also hybrid boards that serve to work in 2 and up to 3 different styles, but that complement each other. Keep in mind that each of these boards is good for its specialty, hybrids are good only if you are really going to skate in a lot of different ways.

Which one do I buy?

To buy a longboard that suits your needs, you have to take a few factors into account. Choosing the best longboard that suits your style is not easy, that is why we are going to list the list of factors that you have to take into account when making the purchase.

Do not rush in reading this part because it is very important, and always keep in mind that quality pays, that is, a better component, whether it is made of table materials or wheels, will almost always translate into a higher price. Sometimes this extra cost is worth it.

It is up to your criteria to finally choose the best longboard.

And finally, do not look, as we have told you several times on this website, only the cool drawing of the table, look at its specifications.

Table Materials

The material of the board is one of the most important factors when choosing the longboard. Strength and durability will depend on it, factors to take into account so as not to have to buy a longboard every month, and it can last you even decades.

Depending on the material, the price will obviously be different. We present the main longboard materials that exist today.

Maple Wood

The main characteristic of maple wood is that it is solid and resistant. It is the most common and generic material and it is the one with the best value for money. We would mainly recommend that the longboard decks be made of this material if you are short of money.


They are flexible and light. They are generally somewhat more expensive, but we pay this extra premium to get better features. The issue of weight is key, they are much less heavy, and they are easily transported.

Carbon Fiber

It has all the good things about maple wood and bamboo. We could say that it is the sum of the two. If you have good money, opt for this material. It has it all, it is strong, light, durable, flexible, and does not rust.

Glass and Derivatives

Lately, many premium longboards have been developed in this material. They are not usually very flexible, but instead, it is the most solid and resistant material of all. It would be quite an expensive material, we have to take that into account.

Longboard Wheels

Longboard wheels are also among the most important components that you should never overlook when deciding to buy a longboard. Wheels are important because they are very important to the way you move and help you determine how fast you can go during each trip.

Wheels are often made from polyurethane material, but keep in mind that they differ in terms of color, durability levels, and size. Make your choice based on the factors mentioned according to which one perfectly suits your preference and style of longboarding.

Also, keep in mind that most longboards use softer and larger wheels than traditional shortboards.

A larger size provides higher speed and the softer wheels provide more grip, both characteristics necessary for the cruising style of longboards. Thanks to this, longboards can be used to make quiet, smooth, and comfortable rides as if they were a cyclist through the city.

Also thanks to the fact that these wheels give the longboards greater speed, the downhill style can be performed much more effectively.

Speaking of diameters, longboard wheels can vary between 60mm and 130mm, the most common being between 60 and 70mm. Here the important element is that if the wheel is smaller it will have manageability and accessibility, but if the wheel is bigger it will be much more stable.

Longboard Axles

When choosing the ideal longboard axles for your board, two of the most important decisions you must make have to do with the actual width of the axle you want, as well as its distance between the center pivot and the reverse.

When choosing the width of the axle, make sure it is close to the width of the skateboard deck, lest you have an excess of the axle on the sides.

It must perfectly match the width of the board to ensure that the final configuration of the longboard offers superior performance. We mainly have to ensure that the plate attachment points are well aligned with the wheels and axles.

Standard Kingpin trucks are ideal for skateboarding in the park and on the street, while reverse kingpin trucks are best suited for longboarding as they are more responsive and more lively. They can also offer more control and stability when used at high speeds.

Axle Rubbers or Bushings

They are small rubbers mounted on our so-called axles that can totally change the handling and sensations of our Longboard. These small pieces of plastic have a multitude of shapes, hardnesses, and different urethane formulas that directly affect the turns and force exerted against the longboard.

You have to know that those who ride the longboard are of quality to ensure that everything is correct in our skating.


You also need to look at the risers on your longboard. Keep in mind that board risers are often a great help in case you want more shock resistance and room in your board setup. These belts are often constructed of hard plastic.

If the longboard does not carry them, you can install them between the board and the axles. With the help of longboard lifts, you can lift the board a little higher. It can help you perform certain stunts.

Also with the elevators, you can drive bigger wheels or looser axles without worrying about experiencing the famous wheel bite. When installing longboard lifts, keep in mind that they come in various sizes, so it would be necessary to experiment with which one perfectly suits your riding style.

You can choose between flat and angled risers. The longboard flat lift is ideal if you want to have more space between your wheels and the platform. However, it could compromise maneuverability. You can opt for an angled lift if you want more control over the way your longboard turns.

Longboard Bearings

Choosing your longboard also requires that you take into account the specific bearings it will use. Longboard bearings are crucial to increase the speed of your longboard and improve the flexibility and precision of each of its maneuvers.

They are important components of a longboard that help support all types of movement.

They can facilitate a movement, determine the direction of a specific movement, or minimize friction. The most reliable bearings or bearings for your longboard are those made of steel.

You will also need two bearings for each longboard wheel to improve its overall speed. That is the main reason you can find bearings that are often sold in an 8-piece set.

The universal measurements of bearings are 8 mm (internal diameter), 22 mm (external diameter), and 7 mm (width), and are classified by the acronym ABEC, which is an industry-standard that helps define tolerances in bearings, and has 5 categories from least to most precise: 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.

A higher ABEC category will mean greater precision, efficiency, and the ability to reach higher speeds, although the latter does not imply that the components can rotate faster. So obviously for our longboards, we will be interested in bearings with high ABEC.

Longboard Grip Tape

The sandpaper for the longboard has to be especially good because if we reach high speeds we need our feet to be fixed to it, so choosing sandpaper made of good materials is important. If it’s bad sandpaper, we could possibly get blown up if we go down a fast hill and lose control a bit.

Longboard Prices

If you have come this far, it means that you have been interested in longboarding, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t be interested? If it is a sport that has it all, tricks, jumps, turns, choreography, speed, fun, etc. Therefore, now it is important how much we are going to scratch our pockets.

Longboards prices range from € 50 for the most basic, to more than € 200 for those with the highest quality and best-made materials.

Reasons to buy a Longboard?

You probably don’t need a reason other than just to have fun with your longboard. However, before buying any product that works as a means of transport and at the same time is fun, you should ask yourself a fundamental question: why am I buying this?

Well, there are many reasons why you can buy one of these boards, and it is that both to recreate yourself, to dedicate yourself professionally, or even for occasional use, having a board responds to different needs.

So why buy a longboard?

Perhaps the main reason is simply fun. If you are one of those who loves to spend part of your time with your friends, the tables may be that touch of emotion that they so much need. Well, you will learn tricks, turns, and jumps with these longboards that will be synonymous with hours of fun.

It is a sport. Participating in competitions can encourage you to become a professional longboard player. By gaining experience and skills, you may find that your passion can truly be a sporting challenge.

They are easy to transport, wherever you go the longboards are easy to carry. These are light and you can carry them under your arm, in your transport backpacks, or simply walk with them.

They are a useful means of transportation. If your college is a few blocks from home, you may be able to save some money on public transportation, while avoiding traffic.

They are super ecological because all you need are your legs to start moving.

They are made for everything. You will never be too old to ride a longboard, likewise, not too young, as it is a very special object that amuses us no matter how old we are.

BMX vs Skateboard

BMX vs Skateboard

As someone who loves to ride and explore the outdoors, I've always been interested in both BMX bikes and skateboards. Both of these activities offer a unique and exciting way to get around, but they also have some differences that make them better suited for certain...

Drop Through VS Drop Down

Drop Through VS Drop Down

As a longboarding enthusiast, I've had the chance to try out a variety of different deck styles and configurations over the years. Two popular options are drop through and drop down longboards. In this article, I'll explore the key differences between these two types...

Hoverboard vs Electric Skateboard

Hoverboard vs Electric Skateboard

As someone who loves to ride and explore the outdoors, I've always been interested in both hoverboards and electric skateboards. Both of these devices offer a unique and convenient way to get around, but they also have some differences that make them better suited for...